"We see, in many a land, the proudest dynasties and tyrannies still crushing, with their mountain weight, every free motion of the Consciences and hearts of men. We see, on the other hand, the truest heroism for the right and the greatest devotion to the Truth in hearts that God has touched. We have a work to do, as great as our forefathers and, perhaps, far greater. The enemies of Truth are more numerous and subtle than ever and the needs of the Church are greater than at any preceding time. If we are not debtors to the present, then men were never debtors to their age and their time. Brethren, we are debtors to the hour in which we live. Oh, that we might stamp it with Truth and that God might help us to impress upon its wings some proof that it has not flown by neglected and unheeded." -- C.H. Spurgeon . . . "If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." John 8:31, 32 . . . . .


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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

GENESIS – An Expositional Overview of the Beginning of God’s Revelation: Chapter THIRTY SEVEN

Contributing commentaries by pastors Sonny Islas, Albert Lopez and James Fire

GENESIS 37 – by James Fire; for the Facebook video teaching go here.

INTRODUCTION: We have seen it with Abraham, we have seen it with Isaac – and now we are seeing it continue with Jacob: family favorites! In Jacob’s case, his favorite was Joseph, the son of his dearly beloved – not Leah, but Rachel. 

When cycles of sin are repeated from one generation to the next in families, they seem to become more pronounced. Alcoholism in the first generation may be bad, but the second generation very often becomes worse, and the third generation even more so.

In this case however, Jacob’s sons, representing the fourth generation do something even worse than what their Uncle Esau intended; Esau intended on and threatened to kill their Dad, Jacob – but here we see the sons of Jacob are plotting to kill their half-brother Joseph and would have done so if Reuben and Judah didn’t intervene.

They are plotting evil against their half-brother Joseph.
Among those who would intend evil against you, the one at the top of the list is the devil: he wants to steal from you, he wants to destroy you, he wants to kill you (JOHN 10:10). Others in the world despise those of us who live godly in Christ Jesus (2 TIM 3:12) and we find ourselves often persecuted in some way.

Know for certain that what everyone who intends evil and harm on you, the LORD certainly will turn it around for good.
This is a lesson that Joseph learned after this long, long trial that begins here and continues for what would be a few chapters for us, but two very long years for him!
The conclusion of this evil plot by Joseph’s brothers is understood by Joseph as part of the Sovereign plan of GOD Almighty!

20 But as for you, ye thought evil against me; but God meant it unto good, to bring to pass, as it is this day, to save much people alive.

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Sunday, April 5, 2020


~ By James Fire 

For Part One of this Two Part series, go here.

Once again, PROVERBS 29:18 states,
18 Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.

Breaking down the meaning of this verse from the Hebrew, it speaks of where there is no vision (oracle, prophecy, divine communication, revelation) the people perish (to show a lack of restraint, loose restraints, set at naught, perish).
Plainly, where GOD’s divine communication is not heeded, when it’s disobeyed, when the truth of GOD is disregarded so that there are no moral boundaries and safeguards, then the people will cast off any restraint, and all that they do will come to nothing, they and their works will perish.
Godly leadership requires godly vision, both seen and understood as well as obeyed. They need to extol, to glorify GOD and admonish others to do the same, and if there is lack of godly leadership, be it in the home, the community, the church - then it will result in a free-for-all of chaotic revolt and relativism:

In those days there was no king in Israel, but every man did that which was right in his own eyes
(See also JUDGES 21:25).
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Thursday, April 2, 2020

The Comprehensive Plan To Implement Global Governance In Our World by Geri Ungurean

Today we have an article by Geri Ungurean, writer and researcher of the following website.

UPDATE 8/11/2021

This article is re-published by permission, unedited and unabridged.

Without further ado, here is Geri's report on something that will likely prove to be a paradigm shift - an altering of the world as we know it, bringing about lasting and disturbing changes that will further enhance globalism and prepare for the coming One World Ruler that the Bible identifies as The BEAST of REVELATION, the Anti-christ. This article is not sensational in any way, but factual and accurate in the trends and objectives that the Globalists are seeking (and by and large are succeeding) to obtain. Here is Geri's report:

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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

GENESIS – An Expositional Overview of the Beginning of God’s Revelation: Chapter THIRTY SIX

Contributing commentaries by pastors Sonny Islas, Albert Lopez and James Fire

Chuck Missler Bible Commentary - Genesis 32-36 (Part 2)

GENESIS 36 – by Albert Lopez; to watch this teaching on Facebook video, go here.

Introduction:  It’s strange to be away from the fellowship and instead of seeing God’s precious flock in person, we are having to fellowship through live video [Due to the mayoral directive regarding coronavirus, 3/18/2020]. I pray that as Pastor James and Pastor Sonny have pointed out to us through the Word, which I pray made us think that whatever is happening, may be used to drive out false and dead worship to our True and Living God. Maybe this is a way that The Lord as Pastor James put it will set us aside individually and collectively through prayer to show us what it means to W.A.T.C.H. and pray that we don’t fall into temptation and desperation during these times and what is to come.
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