"We see, in many a land, the proudest dynasties and tyrannies still crushing, with their mountain weight, every free motion of the Consciences and hearts of men. We see, on the other hand, the truest heroism for the right and the greatest devotion to the Truth in hearts that God has touched. We have a work to do, as great as our forefathers and, perhaps, far greater. The enemies of Truth are more numerous and subtle than ever and the needs of the Church are greater than at any preceding time. If we are not debtors to the present, then men were never debtors to their age and their time. Brethren, we are debtors to the hour in which we live. Oh, that we might stamp it with Truth and that God might help us to impress upon its wings some proof that it has not flown by neglected and unheeded." -- C.H. Spurgeon . . . "If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." John 8:31, 32 . . . . .


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Saturday, July 9, 2016

TTUF INTERVIEW with GREG REID – Author of the book, NOBODY’s ANGEL: an autobiography PART 2 of 4

This interview is conducted between myself, James Fire and Greg Reid.

This article comprised of four parts (1-4) is dedicated first of all to the LORD Jesus Christ, secondly to His saint, son and warrior Greg Reid, and also to Mark, a precious soul that was stolen from life by the enemy of the church.

Greg's profile:

     Dr. Gregory Reid is a retired Private Investigator with over 20 years’ experience as a contract criminal justice trainer on occult crimes and crimes against children. He is the author of 11 books, including Trojan Church, A Cry In The Wilderness, The Color of Pain and the recently released War of the Ages: A Complete Scriptural Guide to Confronting and Defeating Satan's Kingdom.

This article is based on the book, NOBODY'S ANGEL (follow this link to purchase your own copy)!

Dr. Reid has been in youth ministry since 1975. A graduate of Christ for the Nations Bible School in Dallas, he holds an honorary degree from Logos Graduate School and is an ordained minister with American Evangelistic Association. He is the Director of YouthFire ministry and he served as youth pastor at CrossPoint Church in El Paso for seven years. 

If you missed the first article, you can read it here.

And now we will pick up where we left off, in PART 2 of 4 in our interview with Greg . . . 


Q: You talk about the Ouija board* and “lower occult forms” which you were adept at even before you were ten years old! What sort of conditioning from your abusers would create such abilities in one so young? By age 14 you seemed to have a grasp on such things as astral projection, telepathy, [psycho]kinesis and magick** in general.

*Greg provided some insights on the Ouija board in a TTUF article you can read here in this article.

** - the term magick is different than magic, which is typically stage magic that employs ‘sleight of hand’ and has no spiritual implications whatsoever. Not so with magick which is occult and definitely spiritual in nature (of the dark side).

A: I think my adeptness – or should I say the ability for demons to use me – came from two sources: One, from a family lineage in which these demonic powers pass from parent to child. 
The other – which is more terrible and criminal – is deliberately sexually abusing a male child in order to create a “magic mirror” – in other words, to abuse them in a ritual setting in order to allow demons to enter the child and become their power totem or guardian – something that can be used by others to work the occult through that child. 
And that is what happened to me. The abuse and ritual working literally opened up the gates of hell allowing demons to control and use me from then on, at their will.

Q:The Ouija board is packaged today as a game by Hasbro (and previously by Parker Brothers). What are its inherent dangers and what sort of devastation have you learned about from others who have used it? 
On a broader inquiry what is divination and what’s involved in its employ – occultists will often say that such ability is latent in all human beings, and has nothing to do with the Christian superstition of ‘demons’ and ‘ghouls’.

