"We see, in many a land, the proudest dynasties and tyrannies still crushing, with their mountain weight, every free motion of the Consciences and hearts of men. We see, on the other hand, the truest heroism for the right and the greatest devotion to the Truth in hearts that God has touched. We have a work to do, as great as our forefathers and, perhaps, far greater. The enemies of Truth are more numerous and subtle than ever and the needs of the Church are greater than at any preceding time. If we are not debtors to the present, then men were never debtors to their age and their time. Brethren, we are debtors to the hour in which we live. Oh, that we might stamp it with Truth and that God might help us to impress upon its wings some proof that it has not flown by neglected and unheeded." -- C.H. Spurgeon . . . "If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." John 8:31, 32 . . . . .


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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Old Testament Examples of SPIRITUAL WARFARE: Conduct in the Campaign & Implementing the Victory of Christ in our Lives – Part 4

~~ By James J. Fire

The Battle of Life Continues – From Vanquishment to Victory

Once the study of this chapter from the book of Joshua is completed, we will move onward in our Old Testament Tour of Triumph and examine other passages that speak of the spiritual warfare that is our present (but not eternal) reality. One day, we will lay down our ‘sword’ for the grand conflict of the ages of this world will have ended. Satan and the entirety of his kingdom will be expunged from the world which God created, forever bound in Gehenna and the parenthetical evil that was let loose by Luciferian design will finally be over with!

Until then however, we have much to contend against our chief adversary, and we must learn our battle tactics well, and execute them in militant fashion, standing firmly in the strength “of the LORD and in the power of HIS Might”.

Read more!

Friday, July 29, 2011

TTUF Profiles On: Robert Muller "FORTH COMES The GLOBAL EDUCRATS – Part Three of Three"

~~By James J. Fire

And now the third part of this article in the continuing series of TTUF Profiles on various “Radicals and their worldviews that rule America from the grave” based primarily on Brannon Howse’s book of the same name, is here for your review.

Imagine if a General was about to receive some military Intel on positions and strengths of his enemy, but declined it as being “unnecessary, negative, non-productive and 'hurtful to the cause'." And rather, wanted rather to focus on the positive, the relevant, and “that which builds up”. How long do you think it would be before that General was replaced with another that rightly perceived such information as needful in order to wage a successful campaign against the enemy?

In our supreme struggle against the subtle enemy of the church, we are not to be “ignorant of his devices” 2 COR 2:10-11 whether he chooses to use unforgiveness and bitterness or spiritual leaven (unbiblical teaching – such as the sort our children and students here in America are inundated with in our public indoctrination centers (and yes, it is spiritual!) or public schools as they are more commonly known) to cause division in the body of Christ.
Certainly there can be no greater division or more accurately, departure from the Word of God (2 TIM 3:1-7; 1 TIM 4:1) than when scores of students numbering in the hundreds of thousands across our nation leave the faith in favor of a global Humanist, Evolutionary worldview!
~This is a primary reason why we here at TTUF are pursuing the exposure of these radicals (EPH 5:11); they represent the means of Satan’s tactics and overall global plan as his mouthpieces, spreading his deceptions and lies and infesting the minds of our youth. Personally, I feel that I’m a bit ‘late in the game’ in all of this, but thankfully there have been those like Brannon Howse (Grave Influences), Berit Kjos (Brave New Schools) and Johanna Michaelsen (Like Lambs To The Slaughter) that have sounded the alarm long ago (yet why are so few alarmed?). I’m little more than an ‘echo’ in repeating and resounding these vital issues, but am willing to be so, if it means reaching those who may not have read these (and other) books or perhaps saw no urgent need to do so.

So now that we have looked at John Dewey in part one, and Benjamin Bloom in part two, we now turn our attention to Robert Muller in this third part. Mr. Howse did not include Mr. Muller as one of his 21 Radicals, but I do so here as a supplementation to what he has already written in Grave Influences because Mr. Muller has most certainly exerted a profound influence on students, both here in America and abroad.

Let us begin by looking at a biography of this prolific man:

“Robert Muller - born in Belgium, 1923 and raised in the Alsace-Lorraine region in France, he experienced constant political and cultural turmoil during his youth. Often as a child, Robert Muller would look out of his window at the border he could not cross and long for the day when he would no longer have to observe the imaginary line.

“Robert Muller knew the horrors of World War II, of being a refugee, of Nazi occupation and imprisonment; he was also a member of the French Resistance. After the war he returned home and earned a Doctorate of Law from the University of Strasbourg. In 1948 he entered and won an essay contest on how to govern the world, the prize of which was an internship at the newly created United Nations.

“Dr. Muller devoted the next 40 years of his life behind the scenes at the United Nations focusing his energies on world peace. He rose through the ranks at the UN to the official position of Assistant-Secretary-General. He has been called the ‘Philosopher’ and ‘Prophet of Hope’ of the United Nations (interesting appellations!). Robert Muller is a deeply spiritual person. From his vantage point of a top level global states-person he has seen a strong connection between spirituality and the political/cultural scene.

UPDATE: 6-25-12 From the excellent series called Know Your Enemy produced by The Fuel Project, (you can buy this entire series that portrays the broad view of Satan's objectives for the world in bringing about a so-called 'new' world order wherein he will be worshiped through the adoration of anti-Christ, the Beast) on dvd. Note: The authors of TTUF do not necessarily agree with everything as proposed and asserted by The Fuel Project.


There are three youtube clips on the UN; its roots, vision and objectives:

Know Your Enemy (Part 63 - The United Nations Background)

Know Your Enemy (Part 64 - The Spiritual United Nations)

Know Your Enemy (Part 65 - The World Core Curriculum)

Know Your Enemy (Part 66 - Alice A Bailey)

 ~~ end of update
“Robert Muller created a World Core Curriculum and is known throughout the world as the ‘father of global education.’ There are 29 Robert Muller schools (as of the time of this writing) around the world with more being established each year. The ‘World Core Curriculum’ earned him the UNESCO Peace Education Prize in 1989. Dr. Muller (based on this work) has recently drawn up a ‘Framework for World Media Coverage’ as a public service, as well as a ‘Framework for Planetary and Cosmic Consciousness’ and a ‘Framework for the Arts and Culture.’

“In active ‘retirement,’ Dr. Muller was Chancellor of the University for Peace created by the United Nations in demilitarized Costa Rica. He is in great demand to make speeches to educational, environmental, spiritual and political conferences around the world. Dr. Muller concentrates his efforts on promoting greater human understanding and global awareness. He was recently the recipient of the Albert Schweitzer International Prize for the Humanities and the Eleanor Roosevelt Man of Vision Award.

“Dr. Muller lives most of the year at his small farm overlooking the University of Peace, on a sacred indigenous hill, Mt. Rasur, from which according to indigenous prophecy, a civilization of peace will extend to the entire world (DAN 8:25; 1 THESS 5:3). His traditional Costa Rican house is located just up the hill from the Peace Monument of the University. In addition to his duties at the University, he devotes time to his writings and is an internationally acclaimed, multi-lingual speaker and author of fourteen books published in various languages. He has published his Testament to the UN as well as his plans and dreams for a peaceful, happy world.”

