"We see, in many a land, the proudest dynasties and tyrannies still crushing, with their mountain weight, every free motion of the Consciences and hearts of men. We see, on the other hand, the truest heroism for the right and the greatest devotion to the Truth in hearts that God has touched. We have a work to do, as great as our forefathers and, perhaps, far greater. The enemies of Truth are more numerous and subtle than ever and the needs of the Church are greater than at any preceding time. If we are not debtors to the present, then men were never debtors to their age and their time. Brethren, we are debtors to the hour in which we live. Oh, that we might stamp it with Truth and that God might help us to impress upon its wings some proof that it has not flown by neglected and unheeded." -- C.H. Spurgeon . . . "If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." John 8:31, 32 . . . . .


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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

TTUF INTERVIEW with GREG REID – Author of the book, NOBODY’s ANGEL: An Autobiography - PART 1 of 4

This interview is conducted between myself, James Fire and Greg Reid.

This article comprised of four parts (1-4) is dedicated first of all to the LORD Jesus Christ, secondly to His saint, son and warrior Greg Reid, and also to Mark, a precious soul that was stolen from life by the enemy of the church.

Greg's profile:

     Dr. Gregory Reid is a retired Private Investigator with over 20 years’ experience as a contract criminal justice trainer on occult crimes and crimes against children. He is the author of 11 books, including Trojan Church, A Cry In The Wilderness, The Color of Pain and the recently released War of the Ages: A Complete Scriptural Guide to Confronting and Defeating Satan's Kingdom.

    This article is based on the book, NOBODY'S ANGEL (follow this link to purchase your own copy)!

Dr. Reid has been in youth ministry since 1975. A graduate of Christ for the Nations Bible School in Dallas, he holds an honorary degree from Logos Graduate School and is an ordained minister with American Evangelistic Association. He is the Director of YouthFire ministry and he served as youth pastor at CrossPoint Church in El Paso for seven years. 

    Introduction to this article:

I remember as a child reading true stories about WW II GI’s and their feats of uncommon valor in the face of overwhelming odds, and not just surviving to tell the tale, but walking away from the field of battle as victors and winning warriors. I was spell bound by their accounts of warfare and how they unflinchingly marched headlong into the arena of war that stank of blood and death.

I also remember reading stories of the Holocaust, and the horrid, diabolical treatment the Jews suffered at the hands of the Nazis. The soldiers themselves taking these horrific orders from the top echelon of evil, the High Command officers who were steeped in occult practice and beliefs no less than Adolf Hitler himself.

This article is about one who was a victim, who suffered horrors equitable to those who experienced such in Auschwitz and Krakow – but also one who was and still is a conquering warrior, complete with battle scars and a determination for tactical offensives against the enemy, made resolute by the Spirit of God.

I am in awe of how the LORD has taken this broken soul, who was ravaged by occult and sexual abuses, stripped of his childhood innocence, endowed with dark magick and convinced of God’s hatred for him – to a blood bought saint of God, miraculously healed, body and soul and used in the hand of God as a “burning brand” by which the dark purposes of the enemy are exposed, and who stands as a beacon of hope for such souls that suffered his fate, and an able warrior who has outlasted his adversaries.

Please join me as I interview Greg Reid, author of his own life story, NOBODY’S ANGEL!
I pray that you will discover all that he hopes for the church in these last days: a greater awareness of the enemies tactics, the reality of spiritual warfare, and that no matter how much of a victim Satan might make of any one of us: we are never so full of trepidation and terror, so weakened by a sense of hopelessness, so enshrouded by despair and darkness, that a single cry from the heart to the LORD Jesus Christ can’t break those demonic chains and bring wholeness, healing and salvation through the LAMB OF GOD WHO HAS OVERCOME ALL THE POWER OF THE ENEMY!


Q: Greg, in your introduction you mentioned that there are “gaps” of memory loss of the time you were a child and a teenager (about 11 years total); do you have moments of recollection in these current days and if so, what sort of impact do these have on you? If not, do you think there are still memories yet to surface?

A: I still have little flashbacks of this or that. For about a ten-year period, those memories were very visceral and painful. It was a time of tremendous healing that came through some very difficult recollections. Since then, they have been occasional, and rarely as traumatic as they were before. The last one was this Christmas when I realized that they had destroyed the house of my boyhood friend Mark that was killed so young. I went through weeks of – not so much memory-  as of real-time grieving, knowing that he was really, really gone.
Because I learned by God’s grace how to handle such events and memories, I just take the time I need to walk through whatever I have been faced with – always knowing that there is healing from Jesus’ hand on the other side of it.
I’m sure there is more. In fact, I am positive that there are some memories that are so bad that God has deemed it unnecessary, and in fact would be too harmful, to recall. And I am OK with that.

