"We see, in many a land, the proudest dynasties and tyrannies still crushing, with their mountain weight, every free motion of the Consciences and hearts of men. We see, on the other hand, the truest heroism for the right and the greatest devotion to the Truth in hearts that God has touched. We have a work to do, as great as our forefathers and, perhaps, far greater. The enemies of Truth are more numerous and subtle than ever and the needs of the Church are greater than at any preceding time. If we are not debtors to the present, then men were never debtors to their age and their time. Brethren, we are debtors to the hour in which we live. Oh, that we might stamp it with Truth and that God might help us to impress upon its wings some proof that it has not flown by neglected and unheeded." -- C.H. Spurgeon . . . "If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." John 8:31, 32 . . . . .


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Friday, March 18, 2022

A TTUF Interview with Dr. Gregory Reid on WAR of the AGES – PART 3 of 4

: This is an interview with Dr. Greg Reid, a youth pastor, speaker, author of many books, who has his own website, and is a former victim of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) and a man of GOD who understands spiritual warfare because it’s a reality for him.
He has written a book about it: WAR of the AGES: A Complete Scriptural Guide to Confronting and Defeating Satan’s kingdom.

The purpose of this interview is to excite interest and hunger in the readers to get this book into their hands and devour its contents, become familiar with and eventually adept at spiritual warfare – something that’s been forgotten in today’s modern American church and is terribly needed in this day and age, and the darkness that’s not only growing, but seeking to overwhelm and defeat those unprepared to face it.

Check out this THROUGH The BLACK interview with Colleen James and Greg Reid as they discuss two of his books, TROJAN CHURCH and WAR of the AGES!

Chapter TWELVE:

Q#46: Describe the differences between those who are only mentally ill and those who are demonized. What are some of the key indicators a demonized person manifests that sets them apart from those suffering from mental disorders?

A: People who are demonized often manifest supernatural abilities like knowing things about you or someone in the room that the person has no way of knowing [ESP phenomena that is not a latent ability in all humans that some may develop in powerful ways but resulting from demonic spirits interacting and demonizing people]. There are sometimes other manifestations in the room such as temperature change, awful smells, etc. A person who is mentally ill cannot do [these things].

There are other conditions like schizophrenia that can look or talk like a demonic manifestation but are not. That is why it’s recommended to not engage in heavy prayer for someone unless all other possible causes have been ruled out.

Q#47: Does the Spirit of GOD flow more powerfully through those of greater sanctification and thus make them more effective in spiritual warfare (In other words - the genuinely holier a person is, the more 'hell' they can give to demonic powers)?

A: I believe that. As I have said before, you really cannot fight Satan effectively with his toys in your back pocket. Having said that, we all sin and fall short of the glory of God, that is why I tell people that what is important at whatever place you’re in in your walk, put everything under the blood of Jesus and seek cleansing and forgiveness of known sin before engaging the enemy.

Q#48: Beyond the demon seeking and finding satisfaction in vicariously experiencing pleasure of its hosts' sin, what strategic value is such a demonized person to Satan?

A: They can be used as a conduit for jumping to another person, be an injurious mouthpiece for the accuser of the brethren, cause others to fall into sin. Sexual union is one of the most dangerous areas; I believe it is one of the primary ways demons can “shuttle” from person to person, which is one of the reasons God forbids fornication and every other form of sexual union outside of marriage under Him.

Q#49: In your experience, how long does it take on average to train a Bible-believing Christian who can then competently and confidently engage in spiritual warfare (including exorcisms)?

A: It really doesn’t take long. Just going over the expectations, dangers, protocols, scriptural understanding, and drilling can take place in probably 4 or 5 hour sessions.

Q#50: While realizing that there isn't a universal formula in demon extraction, I read your article "Dealing with the Demonic: Rules of Engagement". I printed copies of this out and handed them out to the other pastors of the church and I've included it in my own Discipleship 103 - Spiritual Warfare class.

Would you recommend that churches 'drill' on this procedure so that response time to the demonized is prompt, and everyone will fall into the role instantly that they've been sanctioned for - in an effort to "stay prepared" as you put it in your book? Or is there a better method of achieving prepared readiness?

A: I think having a drill is a great idea if you have a potential team you may have to use in an extraction. It’s important that everyone know their role and stay within those parameters.

