"We see, in many a land, the proudest dynasties and tyrannies still crushing, with their mountain weight, every free motion of the Consciences and hearts of men. We see, on the other hand, the truest heroism for the right and the greatest devotion to the Truth in hearts that God has touched. We have a work to do, as great as our forefathers and, perhaps, far greater. The enemies of Truth are more numerous and subtle than ever and the needs of the Church are greater than at any preceding time. If we are not debtors to the present, then men were never debtors to their age and their time. Brethren, we are debtors to the hour in which we live. Oh, that we might stamp it with Truth and that God might help us to impress upon its wings some proof that it has not flown by neglected and unheeded." -- C.H. Spurgeon . . . "If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." John 8:31, 32 . . . . .


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Monday, April 18, 2022

A TTUF Interview with Dr. Gregory Reid on WAR of the AGES – PART 4 of 4

INTRODUCTION: This is an interview with Dr. Greg Reid, a youth pastor, speaker, author of many books, who has his own website, and is a former victim of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) and a man of GOD who understands spiritual warfare because it’s a reality for him.
He has written a book about it: WAR of the AGES: A Complete Scriptural Guide to Confronting and Defeating Satan’s kingdom.

The purpose of this interview is to excite interest and hunger in the readers to get this book into their hands and devour its contents, become familiar with and eventually adept at spiritual warfare – something that’s been forgotten in today’s modern American church and is terribly needed in this day and age, and the darkness that’s not only growing, but seeking to overwhelm and defeat those unprepared to face it.
Here we have the fourth and final segment of this interview:

Chapter Twelve: Specific Doors of Entrance – Part Three: Sins of the Heart.

Q#80a: Unresolved issues of the heart like unforgiveness, feelings of rejection, betrayal are more often than not seen as emotional or psychological problems only. On a spiritual level how do demons take advantage of these issues and are they particularly interested in Christians in this regard?

A: Demons feed on brokenness and sin. When a person harbors resentment, unforgiveness or other things like you mentioned, it digs a trench; the trench becomes a place for darkness to come in; then it becomes a stronghold and gives the demonic world an opportunity to feed off of those now harmful, unresolved issues. When Jesus says forgive and we don’t, that disobedience gives them a legal right to be there, to taunt, to torment, and eventually control the person’s life. They love to prey on Christians because they then become a terrible example to the world of what walking with Jesus is: Not full of grace, peace, forgiveness, strength, and joy, but unforgiving, burdened, joyless, and weak spiritually.

Q#80b: Stuffing thoughts and emotions that are ungodly into the deep dark recesses of the mind will only cause deeper and bigger problems later on. What’s the biblical alternative and what does this look like practically (pg. 307-308)?

A: The Biblical alternative requires first living out Psalm 139: “Search me, O God, see if there is any wicked way in me.” We examine all of those struggles and bring them into the light of Jesus and His Word; and when the Word says to DO something: Forgive, give up, yield, surrender, root out bitterness, we treat all of those things [“wicked ways”] like an enemy and ask Him to help us be relentless in pulling them out by the root BY acts of obedience such as forgiveness, even if we don’t FEEL it. Act in obedience and feelings will line up eventually!

Q#81: I know of a young man, a former professed believer who suffered a divorce that led to a chain reaction of misfortunes and tragedy. As a result, he got rid of his Bible and actively sought to persuade people that GOD does not exist as a sort of ‘atheist apologist’.
Yet he also considers himself as an ideological Satanist.
Does the assumption, “GOD always wants us to be happy, healthy, wealthy and wise” play into Satan’s hands?
This makes me wonder how many people suffered spiritual shipwreck coming out of the Word-Faith Movement!
See also the first of two TTUF articles on the Word-Faith movement.

A: I think so. If we are His, and rightly understand His Word, then we understand that there will be great blessings as well as very difficult times. If you’ve been conditioned to think, “If you do (a) then (b) will result”, and then if it doesn’t happen you’re somehow an inferior or a faithless believer; it would be easy to just let the whole thing fall apart. But a clear reading of the Word says that there will be difficulties and sufferings (1 PET 2:19), hard times (PSALM 4:1; 1 THESS 3:7), trials (JOHN 16:33), and other things, so we are not caught off guard, but merely take on Paul’s view:
I have learned in whatever state I am in to be content, after he said, “I have been abased, and I have abounded, instructed to both be full and to be hungry, to both have plenty and suffer need. (PHIL 4:11-12).
God is not a slot machine. He is a loving Father. I don’t think we should look for suffering or need, and God promised He WOULD provide all our needs; but when they come we need to be solid enough to stand regardless of the circumstances.