A: The Ouija board is a packaged commercial version of very old divination tools tracing back centuries. Divination is a forbidden practice of divining the future through occult tools. 
In addition, the Ouija board is commonly used as a tool of necromancy – talking to the dead. Either way, it is one of the quickest ways to become demon oppressed and far worse. 
Remember The Exorcist? It was based on a true story about a boy who played with a Ouija board and became completely possessed. 
Even those IN the occult will warn people to stay away from it, that is how dangerous it is. Those who use it to talk to the dead are not communicating with the dead – they are familiar spirits or demons, whose job it is to imitate those who have died and convince the living to open the door to let them into their lives. I find even Christians can be susceptible here. Many, many believers believe in ghosts, that departed loved ones can still somehow communicate with them. But the Bible teaches absent with the body is present with the Lord; when you die, you don’t hang around – the elevator goes up or down. So whatever SAYS they are a dead loved one, are actually a demon in disguise.
Any believer who has an Ouija board, obviously, needs to get rid of it. And if they have played it, they need to renounce it and ask God to cut off any lingering influence it may still have.


Q: You spoke of being “transformed from a polite, gentle, God loving child to a slovenly, sexualized, angry, hard-drinking, rebellious, destructive, secretive, occult addicted pre-adolescent”.  
Do most occult victims experience such a sharp and sudden change or is it usually more gradual?
What should parents look out for regarding signs and symptoms that their child might have been or is such a victim?

A: The changes are almost always dramatic. Demonization is so harsh because our bodies are not made to have something else influence it or inhabit it of a demonic nature. It is a violent intrusion on any level. 
I suppose some who are slowly ingesting New Age material and influences may experience more of a gradual change, but when you actually begin to practice occult things, the changes can be very drastic and sometimes very quick. 
As an example, yoga dabblers may experience subtle (still dangerous) changes, but once they get to the point of opening themselves up to the kundalini (serpent) spirit, it is an extremely invasive and life-changing experience. It allows this demon to set up in the base of the spine and make that its ruling and controlling center over a person. Nasty, ugly thing when that thing gets extracted.

I think parents should look for a change in social habits, drop of grades, elevation of hostility toward God, church, Jesus – sudden withdrawal, a sudden obsession with the supernatural, things like that. 
When one begins to be “taken over” so to speak, the person’s eyes will change, sometimes they will growl or speak in strange languages. Some of the above can also be symptomatic of drug use, of course. But the other things – eyes changing, etc. are more likely tied to an occult intrusion.

(For more information about demonic activities, oppression, possession and their influences over human beings, check out MIDNIGHT CALL's article on Deliverance From Demons by Parker Thomas; please note that this author does not necessarily agree with everything in this article.)

Q: The conditioning process of cults as well as covens, as I understand it, is to allow a person to develop friendships that they desperately cling to amidst the horrors of their abuse, developing strong ties, only to rip that friend away – sometimes by execution – and this process eventually disallows a person from connecting to and expressing love towards individuals and instead they form a loyalty only to the group? Is this an accurate appraisal or would you like to clarify?

A: Each group is different of course, but there does seem to be a common theme of bonding/separating. Sometimes they allow a child to bond with a pet, then brutally kill it in front of the child as a threat. 
Sometimes, as in my case, it was a real person, and they made me “participate” in it so I would always carry the guilt. In some cases, it creates a person who is unable to form normal relationships or love anyone. In some it creates an obsession to find another person to bond with to “replace” the other with. 
Usually, except for those they groom specifically for power and ranking, it does not create so much loyalty to the group as it does abject terror of them, and fear of ever revealing the secrets.

Q: Some children in occult groups are destined for leadership positions, others for sacrifice. Your dear and precious friend Mark seemed destined for sacrifice and at your own hand. What was the intended goal of the occult group in performing this heinous act with your involvement?

A: It is hard to know what the purpose was, since I was so little at the time, but as I’ve researched and put it together, there is apparently a “puberty ritual” done at about the age Mark was killed, it is done to appease the gods and assure continued blessing on the group. 
And of course, since they were grooming me, it was meant as a blood empowerment, being that they believe that the more innocent and young the victim is and the more violent the death, the more “power” the sacrifist receives at the time of death. 
And although I did not cause his death, my hands were on the instrument of death when he died so they believe that is a transfer point. 
As I write this I am so thankful to God for delivering me. I truly believe if I hadn’t been redeemed by Jesus, I would have been dead, or up high in the satanic food chain. I would have no doubt been doing to others what had been done to us. It makes me tremble to even think about it. Thank God for His Son and for the blood of Jesus that set me free!