Chapter THIRTEEN - New Testament References

Q#51a: I always thought that "demon" was synonymous with "unclean spirit" but you classify them as a particularly nasty, restless, tortured sort of demon that afflicts its victim with the agony integral to itself. Did I understand you correctly?

A: I believe all demons are unclean of course, but there are instances when they are referred to as demons (daimonion) but others unclean (akathartos) spirits. The word infers they are unable to be cleansed (without catharsis). I am not sure this is a separate class, but it certainly would make sense that this particular demon would torment a person who perpetually would feel unclean and unable to be cleansed.

Q#51b: Once a soul is swept clean, it's vital that the victim receives Christ - so they are then a "full house" by the Holy Spirit with no potential vacancies where demons could lodge. When the Demon Extraction Team is convinced that they are able to communicate with the victim with no interference by the demon, do we need to ask the victim if they will receive - not just deliverance from demons, but also salvation in Christ?

And if they the answer "no" - is this legitimate grounds to end the attempt to exorcize because they might be afflicted "seven more worse" than the demon itself?

A: I think it is important to lead that person to Jesus, absolutely. After such an event, or in process, it is extremely rare that they would say no. I have actually never thought about what I would do at that point if they refused: First, I would make sure it is “they” who are refusing and not the demon imitating the person. We’ve certainly seen that before! But then I would ask specific guidance from the Holy Spirit as to whether to proceed.

I am reminded that a number of years ago, we occasionally had teen devil worshippers who approached us, either pretending to need help, or outright telling us who they were, who wanted us to cast demons out in the HOPES that they would return seven fold! THAT was a new twist. Of course, we refused. But it’s an indication that much discernment is needed in this day we are in.

Q#52a: Living with unconfessed sin can leave us wallowing in guilt and condemnation, coaxed by the enemies lies that "GOD is done with you!". This causes us to be open to various forms of oppression by the enemy, such as sorrow, rage, addictions, sexual issues, etc. How can we distinguish between demonic oppression and merely carnal appetites of the sin nature?

A: I always assume that those things are flesh-driven, as even witchcraft is considered a manifestation of the flesh (GAL 5). It’s when something becomes uncontrollable that it is an indication it has moved into demonic interference, when a compulsion becomes an overwhelming drive.

Q#52b: How is 1 JOHN 1:9 key to deliverance from oppression?

A: Staying in the doctrine (teaching) of Christ is both hearing it preached and reading it in scripture on a daily basis. To fail here is to weaken the very armor we fight with; deliverance from oppression means so filling our hearts and minds with His Word that the tentacles of the enemy must let go for there is no place they can cling to that is not ‘Word-fortified’.

Q#53: Demons use religion to their great advantage spouting their endorsements for "another Jesus" and "another Gospel". Uninformed people see the obvious evil in Satanism or even witchcraft, but they see New Age and mystical meditation practices anywhere from benign to beneficial.
Would you say that crystals and chakras are every bit as dangerous as dark occult practices? Perhaps even more dangerous in their own way because they are so subtle?

A: Probably more so. This is what my friend Johanna Michaelsen termed, “The Beautiful Side of Evil’ in her book by the same name, or Warren Smith called “The Light That Was Dark.” Jesus said, “Be careful that the light that is in you is not darkness, for if the light in you is darkness, how very dark it is.” (MATT 6:23). It is easier for me to deal with someone practicing black magick than New Age or White Magick because they acknowledge that they are doing evil. There is a huge deception that must be broken in those who believe these practices are good and benign.

Q#54: Spiritual authority in the church and among Christians won't be so difficult to identify and contrast from Satan's counterfeits the more conversant we are with the Word of GOD. Biblical illiteracy is the major reason why occultists and witches so easily masquerade as 'Spirit-filled Christians'. Are there any 'dead giveaways'' in IDing these people?

A: Unfortunately, no. I think the main two things are “by their fruits they shall know them” and “know those who labor among you.” Large churches that hire people based on talent or skills are more likely to get people who are on the other side, since no one really knows them. And the fruit – love, joy, peace, etc. is hard to fake well. Behavior is also a good indicator – for example, someone who is constantly and usually subtly stirring up gossip and dissention could bear further scrutiny.

Q#55: What is the difference between (raw) power and delegated authority?

A: Raw power is like a steamroller – just destructive power. Delegated power – God’s authority – comes by His anointing and His commissioning – and it is measured, precise, and effective.