Q#82: How is self-pity a form of pride and why is it one of the more powerful Satanic ploys that can cause tremendous harm to people, Christians in particular?

A: Self-pity isolates a person and makes them feel like “Nobody understands. I am different than everyone else.” It’s a weird kind of pride that rejects helpful people because “they just don’t understand” as if no one else in the world has suffered like they have. It’s a hard thing to break.

Q#83: In your informed opinion can bi-polar syndrome be mistaken for ‘a spirit of rage’? How does one tell the difference?

A: Yes. In fact, this is one of the areas we need to be very careful with. For years people with schizophrenia were assumed to be demon possessed, and the same with people with Tourette’s syndrome. That is not to say those situations cannot be agitated by demonic things, because again, they love to feed off of and torment brokenness and broken people. But one of the first things I ask people to do if they want to get their loved one “exorcised” is to go through every single other option of explanation for their loved one’s behavior: medical, physical, etc. It’s best to rule out things first before concluding something is only demonic. Telling the difference is about going through a checklist first. It’s not always black and white, either, as some manifestations can come and go and hide. We need true discernment to know the difference.

Q#84: I remember you said demonic influence can be most powerful in gangs and ‘gang mentality’. Can you elaborate on this?

A: Anyone who has worked with gangs and people who are in gangs know that there is a culture of death, perversion, violence and rage, superiority and disregard for life that molds their character: when you go into a gang neighborhood or deal with hard core gang members, that darkness is visceral. I believe the tearing down of strongholds of that character, thinking and living is essential to get someone out of the clutches of a demonic “prison” that takes entire neighborhoods and even towns and cities.

Q#85: Can we attribute much of the strife and contentions found among churches to religious pride, so-called “discernment ministries” and the like?

A: Absolutely. I always revert to the saying of an old preacher that said, “If you preach on hell, at least do it with tears in your eyes”. I have for a lifetime seen churches and church folks devour each other as well as pastors because of pride, arrogance, and spiritual superiority. Rarely are we taught or do we practice foot washing and putting others first.

Of late I have been very concerned about discernment ministries, of which I count myself part, that have taken to bashing people, calling them heretics and other things before they even lay out their case against them, and often present things is an arrogant, sarcastic, and ugly way. The scriptures say, “Come now, let us reason together.” How can we even expect people who are being deceived to listen to us if we are going to be rude, arrogant, and aggressively attacking them? We can point out deception and do it in such a way that we ENTREAT those who are bound to the lies, without hurting their hearts, who in many cases didn’t get deceived because they were wicked but were seeking more of God and got ensnared in a spiritual trap. Galatians says to RESTORE such a person with meekness, watching ourselves, lest we also be tempted (GAL 6:1). And yes, we need to call out the leaders who are deceivers in a strong way; but it is possible to do it without mocking them, ridiculing them, and making us look like a bunch of bashers who don’t care about anything but being right.

Q#86: Is prayerful, Spirit-led self-examination a prerequisite before we seek to correct others who we believe are in error? What are the consequences if we fail to do so?

A: Absolutely. The scriptures say, “Let he who thinks he stands take heed, lest he fall” (1 COR 10:12). If we don’t examine our own hearts and ask Him to give us a broken humble heart, then pride in inevitable. And pride is at the TOP of the list of things God calls an abomination. If we don’t do this, all we bring to a situation is further hurt and division.

CHAPTER Twenty – Levels and Symptoms of Demonic Influence

Q#87: Many times well-meaning Christians want to cast something out when really it’s a matter of laying something down and crucifying it. Comments?

A: I remember a Bible teacher I had once spoke of all the works of the flesh in Galatians, and reminded us, “You can’t cast out flesh. I tried it once, it lasted about an hour.” I laughed but it’s so true. Crucify the flesh. If there’s a demonic element, it will have to let go.