Robert Muller’s Biography

Far from being merely a political entity, the UN of which Muller had a predominant hand in forming and developing, is very much a spiritual/religious entity that reflects the values of its former Assistant Secretary General; his dream lives on in the minds and hearts of UN members, its workers and followers of Muller himself:

Robert Muller's 7000 Ideas and the University for Peace

His dream seems to parallel, if not be inspired by God’s Dream an idea that is heavily promoted by New Agers and Emergent Leaders alike, that is, “to bring heaven to earth”; an idea which intimates that we are not to wait around for God to establish His kingdom (DAN 2:34,45), but must be active participants in its erection. Since Muller is by his own admission a “deeply spiritual man” one must ask where he obtained his spirituality from. This we shall look into!

My Dream 2000
by Robert Muller

I dream
That on 1 January 2000
The whole world will stand still
In prayer, awe and gratitude
For our beautiful, heavenly Earth
And for the miracle of human life.

I dream
That young and old, rich and poor,
Black and white,
Peoples from North and South,
From East and West,
From all beliefs and cultures
Will join their hands, minds and hearts
In an unprecedented, universal
Bimillennium Celebration of Life.

I dream
That the year 2000
Will be declared World Year of Thanksgiving
By the United Nations.

I dream
That during the year 2000
Innumerable celebrations and events
Will take place all over the globe
To gauge the long road covered by humanity
To study our mistakes
And to plan the feats
Still to be accomplished
For the full flowering of the human race
In peace, justice and happiness.

I dream
That the few remaining years
To the Bimillennium
Will be devoted by all humans, nations and institutions
To unparalleled thinking, action,
Inspiration, elevation,
Determination and love
To solve our remaining problems
And to achieve
A peaceful, united human family on Earth.

I dream
That the third millennium
Will be declared
And made
Humanity's First Millennium of Peace

In his “Spirituality in World Affairs” Robert Muller lists ten objectives that would promote global spirituality among the nations, with the UN as well as the then called URO (United Religions Organization), now the United Religions Initiative, leading the way. These ten objectives have either been fulfilled or nearly so, since Muller wrote this article thirteen years ago. Here are those ten objectives:

1. At the United Religions Organization in Chicago, I proposed the creation of a United Nations "World Spirituality Agency," and later during the 50th anniversary of the UN in San Francisco, in 1995, I proposed the creation of a United Religions Organization similar to the United Nations Organization.

2. At the World Parliament of Religions I also recommended that the Parliament should not wait another hundred years to reconvene, but should do so before our entry into the next century and millennium in the year 2000. This was adopted. I have now been invited to address the Parliament's session in Capetown, South Africa in December 1999. I will ask for a world-wide spiritual Renaissance and offer a comprehensive detailed plan for that.

3. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the UN, I published My Testament to the UN with an important chapter on the UN and spirituality, underlying the spirituality in a world of action of Secretaries Dag Hammerskjold and U Thant.

4. I could not attend the second meeting of the United Religions Initiative in San Francisco in 1997, but submitted a paper on the "The State of the World on Earth Day 2013, A Vision of the Future of Inter-Religious Cooperation."

5. I have finished writing my fourth volume of 2000 Ideas for a Better World as a count-up to the Year 2000. In it I request that spirituality should become priority number one of humanity.

6. My 1986 recommendation that the UN should proclaim the year 2000 "International Year of Thanksgiving" has been approved by the UN Economic and Social Council and has been confirmed by the current General Assembly of the UN.

7. The Global Dialogue Institute acted upon my idea to establish a "World Commission on Global Thought and Spirituality for the 21st Century," in August of 1998, to fill an important gap in the series of World Commissions already held to guide our path into the next millennium.

8. As a member of the Club of Budapest on Planetary Consciousness created in 1996, I am advocating the need for a cosmic, divine, spiritual consciousness.

9. I continue as an active member of the canonization of Robert Schuman, my compatriot from Alsace Lorriane, who was a political saint and achieved peace between France and Germany and fourteen other European countries by creating a European Union. He never saw it completed. I went to his tomb to report it to him.

10. I am planning with the Thomas Merton Foundation on Spirituality and Politics a millennium conference. They found a note by him envisioning such a conference of world leaders to ask the question: "How can we practice contemplation in a world of action?" At that meeting, I will advocate how this is possible by practicing, as I do, the constant Presence of God (For more on the mysticism of Thomas Merton see the article further on in this article).

All ten objectives are highly relevant within the context of a global spirituality, but I find the last three most interesting.
Muller’s advocating the need for a cosmic, divine, spiritual consciousness as a member of the Club of Budapest for Planetary Consciousness reveals his perspective of a connection between the political and the spiritual.

In connection with a shared spirituality with Robert Muller, Robert Schuman was credited by his UN partner to have achieved peace … by creating a European Union. We see another undeniable connection between a global spirituality and an endeavor towards global government (as represented by the creation of the E.U. and even the U.N. itself).

Peace Day Tribute to Dr. Robert Muller

He seems like a kind, grandfatherly sort who only wants “happiness, smiles” and “love” for the people of the world, doesn’t he? And we can empathize deeply with people such as Mr. Muller who suffered terribly by the ravages and cruelty of war. Such experiences make his passion for peace quite understandable, even commendable.

However, how can this seeming ‘heaven on earth’ come about without the heavenly King Who alone has the power to establish that heavenly kingdom that will reign not only overtly, but inwardly in the hearts of people, but nonetheless cannot exist in those hearts that are opposed to the King and His Word and whose heart condition (of evil) can only promise further corruption, even violence in this fallen world? 

Such is the premise of hopelessness to unregenerate humankind. Such a spiritual, peaceful union of the world as dreamed of by Muller and others will only come about by alternative spiritual means:

Muller professed affection for Brother Lawrence and his “Practicing the Presence of God” which he himself practices and who shares a common vision with Thomas Merton, Trappist monk and contemplative prayer/spirituality advocate and leader. Of course contemplative prayer and spirituality is endorsed by such anchors as Richard Foster, Dallas Williard and most other Emergent Church leaders and movements. See the following article on The RED PILL Consortium for more of this:

Beware of Prayer of the Contemplative Kind-Part 2 - The spiritual mysticism of Thomas Merton.
In Ray Yungen's book, A Time of Departing, (see this pdf version)he said, "What Martin Luther King was to the civil rights movement and what Henry Ford was to the automobile, Thomas Merton is to contemplative prayer."

"...Thomas Merton has influenced the Christian mystical movement more than any person of recent decades [and defined it as:] '... a glorious destiny to be a member of the human race ... and I now realize what we all are... If only they [people] could all see themselves as the really are...I suppose the big problem would be that we would fall down and worship each other... At the center of our being is a point of nothingness which is untouched by sin and by illusions, a point of pure truth... This little point... is the pure glory of God in us. It’s in everybody."

“Mr. Yungen aptly tracks the spiritual trail by which Contemplative Prayer is making headway into the evangelical church:

’From India (guru's and swamis) to Alexandria (the Gnostics), to the desert fathers (John of the Cross, St. Teresa of Avila, etc), to Thomas Merton..." to Richard Foster and more recently through many other contemporary leaders in Evangelical Christianity, to you and I.’”

You might ask, ‘Why am I getting into all of this spirituality when I’m supposed to be writing about ‘global educrats’?’ The answer is quite simple. Along with Humanism, Socialism, Evolution, and other primary schools of a secular worldview, there is this spiritual aspect and worldview that’s being blended in with all the rest, the sum total of which denies and replaces a biblical worldview in the minds and hearts of the students.

Understanding this bias, we can look at UNESCO, which was impacted greatly by Muller, and see how its objectives are anything but friendly to biblical Christianity:

UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, is a specialized agency of the United Nations system.
The organization was created more than a half century ago, with the mission to build the defenses of peace in the minds of men. Its Constitution states that:

“Since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defenses of peace must be constructed.
The Constitution was adopted by the London Conference in November 1945, and entered into effect on the 4th of November 1946 when 20 states had deposited instruments of acceptance.