Q#56: You recommended The Beautiful Side of Evil by Johanna Michaelsen and The Light That Was Dark by Warren Smith - as do I myself! What other such books do you consider must reading re: spiritual warfare?

A: There are so few. If you can obtain Walter Martin’s Kingdom of the Occult, it’s pretty occult, and anything by Kurt Koch, though I think most of his are out of print.

Note from James: Abesbooks.com has limited supplies of Mr. Kurt Koch’s books that are reasonably priced. I have copies of Occult Bondage and Deliverance and Demonology Past and Present – Identifying and Overcoming Demonic Strongholds. Both are very good and useful.

Chapter FOURTEEN - Discernment

Q#57: It's the Spirit of Truth - the Holy Spirit and the Word of Truth - the Holy Scriptures whereby we are given and cultivate the gift of discernment.
When we see Jesus, we see both "grace and truth" (JOHN 1:17); do you think discernment ministries can devolve into witch hunting societies where there is an overemphasis on truth over grace and as a result, can cause serious damage to the church? What does a healthy balance between grace and truth look like in a practical sense?

A: This is such a crucial question. There are a lot of slice and dice “ministries” out there that throw out the words heresy and heretic like the old Roman clergy burning people at the stake. As someone who has been totally invested in discernment issues and ministries, it’s been grievous and disturbing to see us almost become a caricature, because it gives the real heretics and deceivers something to mock and dismiss. That’s why our motivation and our attitude is so important.

Why do we feel we must go after a ministry or doctrine? What drives us? Is it truly a love of the truth, in defense of the preciousness of Biblical truth, and a desire to stop people from being hurt and deceived, or is there possibly some other motive – pride, arrogance, self-specialness, that is driving us? That is so important.

I have seen a growing number of “discernment” people come across as arrogant, sarcastic, cynical, and mocking. They forget that there are many people trapped in deception that are in need of kindness and deliverance with a firm but genuinely loving hand. God forbid that we should injure people’s hearts in the process of trying to open their eyes to the truth. One writer well said that, “If we are to preach on hell, we may at least do it with tears in our eyes”.

Q#58: I think one of the best discernment ministries is the one that spear-headed the whole thing: The Berean Call, founded by the late Dave Hunt. He said, "If Christians were reading and studying their Bibles, The Berean Call and other discernment ministries would either not be necessary or reduced in operations." Comments?

A: I totally agree. And most Christians don’t. It’s also important that Christians get the “whole counsel of God” - Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms and Prophets. That creates a balanced spiritual diet that keeps people from getting spiritually lopsided or sidetracked by little doctrinal issues and creating a movement or a following out of it.

Q#59: One of my favorite quotes regarding discernment by Andrew Murray is "GOD's gift of discernment is GOD's call to intercession". Comments? Do you have any favorite quotes or anecdotal wisdom?

A: One of my favorite quotes is by DL Moody: “I believe Satan to exist for two reasons: First, the Bible says so; and second, I’ve done business with him.” There is a certainty of authority and clarity that comes from actually having engaged the battle with enemy.

Q#60: I used to live in a house formerly occupied by a witch. Within the first 6 months or so, I saw shadow creatures, the lower half of a satyr, I heard knockings and thudding sounds upstairs while I was downstairs. A friend of mine stayed overnight once while I went to work on graveyard: when I came back the next morning he said, "It sounded like people were moving furniture upstairs!"

Why do you suppose spirits linger in a place where they are obviously not welcome, where there are born again Christians walking in the Spirit - and not follow the witch instead?

A: Sometimes there is a history to a place, and demons tend to linger where they were once at home or indulged or welcomed. And sometimes they stubbornly resist departure, so we have to be persistent until they do.

Chapter SIXTEEN: Basics

Q#61: JOB #1 is not to interrogate a demon that has indwelt a person and how they got there; rather its "to set the captive free". Where is the balance between not conducting an interview with the spirit and learning the legal right by which a demon has someone in bondage?

A: You really have to be led of the Spirit here, and always keep in mind that demons desire to snag our curiosity and so want us to ask them questions. I think getting a good grasp beforehand of what doors have been opened will help, and that way any actual question will be short and pointed with no room for discussion, i.e., “What legal right do you have to remain?