Q#88: We can expect to be attacked by Satan, our flesh, and the world system whenever we make a deeper commitment and answer a higher calling from Christ.
One means of attack are fiery darts shot into our minds: You said on pg. 322: “Don’t own every thought…don’t assume that all thoughts originate with you.” And dreams as well.
How does the helmet of salvation, the shield of faith and accompanying armor work against these fiery darts: what does this look like practically?

A: I believe the armor is very much an attitude we have to take on every day, recognizing we are at war. The Word is our whole armor in a sense. The Word provides the truth that we are already saved and redeemed, which fends off lies of “you’re not saved, you still sin” etc. The shield is the protective truth of the Word that when the enemy attacks our hearts, we lift up the truth of that Word to deflect and defeat it. And one sidenote: as to fiery darts, they often come swiftly and unexpectedly and that is why they can be so deadly. I encourage everyone: If the dart manages to penetrate and hit your heart, pull it out right away and pour the balm of truth and His love onto your heart. Don’t let it stay and fester.

Q#89: Can we attribute some/much/most anxiety and panic attacks more to fiery darts than to biochemical imbalances in the brain?

A: I think it can be both. There is still a lot of mystery as to how we are made and what effects what. I love Elijah’s story, because he ran from Jezebel after doing mighty deeds, and sat by a tree and asked to die. But rather than condemn, God gave him a nap and a snack, and he got better. Sometimes lack of food and rest, disabilities and other things affect us spiritually and emotionally. Again, sometimes it’s not either/or, it’s both/and. Demonic attacks and darts can disable us so we don’t take care of rest, food, time in the Word and prayer. Other times, those darts may come BECAUSE we are vulnerable in those areas.

Q#90: On the matter of strongholds – they are established when we “allow demons to gain entrance over a period of time…establish territory…set up an outpost from where they can operate in an increasingly aggressive manner…when compulsive, repeat[ed] sin has made a bridge for a demon to cross the line from outside into a person’s mind” (pg. 325).
What’s the biblical process of reversing this which can dismantle this stronghold and secure and sanctify/fortify that once occupied area? It seems greater measures are needed than when we just stumble and commit a one-time sin.

A: Start backfilling the trenches. Throw out the enemy (sin) drive off the armies (lies) and fill the trenches with the Word of God. Top priority. They won’t yield easily, and they are counting on wearing you out in your desire to get set free and defeat their stronghold. But keep at it, like Nehemiah; keep building. Jerusalem was ruined quickly but took time to rebuild. Don’t lose heart! In due season you will reap if you don’t faint.

Q#91: What distinguishes demonization from M.P.D. (multiple personality disorder)? What appropriate measures must be taken in either case?

A: This is a very tricky area, as I have seen demons disguise as “personalities” and personalities within a fragmented person that were TRAINED to act like demons to keep people away! Again – discernment is the key to distinguishing the difference. Assume NOTHING except that Jesus wants to heal and deliver that person and give them a full and abundant life in Jesus.

Q#92a: In the case of perfect/near perfect possession (a rarity), what extra measures must be taken above those implemented for “conscious demonization”?

A: Choose a crack team with no amateurs and no newbies, no spectators, or experts. Perfect possession cases can be dangerous physically to a person and sometimes to someone that should not be there. So an ability to gently restrain the person if necessary is important. I would suggest some fasting beforehand for sure.

Q#92b: Given the nature of the age in which we live, do you conjecture that this rare condition will escalate?

A: I absolutely do. And we are already seeing it.

Q#93: Under the 10 Doors of Entrance, can you elaborate on “Soul – What Rules Your Emotional Life” and how this represents a door of entrance?

A: We have to make sure that our emotional life is under the rulership of Christ: examining our emotional leanings and drawings like addiction to soap operas or melodramatic shows that pull on our heartstrings but through ungodly themes, etc. Do we need to examine the kind of music that emotionally stirs us with ungodly themes: Heavy metal, for example, pushing themes of rage and occultism; rap music can really stir the body but with horrible themes of perversion, violence, and godless language. Even country has songs that glorify drinking and divorce. You see? All of that has to be examined so it doesn’t stir us to ungodliness.