“UNESCO currently has 188 Member States (as of 31 December 2000).
The main objective of UNESCO is to contribute to peace and security in the world by promoting collaboration among nations through education, science, culture and communication in order to further universal respect for justice and the rule of law and for the human rights and fundamental freedoms which are affirmed for the peoples of the world, without distinction of race, sex, language or religion.

“To fulfill its mandate, UNESCO performs five principal functions:

1) “Prospective Studies:
What forms of education, science, culture and communication for tomorrow's world?

2) “The advancement, transfer and sharing of knowledge:
Relying primarily on research, training and teaching activities.

3) “Standard-setting action:
The preparation and adoption of international instruments and statutory recommendations.

4) “Expertise:
Provided to Member States for their development policies and projects in the form of "technical co-operation".

5) “Exchange of specialized information.”

This premise of peace is predicated on the idea that all religions (as well as governments) share a united vision for and about mankind which is diametrically opposed to what the Bible states. Merton and others in political, Humanist and religious circles see mankind as anywhere from ‘basically good’ to having “[a]t the center of our being … a point of nothingness which is untouched by sin and by illusions, a point of pure truth... This little point... is the pure glory of God in us. It’s in everybody.”

“Former UN Secretary-General U Thant who was a teacher and master to me, often had this comment: ‘Robert (Muller), the world will not change and find peace, if there is not a new education.’ He was entirely right.

“History will prove that Gloria Crook, U Thant and the United Nations were right. The quicker all educators and media will listen to them, the quicker we will get out of the present confusion and find a new, promising way of our progress and evolution. Please, all teachers of the world, listen to them.”

UNESCO ratified and implemented something called the World Core Curriculum, created by Robert Muller himself, albeit with significant influence and inspiration from his heroes like Jesuit priest Pierre Teilhard de Chardin; and Alice Bailey of the Theosophical Society, itself a source of ‘specialized information’.

“As we have already seen, Robert Muller believes in the divinity of humanity and ‘was deeply influenced’ by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin*, a Jesuit priest who taught that all of humanity would eventually meld into one super-being through the coming of the Cosmic Christ (read that, anti-Christ, the Beast of REV 13, et. Al.).

[* de Chardin is the one whom Leonard Sweet (Emergent Church advocate and teacher) claimed was the “Chrisitan voice of the 20th century”!]

“Muller’s World Curriculum framework includes teaching on “Spiritual exercises of interiority, meditation prayer, communication with the universe, eternity and God.” These spiritual exercises, meditation, and mystic communication are marks of New Age spirituality.

“According to United Nations Online, “The scope of the curriculum will always be the same; to allow the student to see himself truly, as an integral part of the Cosmos…At the moment, it seems the only limitation will be the imagination of the Cosmic-minded and spiritually oriented teaching staff.”

“And we cannot forget what the World Core Curriculum itself tells us about Muller's source of inspiration:

The underlying philosophy upon which The Robert Muller School is based will be found in the teachings set forth in the books of Alice A. Bailey by the Tibetan Teacher of Djwhal Khul*...and the teaching of Morya as given in the Agni Yoga series books.

* A demonic spirit channeled by Bailey. Its shocking when one realizes that our public school system is increasingly endorsing a Curriculum based on the ‘doctrines of devils’ (1 TIM 4:1)!

“Alice Bailey (1880-1949) was a New Age leader and a channel for Djwhal Khul, a demon disguised as a master of wisdom. Bailey's Luciferian channeled messages from Djwhal Khul are published through her organization, the Lucis Trust Association. Lucis Trust is a United Nations-affiliated NGO. Lucis Trust gained consultative status with the UN in 1989.”

Taken from Robert Muller’s Global Education article on the Amazing Discoveries web site.

Berit Kjos has done a phenomenal job in documenting the infiltration of these Global Educrats and their New Spirituality counterparts (many times represented by the same people) in her book, Brave New Schools. The following are excerpts from her web site in an article entitled: The International Agenda where she quotes from chapter two of her book:

"Multicultural education...strives to integrate multi-ethnic and global perspectives," wrote Christine Bennet in Comprehensive Multicultural Education, a popular textbook for student teachers. Its goal is not to teach factual history, but to "challenge [the student's] cultural assumptions" and mold global citizens with an "emotional commitment to the fundamental unity of all humans....

“In other words, a new commitment to universal oneness must supersede commitments to God and country. While grandiose dreams of global unity reach back to the beginning of history, it was more recently documented in 1973 by the authors of the Humanist Manifesto II. They wrote, "We deplore the division of human-kind on nationalistic grounds. We have reached a turning point in human history where the best option is to transcend the limits of national sovereignty and to move toward the building of a world community....”

“Professor Philip Vander Velde, who taught "Foundations of Education" at Western Washington University, authored the book, Global Mandate: Pedagogy for Peace. Reflecting the views of countless other change agents, he wrote,

“...unless a new faith... overcomes the old ideologies and creates planetary synthesis, world government is doomed.... Nation-states have outlived their usefulness, and a new world order is necessary if we are to live in harmony with each other... The task of reordering our traditional values and institutions should be one of the major educational objectives of our schools.’”

“Do you wonder what kind of ‘global spirituality’ that might be? The following Theosophical statement from Muller's book offers a clue:

‘Once again, but this time on a universal scale, humankind is seeking no less than its reunion with the "divine," its transcendence into ever higher forms of life. Hindus call our earth Brahma, or God, for they rightly see no difference between our earth and the divine. This ancient simple truth is slowly dawning again upon humanity. Its full flowering be the real, great new story of humanity as we are about to enter our cosmic age....’

“After the symposium, Cawelti expressed his appreciation for the positive response to his suggestion. Despite "the pride all countries have in their own core curriculum," he said, all shared a common response "to the urgency of defining what global inter-dependency means for the schools.”

“Since the ASCD so heartily endorsed Muller's World Core Curriculum, how have Muller's ideas influenced our schools? The answer will help us understand the seductive pull of holistic education, which, like holistic medicine, has suddenly won mainstream support. It provides globalists with the spiritual link needed for a plausible vision of a united world, of connectedness with nature, and of the oneness of the human family around the world.”

“During a visit to Arlington, Texas, some years ago, a friend took me to see the original Robert Muller school. While she waited in the car, I walked past a little Buddha, climbed the steps to the front door, and rang the bell. Gloria Crook, the Director opened the door and asked why I had come. I listed my credentials: I was interested in global education, was concerned about the environment, and was an immigrant from Norway -- a country well known for its global concerns and admiration for the United Nations.

“I must have passed the test, because she invited me in and led me into a massive hallway. Looking to the left, I saw a room full of young mothers and pregnant women in yoga position. On a table next to the doorway, I noticed a stack of papers. The title startled me: "Occult Meditation."

“To those who don't know God, the occult seems good, not bad, I thought to myself.

“Are you familiar with Alice Bailey?" she asked me as we entered a large cluttered office.

“Yes." I nodded, well aware of her links to Theosophy and the occult messages she channeled from her favorite spirit guide. "Didn't she write books full of messages she received from the Tibetan Master, Djwhal Khul?"

“Yes," answered Ms Crook. "Here, sit down and look at some of them." She pulled down several of Bailey's books from a shelf and put them in my lap. I silently thanked God for His spiritual protection as I flipped through the pages of the first one, Education in the New Age.