Q#62a: Have you partnered with saints who are very experienced in deliverance - and what were some of the valuable lessons you learned from them?

A: Unfortunately, no. I did take a cue or two from my “mentor by long distance learning” Walter Martin about the gravity of deliverance, and one story in which a demon told him, “I know I am going to win, because I can outlast you.”

I learned from that:

(1) I need to take that counter-measure – a determination not to flag or quit but to outlast all the enemy’s tricks, and also
(2) prepare myself and my team through taking care of ourselves in rest, nutrition (if not fasting) and being Word-filled before we engage, then just focus like a laser beam on the extraction and not let the demon wear us out either physically or mentally.

Chapter SEVENTEEN: Specific Doors of Entrance - Part One

Q#63a: "Sex and drugs and rock-n-roll" have been strong influences and common since the '60's. When did the occult - which completes this 'terrible triad' come into play and what were the main venues where it streamed into our society?

A: I think Hollywood was the biggest open door since its inception. So many of the early actors and actresses were necromancers, table tappers, séance attendees and even involved in devil worship.

Note from James: For more about Hollywood and entertainment industry and how the biggest names are Free Masons:
Altiyan Childs, the winner of X-Factor Australia 2010, gives his testimony how he came to salvation in Christ in this YouTube video that exposes the secrets of the “hidden religion” he used to belong to - Freemasonry.  It is a 5 hour long video that you will need to watch in segments.  Warning, the content of this video is not suitable for children.

There were a number of books that began to gain popularity including the writings of Edgar Cayce, Madame Blavatsky, Alice Bailey etc. But one of the biggest open doors during the 1960’s was the importing of TM, Hindu meditation, and Yoga, which quickly began to be pushed into the educational system. The Beatles brought Maharishi Mahesh Yogi into prominence, and then a young generation started to look into multitudes of non-Christian occult practices.

Q#63b: The three-fold cord doesn't necessarily have to include the occult per se, but false religion can be a part of this: are there any that are more powerful in the binding of this cord than others? Ex.: Hinduism over Islam? Mormonism over Jehovah's Witnesses?

A: I tend to think Islam is one of the more powerful ones; I have heard many former Muslims testify to deliverance being part of their coming to Christ. Hinduism is also very powerful due to its multitude of gods and goddesses; some others are still bondage but not as spiritually entrenched like simple Buddhism, Confucianism etc. I personally feel Jehovah’s Witnesses are more of a stronghold because its followers have been hardened against any opposing position, whereas, if you approach them rightly, Mormons, while bound spiritually, have more of an openness to listen.

Q#64: A long line of alcoholics may not have "learned behavior" as the primary cause of their addiction; perhaps demonic spirits could be the cause? Or the same can be asked of sexual deviations and perversions?

A: I do believe demonic spirits can be passed down from generation to generation, and so a person may think they were “born an alcoholic” because they have always craved it, but it may not just be them craving it, but the cravings of a demonic spirit seeking another vessel to live through.

Q#65: How can 1 COR 7:14 be reconciled with what many believe happens - when a parent renounces the occult and receives Christ, and the familiar spirits then latch on to the children who are not saved (but never got involved in anything occultic). What gives them legal right? Isn't the sanctifying influence of the Christian parent enough to repel such generational curses or familiar spirits?

A: I think the believing parent provides a protective covering over their children; and demons may try to latch onto the children, but that can only happen when a person decides to sin and take themselves out from under that covering. Parents can make the generational bondage stop with them, but then must pray that the children don’t reopen those doors.

Q#66: People believe the Ouija board is just a game, but I recall a time when a cousin of mine approached me and said she had "funny things" spooking her family. I started naming off occult items and if she had any of them and she denied having any, but upon further reflection remembered that someone gave her a Ouija board as a gift - she never played it, nor any family member, and she stored it in a closet somewhere. I told her that this could very well be the source of her problem, and would she mind if I took it off her hands, which she readily agreed to.

An associate of mine agreed to destroy this board that weekend (a couple days away) and he kept it at his house. All that night he kept hearing flies buzzing around his darkened bedroom (this was in the middle of winter in Upstate NY); he also kept having a dream where he was trying to get the Ouija board out of the backseat of his car (to destroy it) and a thick, scaly claw kept reaching out through the glass of the car window and scratched him.