CHAPTER Twenty One – Rules of Engagement

Q#94: Physical warfare is very chaotic, and the enemy will often employ ‘psychological warfare’ to overwhelm their adversary. Demons and fallen angels are masters of attack from multiple platforms: confusion, disorientation, infliction of doubt and fear; along with headaches, nausea, choking, fainting, accusations, lies and so on.
In deliverance our tactics should be coordinated, not chaotic. You said it should NOT be a free for all where everyone ‘takes a shot’ at the demonized person to see “if they can make anything happen”. You also said that one is “literally fighting in two dimensions.” What did you mean by that?

A: There are times when you can literally feel the room change: the temperature may change, things might move in the room, and a kind of cloud comes in that is like a revealing that that invisible world is starting to come into ours: It’s so important to expect that possibility and stay extremely steady, especially if things get disoriented. Their world brings confusion and uncertainty into ours in a very physical manifestation in some instances. Stay steady and do your best to ignore those temporary manifestations.

Q#95: You list 10 helpful tips in Chapter 21 on deliverance. Can you explain about these tips in bullet point fashion (pg. 333-342)?
    - The best battle plan rarely survives the first skirmish. Don’t bring a list of “tried and true” deliverance tips.
    - Work on your weaknesses. Make sure you’re not leaving any open doors the enemy will use in a deliverance setting.
    - Have a single, unambiguous aim. Your job is to get rid of the demon. Don’t get distracted by anything else that happens or anything demons say.
    - Pursuit. Stay in battle-ready mode 24/7. We are in a fallen world; we are here to carry out Jesus’ commands. Pursue…overtake…overcome.
    - Maintenance of morale.
    - Good soldiers must take care of themselves: for spiritual soldiers, we have to maintain our health, get rest, proper nutrition, stay in fellowship, bathe yourself in worship and maintain a strong Word and prayer time daily.
    - Cooperation Your team has to be of one heart and one mind. “Know those that labor among you.”
    - SNS/WCP – Situation normal suspended, wartime conditions prevail.
We are in the most dire and serious time in history, just before Jesus returns. In other times, we may have been able to live differently. But we are truly in the war of the ages. Adjust to that lifestyle.
    - High combat readiness. Expect battles and encounters and resistance every day. Plan to live in victory over it all.
    - Orders are to be followed exactly, without question.

If you are not willing to do this, don’t go into a deliverance where another person is in charge. You will endanger everyone including yourself.

CHAPTER Twenty Two – House Cleaning

Q#96: You brought up sympathetic magick previously. I suppose some disbelieve that charms, talismans, pendants and other occult objects and tools can have demons attached to them because demons are animate, sentient beings while these tools are inanimate. How then can demons be “attached” to such objects?

A: The world of the enemy would not use these things if they did not “work.” Those that worshiped other gods in the Bible chose places, idols and objects because they believed they were a channel to gods or demons, much like picking up a telephone and calling would get an answer from someone. It’s like a hotline. And as I have said, if you call them, they will come. I don’t think of it as demons just hanging around an object but rather like a network that when an object that has been committed to evil or occultism is used, they respond.

Q#97: GOD ordains that people are consecrated and sanctified: and He ordains objects and places too: the ark of the covenant, the Levitical priesthood, Jerusalem, etc. If GOD can do this, logically then in the kingdom of darkness, Satan should be able to as well.
How can one tell if a seemingly harmless trinket bought from an innocent-looking street vendor is such a charm or talisman ‘consecrated’ by an occultist in an act of sympathetic magick?

A: The main thing is if it contains any symbol of the occult it needs to be disposed of.

Q#98: Talk about bogus “ghost busting”.
Also, is it dangerous for Christians to watch reality TV shows that deal with ‘ghost hunting’ or leaving a tape recorder running overnight to see if it picks up any ‘psychic impressions’?

A: I think it’s very dangerous. And I am shocked by how many Christians are anti occult but ok with the ghost thing. There are no ghosts. To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. That means…the elevator goes up or down after you die, you don’t hang around and haunt. But familiar spirits hang around and try to imitate the deceased to get people to open the door to them. So no, don’t watch the shows, they are just part of the devil’s game.

Q#100: Can you explain about this demonic spiderweb that is “a fine-tuned telecommunications network”.