“Then she handed me the Robert Muller World Core Curriculum Manual. I turned a few pages and read,
"The underlying philosophy upon which the Robert Muller School is based will be found in the teaching set forth in the books of Alice A. Bailey by the Tibetan teacher, Djwhal Khul ...."

“The back of the manual contained two certificates. The first announced that The Robert Muller School "is a participating institution in the UNESCO Associated Schools Project in Education for International Co-operation and Peace." The other confirmed its accreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. On behalf of the Southern Association's review team, Dr. Eileen Lynch wrote,

"The visiting team... was so impressed with the Robert Muller School that they thought the educational process and the general curriculum would be most valuable as a model for teacher education... Throughout this report the committee has recommended that information of the school's educational processes be shared with educators everywhere as much as possible." (Emphasis added)

“Finally Ms Crook pulled two large golden frames from the wall and showed them to me. I shivered when I looked at the first. It pictured a beautiful calligraphied rendition of "The Great Invocation," an occult prayer used around the world to invoke a global outpouring of spiritual light and power.”

I would strongly recommend the reader to examine Mrs. Kjos article, 
The International Agenda (link at the beginning of these quotes) in it’s entirety as this presents a full grasp of the entirety (holistic) aspects of education that the Global Educrats are intent on indoctrinating our students with.

Whereas Dewey and Bloom focused on Humanism and Socialism, Muller’s focus was not merely these, but everything that represents an anti-Biblical world view in order to create world citizens that will pay homage to the coming One World Leader, something no Christian would ever commit. It behooves us as Christians, particularly Christian parents that we combat this quite literally satanic (given its scope in context) worldview and to instill and reinforce biblical truth in our children. This concludes this three part article on Forth Comes the Global Educrats.

TTUF Profiles on “21 Radicals” will continue with a treatment on Charles Darwin.

rain up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. Read more!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

TTUF Profiles On: Benjamin Bloom - FORTH COMES The GLOBAL EDUCRATS – Part Two of Three

~~By James J. Fire

In this second part of this article we will now turn our attention to another Global ‘Educrat’, one Benjamin Bloom who has made some comparable contributions towards the ideals of Humanist philosophies and global unity, while at the same time teaching students to be critical in their thinking – towards the ideas of family, parents, traditional Judeo-Christian ethics, pastors and churches, a biblical worldview, etc.
A primary vehicle that Mr. Bloom utilized was something that we have heard of before, and was exposed in the ‘80’s by various (Christian) authors such as Berit Kjos from Crossroads ministries (we will hear from her shortly), called O.B.E. or Outcome Based Education. Yet this same godless philosophy has run rampant and reigns in today's halls of learning: the terms, names and phrases of this system has simply been changed to protect the guilty!

Brannon Howse comments:

“Although it received exposure in its public life, the term Outcome-Based Education has long since been abandoned because parents figured out what it was all about, and it wasn’t good. Parents realized it meant they would no longer have much to say about the ‘base’ for their children’s education, and the outcome they saw didn’t make them very happy. So naturally, the purveyors of OBE abandoned the offending concepts.”

. . . But not the principles behind them: all that happened was that a new glossary of terms had been implemented:

“Hiding OBE has become a full time job for many educators. To keep parents and the public confused, OBE proponents have had to, and will cloak their educational approach in different terms:

“Mastery Learning, Results Oriented, Total Quality Management, Quality Schools, Essential Schools, Transformational Education, Reformed Education, Restructured Education, Competency Based Education, Break the Mold 21st Century Schools, Exit Based Teaching, High Standards, Performance Based Learning, High Level Learning, Mastery Teaching, Formative Teaching, Corrective Teaching, Extensions Learning, Summative Evaluations, Credentialing Curriculum, Advancement Teaching, Results-Based Curriculum”, among some others are alternate phrases used. Yet the most common term used today is Mastery Learning, the plans of Benjamin Bloom.

The Educrats however would stay ahead of the game, disguising the terms in order to obfuscate the curriculum’s content. William Spady and Dr. William Coulson (long time colleague of Dr. Carl Rogers) made statements like:

“I argued that we had about five years before they (the critics) destroyed the term “outcome” but at least we could get a start.”Coulson (quoting Rogers): “‘Change the name of [the reform policy] as fast as necessary to stay ahead of the critics’.”

It’s rather obvious then, that these educators, teachers, and curriculum managers are intentionally hiding their agenda and the content of their teaching from the parents of these students that are being indoctrinated with Humanist philosophies and goals. For this reason, and for the poor quality education (also intentional: The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America) found in the public schools, many parents have pulled their children out and placed them in private schools, Christian schools and home schooling. Yet even here there is some infiltration to one degree or another of the prevailing worldviews of the Humanists, and besides which, the vast majority population of students still attend public schools, to their detriment.

Brannon Howse cuts to the chase:

“Regardless of what it is called, Bloom’s approach is based on the socialist premise that no one can be better than anyone else. Instead of redistributing wealth and destroying capitalism, though, they are redistributing grades and destroying the acquisition of knowledge.

“Socialism will never succeed because it is based on a false concept of equality (Our own Constitution states that all [men] are "created equal", however this means only that we are CREATED equal, with the same potential, but that potential is only realized for those who choose, through their own efforts, to excel and rise from mediocrity). Equality of outcomes among vastly different individuals cannot happen. Whenever government tries to equalize salaries, the standard of living, or education, productivity takes a nose-dive. The fantasy world mentality of socialism sets a dangerous precedent for a public school student. Why? Because OBE never permits a child to fail.”

This means standards must be lowered to ensure that no one can fail, even if they were to try (theoretically); as Brannon illustrates, its like lowering a basketball hoop low enough so that every one can slam dunk the ball (even the shortest kid in the class)! Without the possibility of failure, there is no challenge; there is no determination to beat the odds, or the opportunity to double one’s efforts should one fail the first time around.

In his book Schools Without Failure, William Glasser (OBE promoter) said the following:

“We have let the students know there are no right answers, and we have to let them see that there are many alternatives to certainty and right answers.”

Here we see the same sort of ambiguity and amorphous ‘cloud of unknowing’ that we have seen in the Emergent Church movement where Truth and certainty are disdained, even seen as haughty, arrogant, judgmental and unloving; as well as this, the same mentality of ‘not knowing anything for certain’ in Emergent philosophy of false humility and various mystical meditation practices today (contemplative prayer, Zen, yoga, T.M., etc) but always searching and always learning but never able to come to the knowledge of the truth:

2 TIM 3:5-8b
Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.
Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. . . . so do these also resist the truth: men of corrupt minds, reprobate concerning the faith.

In Bloom’s book Taxonomy of Educational Objectives, he calls for the “thorough going-through and reorganization of attitudes and values, which in his view meant that a person achieves the highest form of intelligence once they no longer believe in right or wrong. According to Bloom the purpose of education and the schools is “to change the thoughts, feelings, and actions of students.
In Berit Kjos ground breaking book, Brave New Schools, she traces the path of OBE (and Values Clarification) as well as Bloom’s ideas in education as mentioned in his work Taxonomy of Educational Objectives:

“Dr. Benjamin Bloom, called "the father of Outcome-Based Education." In his book, All Our Children Learning, he admits that....

‘. . . the purpose of education and the schools is to change the thoughts, feelings and actions of students.’
“One of the quickest ways to change people's "thoughts, feelings and actions" is to hide or distort the basic facts and assumptions that have molded their culture. This tactic was effectively used to revolutionize the youth in Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia. Facts were censored. Only politically correct information was allowed. Literacy and general knowledge became less important than group conformity and obedience to the new leaders and their instructions (See Nazi/OBE comparison of Berit Kjos’ article).