Q: Spiritual forces were at work, for good as well as bad – probably a demon presence that pushed your father down the stairs, leaving you home alone and vulnerable to your predators that came and collected you.
And also the fact that “having seen this, you will forget” was recited with occult power of suggestion, memories were starting to rise to the surface of your conscience and was no doubt the first step in the LORD’s intervention.
Many people accuse Christians of “seeing demons under every bush”. Do you think that there are also those who don’t recognize spiritual interaction – both the good and the evil – and pass it off as just coincidence or ordinary happenings?

A: Wow, you have no idea…the longer I live the more I realize most Christian people’s understanding of the spiritual battle we are in is minuscule. I notice that so many times when I talk to people about spiritual warfare, many of them go into denial, go into fear, or go on an immediate rant about, 
“You shouldn’t be glorifying the devil.” Even though what I do is the exact opposite – I attempt Scripturally to de-fang him and to equip believers to fight the war against the things Ephesians tell us are STILL part of our battle! So it’s a bit frustrating, to say the least. Needless to say, my dinner invitation list is a bit thin…


Q: When you were 8 years old you said you asked Jesus to come into your heart – was this the point of your genuine conversion or did you take that step without really understanding what you were doing, beyond simply reaching out for help the only way you could?

A: I still can’t answer that conclusively. I know I had a clear picture that Jesus loved me and wanted to forgive me for my sins and come into my heart, I knew I was a bad little kid…so it was as genuine as it could be at 8. It’s still a tough question, because I know the 100% radical turn-around came later.

Q: This was a bizarre church – was the pastor’s son lighting the Babylonian smoke cubes of various color an isolated incident – or was this witchcraft symptomatic of that place under the veneer of Christian church culture?

A: I am fairly sure there were people within that congregation that were involved in the occult group. 
This last year, when I learned that my friend Mark’s house had been razed after 40 years, I went through a whole new round of grief, and some new memories. They weren’t so much new as they were making sense of what didn’t before. 
The night Mark died, I was at church with other church people. I came with a lady I knew who had been lobotomized by her husband who I recently learned was a top Hollywood nude photographer in the 1920’s when it was somewhat illegal. 
Yet he did NOT go with us, so someone else picked me up along with her, and I can’t identify him. After church, she went home and another couple from church that I CAN’T remember drove me to Mark’s house where the entire final night of Mark’s life began. 
So they were people familiar to the church for sure. I cannot say if the pastor was involved; his son was obviously initiated to be conducting little occult teachings in Sunday school for little kids!

Q: On the one hand, you were subjected to ritual abuse by this occult group – do you remember their name? On the other hand, you learned and apprehended occult knowledge through your own study – needing “neither mage or mentor” but was led by “spirits” and “guides”. 
Is it common for initiates and younger adepts to acquire knowledge in this manner, rather than being schooled by masters in the coven/group?

A: I believe the name of the group was Lupercalians but I am not completely sure of that. The wolf was their totem.
Initiates go through an initiation as children, and that opens the gates to the other things – they do the initial damage and breaching of the child’s spirit, then the demonic world often takes over from there. 
Sometimes – especially if the child is raised within an occult family – the training and rituals will continue throughout adolescence into adulthood. 
For me, since my parents were not involved, I was initiated to the extreme, then deposited back into my family to see how it all evolved on its own. Needless to say, by the time I was fifteen, almost my entire being was taken over by the darkness and demonic power they had instilled at childhood.

Q: Bi-sexuality and homosexuality are perverted forms of sex that God never intended, and yet they are revered in occult practice. Beastiality and necrophilia have their place as well. Do those who participate in such things open ‘gateways’ that make themselves more susceptible to demonic influences, oppression and even possession?