A: We know Lucifer – Satan – is the CEO. But he has multitudes of demon minions and fallen angels to carry out his work. And the network works like that: like a spiderweb that gets tapped at one place, it gets the attention of the closest spider who scurries to devour its prey.

Q#99: “Accursed things” can be books, music, movies, art, jewelry, games, statues, candles, and incense; even television and Internet can promote accursed things.
I’m particularly concerned with children and teens who are left to their own devices and explore things that can lead to oppression and demonization.
What would you say to parents who feel they are intruding into their child’s or teenager’s privacy in order to investigate what they’re up to and the sort of objects and items they have in their room?

A: I would say that your child has no right to privacy; that is a privilege, and an earned one, and a parent has a right and responsibility to investigate all activities, room material and all phone activity whenever they feel there is a need.
I am honestly shocked at how many modern parents have just handed phones and computers over to their children with no boundaries. Don’t you know that children as young as 8 are now being corrupted by social apps like Snapchat and Tik-Tok? Stop treating your child like a fashion accessory on your social life and just letting social media babysit them. Social media is predatory.

CHAPTER Twenty Three – Prayers for Renunciation and Severing of Bloodline Sins.

Q#100a: There are some who misunderstand and misconstrue this verse you quoted:

'The LORD is longsuffering and abundant in mercy, forgiving iniquity and transgression; but He by no means clears the guilty, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children to the third and fourth generation
They think that GOD punishes the children for the sins of the fathers, when Scripture states that everyone is responsible for their own personal sin (EZEK 18; 2 CHRON 25:4). Can you clarify this for us?

A: The way I view it is that we are not responsible and will not be punished for our ancestors’ sins; but I believe these practices - especially in unbelieving families leave the next generation vulnerable to demonic intrusion and susceptibility to certain sins. In the same way a shark sniffs for blood, these things follow damaged families and do everything they can to make it go next generation. I believe that’s why when we come to Jesus we have to turn around and say, “no more.”

Q#100b: This verse from NUMBERS is demonstrating that these same practices of prior generations carry through to subsequent generations, practices promoted and ‘pushed’ by demonic spirits and in these bloodlines GOD judges those guilty of carrying out those practices. But does this also mean that descendants are plagued by the demonic as a result of their ancestors forbidden practices in the occult?

A: Again I think it’s both/and. Thankfully we are only responsible for our own sins. We won’t be punished for our parents’ sins or grandparents. But there are consequences that sometimes children pay for: example is a crack baby. They did nothing wrong, yet they suffer from their parent’s sin. Spiritually it is the same. Sins mold families generationally, spiritually as well. Children are vulnerable because of parents’ unresolved sins. It’s mainly a matter of closing doors when we come to Jesus and saying, “Not for sale or rent, by owner of property, Jesus Christ” and it cancels all previous contracts.

Q#101: When a person who is redeemed by Jesus Christ finds out – or when the Spirit of GOD reveals to them – that they have prior generations that were involved in the occult, why is renunciation and severing of those bloodlines of such vital importance?
Some would suggest that since the person is redeemed already, such renunciation is not necessary. Why is such thinking potentially dangerous?

A: I was reminded of when I found out at the age of 32 I think that my mother had taken out a life insurance policy on me when I was born. I had no idea. But it held legal claim until I renewed or canceled it. Some occultists not just commit themselves, but their families to those practices. Renouncing that family involvement is like cancelling a contract.

Q#102: Can alcoholism be a bondage that can be demonically passed down through bloodlines? Does this explain who we many times see entire families and their children in bondage to alcohol? So this isn’t a ‘sickness’ or a ‘disease’ as the world would like us to believe?

A: There is most definitely a demonic component to generational alcohol abuse. And though there may also be a physical component that gets passed on, it is not just a “disease”, it is spiritual bondage.

Q#103: You mention “blood tie” associations that are connected to occult practices (witchcraft, Curanderismo, seances, Ouija boards, astrology); occult fraternal order membership (Masonic, Eastern Star, Shriners, Rainbow Girls, Order of DeMolay, [Theosophical Society]); sexual practices: incest, homosexuality, porn, bestiality, rape, other forms of sexual sin); drug and alcohol addiction; violence and crime: murder, brawling, assault, robbery, cartels, Mafia ties.
I find it a bit surprising that “blood ties” can include things such as robbery and brawling. How can we distinguish influences that in these cases between “blood ties” and low-income folks simply looking for easy money?
Or learned behavior in ‘cat-burglary’ as parents pass down skills to their children?