The next morning he called me and asked if I'd be willing to keep the board at my place that night (Fri; and we were going to burn the thing on Sat.); I asked him why, and he just said, "Humor me." And that night I had the same buzzing visitors. Saturday morning when he came to get me, I told him all about it and he laughed - and then I realized what this was all about. "You too, huh?" and he nodded, smiling.

So we headed to an open field, built a small fire, and prayed over the board, asking GOD to bind whatever spirits were attached to it and not allow them to escape to harm any, but to "go where Jesus sends you". We placed the board on the open flames and heard the faint screeing cry and low growls emanate from the board. We were standing side by side and I moved to a 9 o'clock position relative to the fire, when a thin jet of flame shot out, horizontal to the ground, right at my foot! This thing is NOT a game, is it?

A: No, I fact, even those who are involved in serious witchcraft tell people to stay away from it because it is so dangerous! That should tell us how dangerous it is! Of all the many occult tools, this one seems to be one that provides an almost instant contact with the demonic realm.

Q#67: Curanderismo, Santeria, Voodoo and other kinds of shamanic belief systems will often blend Roman Catholicism into their workings. One wonders why Roman Catholicism specifically? Some believe because Roman Catholicism has its roots in Babylon: the Mother of Harlots - hence a long history of powerful satanic influences and forces. Comments?

A: A long study of Constantine and the establishment of the Catholic church as a political power and a spiritual dictatorship will show that many, many compromises were made from the very beginning to attract pagans to the church. They adopted many pagan holidays and “Christianized” them. They took Diana, Isis, Semiramis, Asherah and other goddesses and refined and redesigned statues and images like them and made them represent Mary and the Child Jesus. The statue of Zeus was plated and renamed Peter, etc. Those early compromises made it easy for pagans to continue to hide their pagan practices behind “saints” etc.

Q#68: Witchcraft holds to pantheism, that all creation is indwelt by 'God' and is 'God'.
ROMANS 1 talks about man worshiping creation rather than the Creator and this is the linchpin, that when pulled, causes society to collapse. Does this make witchcraft particularly deadly to society?

A: Yes, and more than that, it is a signal of a final collapse. ROMANS 1 is a perfect picture of a regression and destruction of a culture. Widespread witchcraft and paganism becomes the religion.

Q#69: People who have renounced the occult and become born again in Christ will often drop such practices instantly, but often have a very hard time giving up their horror movies, music, jewelry, etc. Why do you suppose that is?

A: They can be an addiction like anything else. The occult is especially addicting because it gives you a sense of power and a rush of adrenaline when you engage the forbidden practices.
UPDATE (5/25/23) 
NOTE: For more on this, check out THROUGH The BLACK YouTube Channel where Tom Dunn and Collene James interview Michelle, a born again believer and ex-witch that addresses these issues and offers the hope of escape from darkness and redemption in Christ!

Catch more of Michelle's testimonies as she shared them previously on THROUGH The BLACK!
Q#70: It's astonishing to me, the number of Christians who are not only comfortable with the idea of communicating with their deceased loved ones, but actually engage in what the Bible calls necromancy. Will compromise such as this, when one disobeys the direct command of Scripture (as found in DEUT 18) deepen demonic bondage and deception - even for Christians?

A: Absolutely it will. Grief and death leave people very vulnerable. We all long not to be disconnected from our loved ones. And it is natural for us to dream about our loved ones after they die. It’s really important not to let those dreams or moments move you to initiate communication with them. It’s also natural for us to say things like, “I miss you, Mom.” But you don’t listen or wait for a response because they cannot. They are with Jesus. They are not allowed. And neither are we.

Q#71: On page 277 you list 11 points of uniform theology by departed loved ones, ascended masters - and interestingly enough by our "space brothers" who've traveled untold numbers of lightyears to communicate the same message to us as 'the dead'! Comments?

A: The “universal demonic language” is that Jesus was just a man, the Bible was written by man, everyone goes to heaven, there is no hell. Sometimes it’s good to know how predictable Satan is, he’s got a very limited script he uses.

Q#72a: Idolatry is spiritual adultery and sexuality is worshiped in our society - again, back to ROMANS 1 and worship of the creation: the human body and its sexuality. Is common variety fornication and adultery as attractive to demons as homosexuality, pedophilia, necrophilia?

A: It is probably the easiest area for them to invade, but they crave the most depraved forms of sexuality.