A: They can, for sure. Demonization is not as cut and dry a phenomenon as I wish it was – you know, touch a Ouija board and you’re possessed, so then we cast it out…in fact it is a world that continues to puzzle me at times. 
Why does someone who sold their soul to Satan and has done every evil thing come to Jesus and BAM! It’s all gone? How do others who simply have been involved in pornography get a whopping demonic stronghold that takes great effort and prayer and fasting to break its stronghold on the person? 
I don’t have all the answers. I DO know that playing with the occult, dabbling or participating in sexual perversions, drug use, gang activity etc. is spiritual RUSSIAN ROULETTE. You might touch it once and nothing. You might touch it once and you get completely taken over. And many levels in-between.

I have come to understand that there is often a “threefold cord” of sin and demonic binding that can be a challenge: that is, those whose lives and family histories are a combination of sexual violations, drug and alcohol abuse and occult practices. Proverbs speaks of a “threefold cord not easily broken.” 
It is true in a godly sense concerning fellowship; I believe it also applies concerning these three areas of sin bondage. 
They tend to work together as kind of a complete bondage package that needs much prayer and wisdom to untangle, as the sins, and the demonic influences, and the person’s personality and emotions and thinking may all be bound up together, kind of like the ball of yarn that the cat got into (Or the ear phones that somehow end up getting tied in a dozen knots in my pocket).

Q: Chapter Six, pg. 31: you stated that you “knew God didn’t love me anymore.” You were devouring books on the occult – did you have any understanding as to the source of occult power, or did you attribute these things to powers innate to humans, to “the spirits” or some New Age concept of an impersonal God?

A: I think I was too young to really grasp where it was coming from. I personally believed I had these powers inherently, and I was simply honing my own skills of divination and other things. 
God at that point to me was Someone I didn’t grasp but assumed could not love me, whoever He was, because I was such an evil kid. 
I knew there were “other” things surrounding and following me, but I was frankly too scared of whatever they were to even spend a second trying to figure out what they were. 
I just drank them away. New age teachers like Jeanne Dixon had a Catholic New Age version of God, which I sort of was attracted to, until she wrote of a snake that appeared to her, wrapped itself around her and gave her a “vision.” 
I immediately remembered the garden of Eden snake, and I got scared and confused…I had followed her, believed her…but the snake thing let me know this wasn’t “God” but something else. 
That’s when I veered to Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, whatever I could find in a desperate attempt to EXPLAIN what was happening to me and maybe give me an answer to the growing darkness I was experiencing.

Q: You stated that you could spontaneously astral-project (soul travel) where you left your body on a regular basis with hardly any effort. When a person does this, does the likelihood of demon possession escalate dramatically?

A: Oh yes, because in fact when you “vacate” even for a moment, something else slips in and when you return, you are no longer alone…pretty creepy, huh? 
But that’s how it works, and I believe why demons drive people to do it – it leaves the gate wide open.

Q: Were you heavily influenced (as suggested on pg. 36, paragraph 3), oppressed or possessed by demonic spirits?

A: I think this is where semantics may create a problem in our understanding of these things. As you know, the word possessed is not in the original language: it is “demonized.” 
That suggests degrees of influence. The Catholic exorcists teach that “perfect possession” is rare – a state where the person’s will is nearly annihilated, all body functions and mental fight are gone and taken over nearly entirely by a demon. 
I tend to agree with that assessment. It is rare. 
But I have seen all states in-between, from simple “oppression” to maladies to voices and horrible thoughts to worse. 
In my case, I was given a demon guardian by what is called “inculcation”, as I described before – a ritual done while being sexually violated, calling on the demon to inhabit the child. 
It was so hidden, so carefully able to mimick me and act as me, that it took a great work of God to extract. I wouldn’t say in the classic sense that I was “possessed.” But I was co-inhabited in that sense, by something that wrapped itself around my soul since childhood. It never took my spirit but the extraction was ugly, to be sure. And it left screaming and howling like a wolf.