A: I think both can be blood tie related. Sometimes a child will just pick up behavior from the parents, but as with other things, when you see a generational bondage to that behavior, I believe there is a demonic influence that tries to go from generation to generation.
We have to remember that for the most part, demons seek one all-consuming goal: To have a host, a house to live in, sin through. When a demonized relative dies that demon may seek to jump into the next most receptive or vulnerable family member – if not to indwell, at least to begin to pry open those doors if it can, otherwise they are left “houseless” until someone comes along they can influence and inhabit.

Q#104: You include a suggested model prayer of renunciation (pg. 360) and also suggest a trusted prayer partner to come alongside and walk the petitioner through and agree with them.
I think this is a very good idea to include someone who is free of any such blood ties because Scripture states “where two agree as touching…” (MATT 18:19). Something akin to a lifeguard rescuing a person who might survive drowning on their own but nevertheless is assured of rescue with the aid from another.

A: There have been times when a person that goes through renunciation have a wide variety of responses: deep sorrow, anger, grief, and even manifestation outwardly and on rarer occasion, an inward reaction, anywhere from a severe sudden headache to unexplained and unwelcomed thoughts and other things. It is definitely better to have someone there to be witness to your prayers and be available should you need them to pray you through things.

CHAPTER Twenty Four: Boots on the Ground

Q#105: This book has three reasons or objectives you’ve intended for the reader:
1) To give a Scriptural foundation for education on spiritual warfare.
2) For personal deliverance
3) To provide practical application and tools for effective warfare.

With these armaments, training, and direction, do you suppose an online forum, could be developed where those who’ve taken your courses could provide answers to questions posted – or would contacting you and yours personally via group email be a simpler, more direct approach?
Or perhaps you could invite people to send questions re: your book and perhaps once a month you could respond with answers on your podcast?

A: I think having people send questions would be great, and I would be happy to answer questions on my podcast (See a link to Greg’s podcast at the conclusion of this article).

Q#106: Extractions can be spontaneous events where demons manifest ‘on the spot’ or one can be made aware of a victim and have such as extraction ‘scheduled’.
In either case, you’ve outlined certain warnings, admonitions, and guidelines while at the same time, reminding the reader that extractions are not uniform, cookie-cutter procedures.
Has there ever been a time when you thought an extraction was over, only to find out later that deliverance wasn’t complete?
If so, to your recollection, looking back with hind-sight, what lesson did you learn from it?

A: I have definitely had a “I thought they were free” moment or two and turns out there were still things there. But in some ways, I have seen that these incidents can sometimes be part of God’s working, like the man Jesus healed: “I see men as trees walking.” I have definitely prayed deliverance over people that were so traumatized by the event that they NEEDED recovery time until we – He - completed the work. It’s like when a person needs two or three surgeries for the same thing but needs to be done in stages to leave time for recovery between surgeries.

Q#107: Are there common, perhaps even uniform reasons why an extraction fails? Perhaps members of the extraction team with unconfessed sin or a new believer who thought they were ready, but weren’t, etc.

A: If they fail, it is usually because the person is not willing to give up certain things, or because the team is out of order. I’ve seen short-circuited deliverances because someone in the room breaks the chain of command, and it is too late to start over until later or another time when they are gone, or a person walked in carrying unconfessed sin and the demon ends up exposing it in front of everyone. Again, we have to reconvene when that person is gone, and everyone is back in order.