Q#72b: So using one's imagination to engage in sexual fantasies which usually accompany masturbation/self-pleasure are dangerous on a demonic level? These things have exploded exponentially since Internet porn has become commonplace.

To what lengths have you counseled people who are caught up in all of this to cut off any ties that can lead to sin?

A: I urge people not to engage in sexual fantasies, because that does open up a spiritual element that not only is unreality but also an invasion of the other person’s sovereignty.

Chapter EIGHTEEN - Specific Doors of Entrance: Part Two

Q#73a: On ISLAM - Mohammad as well as Ignasius of Loyola and others have often encountered spirits or angels in caves, grottos, tunnels, bridges - even deep inside the Great Pyramid of Giza. Is there a connection here?

A: Not sure, but there does seem to be some scriptural references to things “under the earth.”

Q#73b: It's fascinating to consider that mystical meditation disciples can be found in all of the major religions of the world, including Islam (the Sufi's). The late Fr. Thomas Merton, a practitioner of Contemplative Prayer gave high praise to the Muslim mystics and as much as identified himself as a Sufi. Comments?

A: All of those require an emptying of the mind to some degree, a dangerous practice. Satan looks for an empty mind to fill. As believers we are only to fill ourselves with the Word of God, prayer, and worship.

Q#74: On HINDUISM - Would you say that this religion is the most pervasive influence here in America? How is it disguised?

A: Most definitely; disguised as Yoga, transcendental meditation, and the latest attempt to initiate and brainwash people, especially children, “mindfulness.”

Q#75: On BUDDHISM - How much of this belief system is there in the entertainment industry, such as major motion pictures that have become enormously popular?

A: Two words: STAR WARS.

Q#76: On JEHOVAH's WITNESSES - What sort of demonic manifestations can result from people adopting this religion as it would seem they have no involvement at all in anything 'demonic' per se.

A: Mainly, deception and pride. Pride, arrogance and accepting false doctrine are all doors that Jehovah Witnesses are susceptible to.

Q#77: On MORMONISM - Joseph Smith was a 'peeper' and even after founding his religion, resorted to occult practices - so it doesn't surprise me at all that adherents would experience demonic manifestations (compared to the relatively 'straight-laced' JW's). There are close associations of Mormon elders and occult rituals, are there not?

A: Yes, in fact most of the in temple rituals are nearly identical to Masonic rites, which is not surprising since Joseph Smith was a 33 degree Mason.

Q#78: On SCIENTOLOGY - Not many people know that the founder of this discipline, L. Ron Hubbard, was involved in Satanism under the high priest (and mentor to Hubbard), Jack Parsons! Can you elaborate on Parson's black magick experiment, gone awry that resulted in "...an explosion"?

A: Parsons was a respected scientist experimenting with liquid rocket fuel, whose discovery of it for rocket technology is the real foundation for NASA. That is why the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, or JPL in Pasadena CA is still referred to as Jack Parson’s Lab.

Parsons was a correspondent disciple of notorious black magician Aleister Crowley. Parsons founded the Agape Lodge of the OTO (Ordo Templi Orientis) whose grand opening was attended by a bank president, the Mayor, and had poems read by John Carradine. Parsons died in, according to some, a black magick experiment gone wrong in his basement. L Ron Hubbard had absconded with Parson’s wife and some money, moved to Florida, and told people he was going to start his own religion and make millions. Done deal.

Q#79: On MASONRY - This one is rather "a gimmee" - this group is extremely influential in global affairs because the ones at the top (and hidden in the York Rite) are high ranking Luciferians with direct connections with "principalities and powers". What's your perspective?

A: All these groups have levels. The first 33 degrees of Masonry are just the foundational degrees that form governmental, city, state, and nationwide connections. The “players” are chosen from there.

And so here ends part 3 0f 4 of this fascinating interview with Dr. Gregory Reid; I hope that your interest has been excited enough to get a hold of a copy of his book, WAR of the AGES. I honestly don't think you will regret purchasing one.
It truly is a Boot Camp experience in training for spiritual warfare, and "it ain't just for Sundays anymore!"
Expect the 4th and last installment in a few weeks!

Check out this recent interview (likely the first of many) between Cindy Hartline of LOVE For The TRUTH Radio and Dr. Greg Reid on his book, WAR of the AGES - Part One

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