“This same strategy has been established in our schools through Professor Bloom's Taxonomy. At first glance, his hierarchy of ‘thinking skills’ makes sense: a sound body of factual knowledge should be the foundation of all thinking processes. In reality, this model instituted a different message. It reduced factual knowledge and comprehension to the rank of lower order thinking skills, suggesting that traditional knowledge had become relatively insignificant--and could even be a hindrance. In contrast, the more subjective processes--application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation--were elevated to higher order thinking skills."How in the world," you might ask, "can students apply, analyze, synthesize and evaluate without facts? How can they reach a rational conclusion without comprehension?"

They can't. In the absence of foundational facts, those higher order thinking skills can only lead to subjective, uncertain answers. Without a broad knowledge base, children are rudderless and headed for disaster
*. Deprived of the factual comprehension needed for moral, spiritual and intellectual discernment, they cannot recognize deception. At the mercy of social revolutionaries, they are ready to embrace the New Age/Neo-pagan view of "reality" - which has no basis in real reality.

* For more on this subject watch Frank Peretti's (author of such Christian novels as This Present Darkness and its sequel, Piercing the Darkness) presentation entitled, The Chair:



“In other words, they can easily be manipulated. Well aware that knowledge is the foundation of thinking, Dr. Bloom had discovered a process that could control the outcome or end-product of thinking which was often an opinion or a value judgment. By censoring a student’s knowledge base, the teacher could direct the student's thinking.

“Bloom's process works. Through biased information, carefully designed hypothetical stories, and pointed Socratic questioning (questions that direct towards a desired end and provoke the listener to seek out information and answers for themselves), students are persuaded that their home-taught beliefs and values are incompatible with the needs for the 21st century. This is exactly what Benjamin Bloom and his followers intended. In his Taxonomy of Educational Objectives II, Bloom wrote,

"...a large part of what we call "good teaching" is the teacher's ability to attain affective objectives through challenging the students' fixed beliefs and getting them to discuss issues."

ISAIAH 5:20-21
Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!
Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!

Read that as ‘dismantling any belief in biblical truth or politically incorrect thinking and persuade them to entertain different ‘truths’. We can understand why it’s imperative for parents, pastors, bible teachers, and all others who hold to the biblical worldview to teach and solidify such a view in the next generations, or else our society will lose any vestige of the Judeo-Christian ethic, and our own churches become graveyards, and truth will indeed be “fallen in the street”: forsaken and forgotten!

ISAIAH 59:13-14
In transgressing and lying against the LORD, and departing away from our God, speaking oppression and revolt, conceiving and uttering from the heart words of falsehood.
And judgment is turned away backward, and justice standeth afar off: for truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter.
The above quotes were taken from Kjos’s web site www.Crossroads.to in the following article of hers:

Brave New Schools; Chapter 3 – A New Way of Thinking

Back to Brannon Howse:

“In another of his books, All Our Children Learning, Bloom discloses what he believes is the ultimate goal of education: "The curriculum may be thought of as a plan for changing student’s behavior and as the actual set of learning experiences in which students, teachers and materials interact to produce the change in the students."

Or, in other words, Bloom was espousing corrective thought control – the sort of control that would have the students question everything and everyone – except for their teachers and their Humanist worldview! The removal of moral absolutes, and the implementing of feelings, not facts, intuitive rather than cognitive, and encouraging loyalty towards teachers and peers rather than family and churches – this is the goal of Outcome-Based Education.

As Aldous Huxley had stated (another TTUF profile up and coming!): “A really efficient totalitarian state would be one in which the all-powerful executive political bosses and their army of mangers control a population of slaves.”

To gain some insight into Huxley’s worldview a concise series of quotes from his famous story, Brave New World might prove useful: 
Brave New World Quotes.

As well as this, some direct quotes from Huxley himself:
The Non-Conformist’s Bible” (note: the originator of this blog has made the statement that the men mentioned in quotations of their own have “profoundly shaped and altered the course of [his] own thinking”, thus the reason for their blog): The Non-Conformist’s Bible

With such effective, feeling-oriented education as given under the OBE influences, such a population is obtainable by these Educrats and Humanists. According to Howse, an education such as Benjamin Bloom’s Mastery Learning gives us a generation of such slaves as desired by the Educrats. O.B.E. has not only produced such a nation, but one that’s enslaved to a humanistic worldview. “It is a generation that does not believe in absolute truth but does believe that to be truly considered an intellectual you must be liberal and must hold tolerance as the highest ‘virtue’ (emphasis mine).”

Yet the Bible clearly declares the truth, and underscores repeatedly that there is a right way, and wrong ways aplenty:

PROVERBS Chapter 8 - The Way of Wisdom

Given that ‘tolerance’ is trumpeted high and low throughout the land, I would submit to the reader that these Educrats have attained their objective at instilling this singular moral value into the minds of the American people, particularly its students.

They are taught tolerance for everything and everyone: except for the truth of God's Word, Jesus Christ and those who follow Him:

2 TIM 4:2-4 
2 Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all long suffering and doctrine.
3 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;

4 And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.

The ultimate goal for Benjamin Bloom and his fellow Educrats, says Howse, is to re-shape and cast the next generations into the same mold from which they came: to become Humanists and elitists; this can only be achieved by “tearing down the traditional authority figures and replacing them with a new one: the
State group consensus.” 

By getting the students to feel as though they’ve been selected and inducted as part of a special group (outside of the ability of others to attain, especially parents) who’ve been exposed to superior thought that only they can comprehend, they have the conviction which allows them to believe themselves capable of deciding for themselves what is right and wrong, without outside influences, “based on their own thoughts and feelings”; thus feelings of being of the ‘elite’ are justified in their minds (This is what Bloom refers to as “higher order thinking skills”).

Government is spending billions of authorized dollars in developing programs for mandatory volunteerism (does any one see an oxy-moron here besides me?), in which the students are brain-washed in emotional, liberal situations in absence of critical, logical criteria, and fixes the student’s perceptions within the scope and guidance of government.

Bloom’s thinking certainly coincides with previous Globalists and Humanists, but also with that of Theosophical Society Matriarch, Alice Bailey, who through her spirit guide, the Tibetan stated that “the three main channels through which the preparation for the new age is going on might be regarded as the Church, the Masonic Fraternity and the educational field. All of them are as yet in relatively static condition, and all are as yet falling to meet the need and to respond to the inner pressure, but in all of these three movements, disciples of the Great Ones are to be found and they are steadily gathering momentum and will before long enter upon their designated task.”*

* The Externalization of the Hierarchy by Alice A. Bailey (New York, Lucis Trust [formerly known as Lucifer Publishing Company], 1957) Pg. 511

Like Bloom, Dr. Raymond English espouses the Humanist agenda in re-shaping the minds of students and youth, and describes such critical thinking instilled into the minds of these, that has proven useful in shaping their world view:

“Critical thinking means not only learning how to think for oneself, but it also means learning how to subvert the traditional values in your society. You’re not thinking critical if you’re accepting the values that mommy and daddy taught you. That’s not critical.” 

This directive is found in the stated goals of almost every public school: read the following criteria that each system aspires to instill in the youth that attends classes there:

Involved citizen, quality product, self-directed learner, productive group participant, understand diversity, understand positive health habits, deliberate public issues and interpret human experience.