Q#108: The final chapter looks very much like your article DEALING with the DEMONIC: RULES of ENGAGEMENT
A summary of this with some basic rules to remember ls as follows:
    1) Be rested, hydrated, full of GOD’s Word, prayer, and the Spirit.
    2) Regularly seek for greater discernment and especially before an extraction.
    3) Confess all known and unknown sins prior to engaging the demon.
    4) Do not touch or bind the victim, unless the Spirit directs you to restrain them – but never touch them as in laying on of hands, and if restraining is necessary, only minimum numbers.
    5) Bible reading, prayer and worship should all be employed during the process of extraction, and particularly those worship songs that speak of the blood of Jesus, the Cross, the Resurrection, His victory are most effective.
    6) Appoint a spiritually mature leader and a secondary leader that is equally mature to switch off as needed – everyone else is in a supporting role and remain in place until directed elsewhere by the leader.
    7) Avoid “free for all’s” as the enemy can use such confusion to their advantage and can even create division in the ranks.
    8) Command in Jesus name and forbid the spirit from calling on higher powers for aid as early in the extraction process as possible. Also, avoid conversation with the enemy who will do their best to distract you from your razor sharp focus on the objective of setting the captive free.
    9) Allow no fear or intimidation to overwhelm you despite the wall of separation between the physical and spiritual reality coming down and all becomes surreal, foggy, disorienting with paranormal activities in play – it’s all smoke and mirrors to distract and discourage. Disallow this tactic by the enemy by remaining focused on Christ, His Sovereignty and His guidance.
    10) Remember the power and authority is IN CHRIST, NOT YOU: therefore remain humble, broken, yielded before GOD! Disallow self-confidence, arrogance, levity, useless dialogue. Understand we are protected by the armor of GOD and be armored up – be sure it’s all in place prior to engagement.
    11) Anticipate the enemy ‘faking their own extraction’. Test the spirits to discern what is the victim and what is the demon. Note the person’s reaction to Bible reading, prayer, and worship. Ask GOD to reveal any presence of the enemy yet remaining.
    12) Once the demon is successfully extracted, assure the victim, pray with them, see that they are properly hydrated and fed if necessary. Allow them to spend the night with godly family or friends, or willing church members that understand spiritual warfare.
Did I miss anything vital at all?

A: I think you covered everything!

Closing remarks by Greg:

Thanks for giving me this opportunity to expand a little on the book. It was a difficult book to write, and the battle to do it was fierce, but I trust it will help a lot of people.
I do not claim to be an expert, and I am neither an exorcist nor a deliverance minister or ministry. I can do what Jesus calls on me to do when it is necessary, but it is not focus #1 of my work. Part of the reason I wrote the book was to equip every believer to have enough of a foundational understanding and training that they can go forward prepared to do this vital work of getting people free when required. Thank you again James!

Closing remarks by James: Those who are called as Watchmen on the Wall and are ardent students of prophecy have been saying for years that judgment is coming, and certainly no less for us here in America (perhaps especially so because “to whom much is given is much required” (LUKE 12:47-48). We have been given incredible blessings from GOD – and yet look how our nation has rebelled against His Word.

Coupled together with this, the inundation of occult, pagan, Wiccan and Satanic (and Luciferian) practices, found in covens and societies is flooding the populace with a deluge of the demonic.

It's inevitable that these forces of darkness will confront the church in increasingly belligerent ways. Being the bully that Satan is, his game plan was to weaken the church by anemic Bible translations and paraphrases, to nudge any training in spiritual warfare out the door, get the church focus on social rather than spiritual needs, and to relegate the idea of a literal Satan to parody –imagining our nemesis as nothing more than a twirly mustached villain in a red suit, pitch fork and pointy tail.

We are well past the time for battle-readiness – the enemy has crested the hill and charging, and for the most part, the church is without her God-given weapons and bereft of martial training of the spiritual sort.

If it were able to get WAR of the AGES into the hands of pastors, elders, deacons, Bible teachers and speakers across the land so that they could proliferate this to their followers, I would.
This interview is my humble attempt to encourage – not just these ministry leaders, but the church at large to get this needed work, study the Scriptures it points to, and get prepared for this last battle.

May GOD grant the grace and valuable time needed to get a ‘crash course’ and raise our shields and swords to confront the enemy on this battle ground of the last days.
This may yet be “our finest hour”! LORD, by Your grace, may it be so!

Check out this recent interview (likely the first of many) between Cindy Hartline of LOVE For The TRUTH Radio and Dr. Greg Reid on his book, WAR of the AGES - Part One

Here is a detailed book report on Greg Reid's Book (each of the articles is linked to the next for easy navigation!)

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