Q: I also found occult books in the school library and in mail-order book clubs available in the class rooms – and now it’s even more accessible through the Internet.
Also, how much has Harry Potter and other related fiction influenced and affected young people’s curiosity and interest in the occult?

A: Harry Potter blew a “psychic” spiritual hole into an entire generation of children. I cannot prove this, but I believe all we are seeing now – from wicca to horrible occult movies, to books on vampyres and werewolves, and to the whole plethora of sexual aberrations, experimentation and abandoning of all limits and laws – came in like a flood after Harry Potter. 
It wasn’t just a book. It was a ritual for a generation spiritually. JK Rowling knew what she was doing; her research on the intricacies of real ritual magick, from Ceberus, the three headed dog occultism says guards the gates of hell, to the “hand of glory” candelabra made of a real human hand that Harry and friends found in the occult bookstore – yeah, she knows her stuff. She was a useful tool to the enemy to make occultism just part of our daily social and spiritual reality.

I remember shortly after the last Potter book when the “Twilight” series came out, about teenage vampyres and werewolves and the human teens they were romantically involved with – I discovered nearly ALL of the kids in my youth group were reading it! And I suddenly realized the enemy wasn’t trying to turn them into devil worshippers – he was making them powerless, spiritually useless, and a mockery to the name of Jesus. Because you can never fight the devil with his toys in your back pocket.

Q: This obsession you described on pg. 32 with a girl you had a crush on – do you think this longing was intensified as a result of the brutality of your abuse – you were so love starved and desperately needing tenderness?

A: Oh, definitely. I was just a shattered shell, even then, I would gravitate toward the very smallest kindness from ANYONE. So my crush was quickly an overwhelming obsession, because if she didn’t love me, then I was nothing but the ugly trash they had marred me to believe I was.

Q: Hit-men in the mafia become so cold, their conscience so seared that nothing phases them – even the most brutal and violent executions they perform. Yet they could then go home to family and behave with natural affection towards wife and children.
Do you see this dichotomy in occult circles as well?

A: Oh, sure. In fact when I train law enforcement, I tell them to take the Mafia or cartel template, overlay it onto occult criminal groups and families, and you will understand how they work. 
These groups very largely are about money, power and prestige. So many cartel lords send their kids to the best catholic schools, while they decapitate their enemies without a pang. 
Occult groups are the same. They are completely schizophrenic spiritually – normal life by day, butchers when required to be for their groups [by night].


Q: You suffered the loss of your childhood home to a fire, the loss of your Aunt ‘Ted’; the presence of your father as he hit the road, traveling to support the family, diminished – and multiple occult and sexual assaults and abuse: all this by age 14!
Others have committed suicide as a result of far less. Do you suppose your apprehension to end your own life was God Himself drawing the line – or was it a Satanic influence because you were marked for potential leadership?

A: Good question. I think it was partially that I was terrified of what happened after death. And when I wanted to end the pain, I found downing a fifth of something partially ended the pain without ending me. 
I honestly think that because of all the madness that was taking control, I was not holding together in a way that would have qualified me for what they wanted. 
So much of the death, horror and abuse they do is to teach their potentials to overcome and become impervious to it all. But really, very few can endure such horror and stay sane, or alive. 
And if they do, it is because they have vacated enough that they are largely just a shell filled with demons. 
I honestly think I was simply breaking down under it all. It’s even possible they would have discarded me as a failure, however much they might have invested in my training spiritually. In the end, I do believe God stayed my hand to keep me from ending it.

And as for endings, this is it for PART 2 of 4 of this article.  I pray that by now, your view of Greg's life is beginning to take shape that's representative of the wholesale evil that is in this world, everything from human trafficking, to pornography, to the drug cartels and also the occult groups that have been here for millennia and are still with us today.
It is an evil that must be confronted, from which we must prayerfully seek the LORD in seeing its victims delivered, set free in the name of JESUS The Author of ETERNAL LIFE.

PART 3 of 4 can be read here! Until then, be aware, prepare and take care: The LORD is preparing His armies for spiritual warfare!

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