Howse comments: “Do you think students would be considered ‘self-directed learners’ if they listened to their parents, pastor, youth pastor or grandparents? ‘Understand diversity’ means accepting and valuing every lifestyle anyone chooses to practice. ‘Understand positive health habits’ is nothing more than passing a ‘safe sex’ class.”

[On a side note, in Dr. Leonard Horowitz book, Emerging Viruses, he documents the origins of the AIDS virus, how it was transmitted, and the legal ramifications involved as well as the political forces that drive the promotion of ‘safe sex’ when in fact, it’s not safe at all.

From a web site that addresses this:

“The inherent, naturally occurring flaws in natural rubber (latex) are up to 5 microns (0.0002) inches in size. The average sperm cell is about 50 microns in diameter, and the average AIDS virus is about 0.1 micron in size. This means that, in terms of size, an AIDS virus can pass through a latex flaw as easily as a house cat can walk through an open double garage door. Pro-abortionists and others loudly deny this fact, but offer no evidence whatsoever to back up their claims.

However, before concluding that latex condoms do not protect against the AIDS virus, two factors that must be taken into account:

1. The effects of surface tension are extremely powerful at the molecular level. It is very doubtful that an AIDS virus in a water-based suspension of any type would be able to pass through a hole even 100 times its own diameter in the absence of motion, friction, pressure and corrosion stresses.
2. Latex condoms are "double-dipped," meaning that all or most of the voids left from the first layer will be filled by the second. Repeated SEM (scanning electron microscope) photos of stretched condoms show no apparent voids, even at a magnification of 2,000X.

While the disclaimer has been made, the fact is that while condom proliferation and use is at an extreme high, the AIDS virus is still spreading fiercely, particularly in Third World nations, but no less alarmingly here in the USA. Why is this, if condoms are an effective means of prevention?]

Back to Brannon Howse:

Robert Muller’s Global Education agenda as promoted by the UN has been referred to as ‘America 2000’ (introduced by former President George H.W. Bush in a speech, April of ’91) in which he stated that “America will move forward . . . New schools for a new world . . . a revolution in American education.”. This legislation didn’t get through Congress until later when it was called ‘Goals 2000’ via Bill Clinton, and it was further promoted by George W. Bush as ‘No Child Left Behind’.

On a closely related issue of education particularly of the ‘green’ sort, the former US Secretary of Education under G.H.W. Bush, Lamar Alexander stated that a book “changed his thinking the most” is called A God Within; Mr. Alexander was also a board member of the futurist organization, Planetary Citizens (now known as (Global Community Communications Alliance).

“The Earth is literally our mother, not only because we depend on her for nurture and shelter but even more because the human species has been shaped by her in the womb of evolution . . . our salvation depends upon our ability to create a religion of nature.”

“Lamar Alexander aggressively promoted the global education agenda, America 2000 to the American people. Many corporations,” says Howse, “bought into this education agenda and lobbied for its passage. See how easy it is to spot the education establishment and occultism/pagan spirituality connections back to the government-corporate complex?” And, I might add, the endorsement of Emergent Church leaders and ecumenists who likewise espouse to bring “heaven to earth” and one of its primary objectives is environmentalism with a ‘green’ vengeance:


President Obama has likewise joined his presidential predecessors in declaring his own plan of a $4 billion “Race to the Top” educational program in which internationally bench marked goals will be encouraged for each of the States in the Union, and those that adopt this global plan will of course be rewarded with greater Federal funding. Howse rightly observes:

While Republican and Democrat administrations come and go and the U.S. Congress flips back and forth from Democrat to Republican control, the UN agenda moves forward unabated.”The previous links to these different government programs do not reflect this author's view of them; the links are provided simply to show the reader that these programs did and do indeed exist and were enacted by their respective Presidents of the USA].

John Dewey’s purpose for public school: Not to create educated students but to change their values and prepare them for their place in life.

Benjamin Bloom’s purpose for school: To change the students fixed beliefs.

Robert Muller’s purpose for the same: To use the U.N. to convince national leaders to embrace a humanistic worldview so as to usher in the New Order.

“Norman Cousins, former President of the World Federalist Association, wrote the forward to one of Robert Muller’s books in which he admitted that Muller helped to further the values of Dewey, Bloom, and other humanists:

“Whatever the uncertainties of the future may be . . . the oncoming generations will . . . need to have special knowledge, certainly, but they will need something far more important: an intense awareness of the conditions under which the values essential to the future of mankind can be created and maintained. They will need living examples of the conspiracy of love that . . . will be essential to man’s salvation, Robert Muller is involved in such a conspiracy.”
Howse rightly points out that while our liberal media scoffs and ridicules any writer or author that demonstrates any particular conspiracy that’s involved in creating a new world order, are simply quoting those, like Cousins, who themselves use these terms in describing the agenda that they themselves are bringing about. Howse then emphatically states:

“American must stop being so trusting and understand that educational policy makers in Washington, DC and the state departments of education are individuals who have betrayed a public trust.”

Control is essential in order for this indoctrination process to succeed on all levels within the public school and 'higher' education system; Bloom’s idea for control merges perfectly with those of B.F. Skinner, behavioral psychologist. For this reason Brannon Howse has written a chapter in his book about Skinner, and we will take time to examine this man’s studies, beliefs and worldview along with another of these 21 radicals, Sigmund Freud sometime later.

Here ends this second part of the article FORTH COMES The GLOBAL EDUCRATS; Robert Muller (not among the Howse's list of 21 Radicals, but certainly applicable) will be the subject for the third and final part of this particular article, but we still have the majority of these 21 Radicals whose worldviews have affected our younger generations. 

It behooves Christians to educate themselves on these issues, be aware of them, and to instill in our children and loved ones the biblical worldview that is at odds with that of Humanists and the Global ‘Plan’ as laid out by Alice Bailey and her seducing spirits.

We truly are waging a spiritual warfare against “principalities and powers”!
Read more!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

TTUF Profiles On: John Dewey - FORTH COMES The GLOBAL EDUCRATS – Part One of Three

~~By James Fire

The following TTUF Profile articles are based in part on Brannon Howse’s book, GRAVE INFLUENCES: 21 Radicals and Their Worldviews that Rule America from the Grave.
Having nearly completed this outstanding book, I have decided to re-commence a series of TTUF Profiles based on this resource; however we will also employ information from other printed and Internet resources.

Why would we want to even address these particular people and not rather focus entirely on the Gospel, and other crucial biblical matters? The Gospel is a non-negotiable for all believers, and something we must all do our part to proclaim in obedience to the Great Commission as mandated by our LORD Jesus Christ.

As believers we also understand that biblical matters also consist of wrestling (not with flesh and blood but) with principalities and powers of Satan’s kingdom (EPH 6:12) that are diametrically opposed to the Word of God and its Divine truth which it expresses exclusively. However, these fallen angels and demons use people as their mouthpieces somewhat in the same manner in which the LORD GOD used His own prophets as His mouthpieces in making known His will and plan for the ages.

Satan has his own plan (ultimately doomed to fail) in which he will seek out absolute, overt and total rule by, as well as worship of himself by all souls in this world. Each of the worldviews expressed by these “21 Radicals” represent pieces of the jigsaw puzzle that even today is nearing completion, establishing a picture of a totally satanic age that would seek to deceive all the world, including the church and every nation of the world (including America that once was one nation under God).~
We must contend (and wrestle) earnestly for the faith, counteract the Christ-rejecting, demonically inspired ideologies that deny the Holy Bible and oppose the church and pray for nations, and our fellow believers (including our families, especially our children, our brethren and the church at large) who may find themselves falling under the seductive sway of said ideologies.
Do I believe that the church will succeed in turning around this endeavor towards tyrannical globalism and all that this entails? No, I do not.

Then why should we bother? Because for one, we are not called to success but to obedience to Christ Jesus, and He has commanded us to be His witnesses (Greek word: “martos” from which we get the word martyr from; what does this tell you?) and to stand for truth, for righteousness and to expose evil and lies where ever they may be: in our government or in our church (
EZEK 33:7-9; ACTS 20:26-31


Our churches are losing our youth with devastating rapidity and yet we must ask ourselves why this is; is the Word of God without effect? Does the truth of God’s Word hold no relevancy with our younger generations? And if not, why is this?

Listen to these words:

Education is thus a most powerful ally of Humanism, and every American public school is a school of Humanism. What can theistic Sunday-schools, meeting for an hour once a week and teaching only a fraction of the children, do to stem the tide of a five day program of humanistic teaching.”
                                    ~~ Charles Francis Potter “Humanism: A New Religion

And who was Charles Potter? A humanist, a liberal theologian, and one who seemingly was opposed to our children being taught the truth of God’s Word in Sunday school, but reveled in the consistent inundation of humanism taught in the public school systems.

A Message To AmericaBroadcast in the World Of Religion Programme June 25, 1933 by the National Broadcasting Company

“There is dawning on man the startling recognition that he himself is the evolving cosmic energy in the very process of taking on consciousness. The universe is becoming conscious in him!“In proportion, then, as he becomes more conscious and self- recognizing, he promotes the development of the life-force itself. In him the struggle of life proceeds, reverting only too frequently to animal and even vegetable stages, but ever reaching upward again to higher and better states of consciousness. He is the crucial point of the higher evolution, the topmost bud-tip of the tree of life.
“Man has become conscious enough to direct to some extent the progress of the eternal energy within himself and outside himself. He partakes in creative evolution. The energy which is outside himself he must lay hold on and appropriate for the betterment of mankind. The transfer of energy to serve the ends of higher personality is the greatest task of civilization.
“Humanistic religion deals with the relation of the individual to this power or energy resident in himself and in the universe. and concerns itself particularly with the growth of the higher consciousness or personality of man, socially and individually, believing that man is potentially able by his own efforts to attain to the complete and perfected personality to which all religion aspires.
“If anyone questions the ability of man to direct the cosmic energy for the betterment of mankind, let him note that man has already accomplished wonders beside which the alleged miracles of the past seem simple things indeed. We can smile at Elijah and his chariot of fire now that we can fly from one coast of this vast continent to the other in the light of a single day. Man's hand, which, not so long ago, held a smoking pine torch, now, by the mere pressing of a button, floods a whole house or a whole city with light.”

And who are the primary forces that have instigated the Humanist Manifesto as represented in the infiltration of our public schools? John Dewey, Benjamin Bloom and Robert Muller (because of these extensive materials, we will treat Bloom and Muller separately in Parts Two and Three of this article).

Let us then hear from Brannon Howse (World View Weekend) and his estimation of these Global Educrats:

“One would hope that the person dubbed “the father of modern American education” would craft a system to preserve the high ideals of Jefferson, Washington, Adams, and other Founding Fathers in the hearts and minds of American children for generations to come. One would hope that. But one would be greatly disappointed.

“Dewey worked hard to refine his socialist pedigree. In 1928, he traveled to Russia to help implement the Karl Marx system of education and then returned to teach at Columbia University as the head of that university’s department of education. Dewey supported the upstart Socialist Society in America while also being an honorary president of the National Education Association. He promoted Secular Humanism in his book A Common Faith, and was the leading force behind bringing a group of German intellectuals from the “Frankfurt School” to America [note to reader: Brannon addresses this School later in his book, and likewise so shall we on TTUF!].”

This Frankfurt School based much of what it taught and promoted upon the writings of Friedrich Nietzsche, and many of its “pilgrims” as Brannon calls them arrived at the behest of Dewey here in America in 1933 (almost three hundred years after the Pilgrims arrived here in America; interesting to note that the Pilgrims themselves attempted a socialist society and its end result was sickness and death for many of them, so they switched to a complete capitalist society. Socialism didn’t work then, it hasn’t worked in the past – it will fail again, but its only intention of success is to place those who implement it into any nation into power).

The ultimate purposes of the Frankfurt School and these German Intellectuals that came from it to America was, and is, the destruction of Christianity, the promotion of chaos as well as the introduction of cultural Marxism that will migrate to traditional Marxism (socialism). Cultural Marxism is a means by which the ‘power elite’ saturate a society’s culture with the philosophical, ideological and intellectual tenets of Marxism, and it’s when this so-slow slide (to the degree that its not even sensible to any who might observe the migration) towards socialism that eventually leads the people to the unobjectionable idea of a Socialist government, i.e., the proverbial frog in the slowly boiling water technique or as some Marxist Socialists have said “change by erosion”

Some university professors and other intellectuals will concede that Dewey had some ‘socialist leanings’ but will downplay any Marxist, anti-Christian animosities that he might have had; yet if we look at Dewey’s own words, we can see his blatant denial of God’s existence or that of absolute truth:

“There is no God and no soul. Hence, there are no needs for the props of traditional religion. With dogma and creed excluded, then immutable (unchangeable) truth is also dead and buried. There is no room for fixed, natural law, or permanent moral absolutes.”

Does that include the truth of God’s Word, the Holy Bible? The natural law as established by the God of all creation? The moral absolutes that God has etched into every conscience and is an innate source to perceive right from wrong? Mr. Dewey would say, “yes,” I’m quite sure! We can see that what Mr. Dewey stands for, and what the Bible stands for, ergo the Christian believer, are diametrically opposed to each other: and it's his philosophies and ideas that are promoted in the “five day program of humanistic teaching” as Potter would say, of our very own American Public School system.

From News With Views Thomas R. Hart, a contributing writer (Dr. Dennis Cuddy, mentioned below, is also a contributing writer) gives us more background on John Dewey and the ramifications and fruits of his labors:

“John Dewey lived from 1859-1952, overlapping the adult life of Roger Nash Baldwin (1884-1981) by 40 years. Both were educators, both shared in the 1920 founding of the ACLU, and both were communists, albeit that Dewey was an anti-Stalin Marxist while the younger Baldwin was a CPUSA (Communist Party of the USA) Stalinist.“Neither man was a Christian or believer in God. Baldwin was raised as a Unitarian and was a firm believer in their socialist credo "to affirm and promote the inherent dignity and worth of every person." While that Unitarian philosophy was as close to religion as Dewey ever came even later in life, both are listed as "Notable American Unitarians."
“Dewey, who is commonly known as the "Father of Modern Education" was the originator of using public education for social change, the idea that started the systematic brainwashing of America's children.“To know him as the 'Father of Modern Educational Brainwashing' would be more suitable, as many believe that the modern educational philosophy and practice of the National Education Association [More on the NEA in a bit] is to brainwash students in order to achieve social change.”

Quotes taken from the following article: Public Education Brainwashing

It stands to reason that this is the primary cause (there are some others) why we are losing our youth in an endeavor to instill in them the truth of the faith according to the Holy Scriptures.
The solution to this dilemma is for parents (not Sunday school teachers, and youth leaders only) – parents to get involved deeply with their children and instill in them by orthodox (right teaching) instruction in God’s Word, and in orthopraxy (right living) by being an “example of the believer” (
1 TIM 4:12). T
o instill in them a biblical worldview which Brannon Howse is adept at doing through his ministry and seminars Worldview Weekends that can be sponsored by any church or Christian organization or undergo competant training with their curriculum World View Training.

One of the other causes that led to losing this battle for the youth is hypocrisy in the church, particularly how children perceive their parents in church life versus home life. If the parent’s life as a Christian is fake, the child will mistakenly assume that this is also true of the Bible.

John Dewey was brought into the ‘circle of power’ and directed to invest in, promote and implement into our educational system this idea of “progressive education”. Who was it that directed Mr. Dewey? A man named G. Stanley Hall.

Dr. Dennis Cuddy (who taught American History at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, and during the Reagan Administration he worked as a senior associate with the U.S. Department of Education) comments:

“It is the purpose of this article to show how Skull and Bones members (S&B) work in tandem with Rhodes Scholars (RS) and Fabian Socialists (FS) to form an important part of what is known as the power elite.

"As far as Cecil John Rhodes was concerned, his plan would be carried out via Rhodes Scholars and Round Table Groups, which grew out of his secret "Society of the Elect."* Rhodes' secret society lasted almost six decades, by which time enough of his people had penetrated the areas of politics, economics, journalism, and education (The International Agenda) so that his "conspiracy" was replaced by a network of the power elite."

*Two articles from The RED PILL Consortium deals with these murky, little known conspiracies and the societies that gave birth to them, and Cecil Rhodes figures prominently among the early 20th century plots towards Globalism and the infrastructure that established the power elite (a significant part of this infrastructure would be the seeding and cultivating of young minds towards a global mentality that would view Marxist Socialism and a global religion as something favorable, thus the importance of propagation via Humanistic education, for which John Dewey accomplished much is evident):

This Is Not King Arthur's Round Table-Part 1

This Is Not King Arthur's Round Table-Part 2

(included in this second article is a youtube video that explains much about Cecil Rhodes and his direct involvement in the power elite structure and its building of the new world order: Cecil Rhodes and the Round Table Group 9 mins. 41 secs.)

“We know that the conspiracy lasted well into the 20th century, because in 1931 one of its key operatives, historian Arnold Toynbee, wrote:

‘We are at present working discreetly with all our might to wrest this mysterious force called sovereignty out of the clutches of the local nation states of the world. All the time we are denying with our lips what we are doing with our hands.’

“The third group comprising the power elite would be the Fabian Socialists (FS) which included H.G. Wells. In his book, New Worlds for Old, Wells explained what he called "a plot" whereby heads of state would come and go, but bureaucrats trained at the London School of Economics (established by the FS) would remain in government making rules and regulations furthering the goals of the Fabian Society.

“While the Fabians were using education to move the public toward socialism, Rhodes Scholars were obtaining important posts in universities, and Carl Haessler (RS) was helping to establish Socialist Sunday Schools for younger people. About the same time, socialist John Dewey, who had been mentored by G. Stanley Hall, who was brought to Johns Hopkins University by its president, Daniel Coit Gilman (S&B), was instituting "progressive education" in classrooms across our nation.”

The above quotes were taken from: The Power Elite Behind The New World Order

Berit Kjos of Crossroads Ministries asks:

“Has our education system failed America's children?
“Not in the minds of "progressive" educators and Utopian globalists. They have yet to fulfill their revolutionary vision, but they are well on their way to a tragic victory. So while you and I decry the destruction of an academic system that produced nearly 100% literacy (at least at least in California) -- seventy years ago, others cheer the changes that have traded facts for fantasy, truth for myths, academics for collective socialization and individual thinking for group manipulation.

“It happened slowly -- largely through stealth and deception. Today's educational establishment, birthed over a century ago by John Dewey and his associates, learned early the tactics of social transformation: infiltration, propaganda, secret councils and continual multiplication through networks of influential new organizations. New York City Mayor John Hylan described it well back in 1922,

“‘... the real menace of our republic is this invisible government which like a giant octopus sprawls its slimy length over city, State and nation. Like the octopus of real life, it operates under cover of self-created screen. It seizes in its long and powerful tentacles our executive officers, our legislative bodies, our schools, our courts, our newspapers and every agency created for the public protection.’”

“This malignant "octopus" grew until its tentacles reached around the world. Strengthened by its countless affiliates -- including tax-exempt foundations [Rockefeller, Ford, Carnegie, among others] that shared its vision and funded its programs -- NEA leaders and their international partners won power and influence in every strategic corner of the world. All along the way, they were molding minds that would fit their quest for a new world order.

“From the beginning, they were determined to destroy the old education system in order to build the collective world of their dreams. Reporting to the annual NEA meeting in 1935, Willard Givens (soon-to-be executive secretary) wrote: "...many drastic changes must be made.... A dying 'laissez-faire' must be completely destroyed and all of us, including the 'owners', must be subjected to a large degree of social control.... The major function of the school is the social orientation of the individual. It must seek to give him understanding of the transition to a new social order."   ~~ Samuel Blumenfeld.

“Psychology would provide the 'scientific' tools for that transition. Dewey -- who equated individual thinking with insanity -- had begun experiments with behavioral psychology even before 1900. Half a century later, B.F. Skinner [note to TTUF Readers: We will also review Skinner in a TTUF Profile along with Sigmund Freud] outlined the practical steps to behavioral control. "Operative conditioning shapes behavior as a sculptor shapes a lump of clay," he wrote in Science and Human Behavior (1953).”

On John Dewey’s admission that a new religion is in order to, in effect, replace the old ones:

“Back in 1933, Dewey co-authored the first Humanist Manifesto which called for a new world religion: "...a synthesizing and dynamic force for today must be shaped for the needs of this age. To establish such a religion is a major necessity of the present.”

And today that ‘new’ religion is realized in the New Age/Emergent Church Movement which when boiled down to its essentials is merely pagan and occult beliefs and practices that has led, and will lead the world, including Christendom, into a global religious/political unification that even now is developing all around us. Berit continues:

“They have come a long way. Today, Christianity is banned from our government schools. Instead, students are immersed in the new global spirituality -- a contemporary, idealistic blend of all religions -- through classroom myths, rituals, symbols and multicultural experiences. This new spiritual synthesis has been adapted to fit the amoral, religious standards outlined by UNESCO's Declaration on the role of religion in a culture of peace and Declaration of Principles on Tolerance.”

“In other words, the NEA-UN blueprint for "lifelong learning" calls for a world-wide system of global standards and manipulative programs that would conform human resources of every age to its totalitarian aims. Our children would be trained, not just to conform to this system, but to be activists willing to serve, promote, spy and fight for a world government with zero tolerance for Biblical values or for the God we love. And every person would be monitored and assessed for their compliance with the ideals of our global managers (emphasis mine).

“Hard to believe? Then read the following statements by leaders, educators and researchers who have led, supported or observed this subversive transformation during the last 100 years.”

The above quotes were taken from this article; the bottom half of this is where you can read the statements by leaders, educators and researchers that have led this transformation:

Chronology of the NEA – The Socialist Vision and the Global Connections of the NEA

For more on John Dewey I highly recommend that you read the following three part series by David a. Noebel, “The Gospel According to John Dewey”




This concludes the TTUF Profile on John Dewey, part two of FORTH COMES THE GLOBAL EDUCRATS will continue this Profile by examining the worldviews of Benjamin Bloom (part three will present the Profile on Robert Mueller). Until then,

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