Q: You were about 42 years old when you wrote this in 1996. Now, 20 years later, after this fourth edition, has your overall perspective changed regarding your life and these experiences you had?

A: I have come to realize how absolutely blessed I am to have survived. And to have survived well. The memories, still very real and which can be very painful at times, mostly have been put in a place where I realize it was a big part of a whole life that has also been filled with overwhelming blessings.
The worst memories are in a safe place with God and in my heart where they can be brought up when needed and talked about with a freshness as if they had just happened – but the years have also taught me to keep them in that safe place with God and not allow them to rule and dictate my life. 

Am I sorry it all happened? Of course…and sometimes it is hard to be one of the few that have been through these experiences. And for years I would ask God why I had to go through all that. Then one day years ago I received a call from a 14-year-old who was raised almost identically to me, was being raised to be a druid high priest, and was desperate to get out. I told him what I could and he said, “You know what it’s like man, you’ve been there!”
And then I heard the Lord say, “THAT’S why.” I realized he wouldn’t have listened to anyone else but someone like me who knew what he was suffering. So I’ve experienced after all these years even a greater sense of Romans 8:28 that God is at work in ALL things to produce good – even this

Q: The loss of Mark who you are “forever bound together” with has “left a hole only eternity will heal”. Speaking of this brokenness, how has this hindered your ministry? How has it helped?

A: I think it some ways that sense of being connected to Mark has been a great comfort to me. Yes, I feel sad, and heartbroken, and sometimes it just catches me off guard and overwhelms me. Perhaps in the beginning it was a bit of a hindrance because I was trying to escape from the loss and fill that sense of loss with other things, people, busyness, etc. But now I am thankful for it, because I never want to forget. And when I speak of all of this publicly and talk about Mark, it makes me feel like none of it was in vain, because even though Mark was gone with Jesus, I make sure he’s remembered. He was a good kid. He probably kept a lot worse things from happening to me.



Q: You were born on FEB. 15, 1954. Your mother’s brother, your uncle was born on the same day in 1921. His parents were married in 1919 on the same exact day. This sort of thing, given your family history seems far too coincidental and suggests generational occultists/Satanists which are many times linked to what’s known as “old money”. Can you explain for us these terms – generational and old money?

A: Generational occultists, like the ones some refer to as “illluminati” or “luciferians” (which I think is a more accurate term) go back over sometimes centuries and make sure the “line” of occult power that has been worked up over the years passes into the next generation. 
“Old money” is kind of what you would expect – families that go back generations and get their power and prestige and position and political placement from wealth that was gotten long ago and continues to amass – for example, the Rockefellers, Kennedys, the Getty’s. Not saying they were involved in the occult, and not saying they weren’t, but the most powerful occult families are wealthy and very, very old.

Q: Also – what character traits (if any) seem to belong to those who are chosen for leadership (such as yourself apparently) in these types of groups?

A: Those chosen for leadership are ones who were as children “classically conditioned” – initiated into rituals, sexually abused with specific goals in mind to break the child and open them up to demonic guardianship and control – also those who show an adeptness for occult workings – abilities, so to speak – in supernatural powers and rituals, etc. Also they often look for birthdates that correspond with occult dates, sometimes physical prowess and charisma, all of that plays into selection I believe.

Q: Timothy Foote – right hand man of Brigham Young who took over the leadership of the Mormon cult after Joseph Smith, was your great – great grandfather.
It seems that your family has a long lineage in the occult. People familiar with Mormonism and Joseph Smith know that he and the religion he created – specifically the elders that have access to the Mormon Temple are steeped in the occult.
Talk about Joseph Smith, his involvement and the significance of the occult in the Mormon Temple?

A: Joseph Smith was known as a “peeper” long before his “discovery” of the “golden plates.” He already had a reputation as a medium of sorts. His “discovery” and translation of the tablets happened in secret. No one actually saw them. He went behind a screen with “special glasses” and dictated what would come to be known as the Book of Mormon in that way. 
Any believer in that time would have recognized it for what it was – pure occultic working. The Mormon church in Salt Lake – which by the way is just down the block from the Masonic Temple at which famous black magickian Aliester Crowley received his 33rd degree initiation – is filled with occult symbology. And the secret rituals that take place inside the Mormon temple are nearly identical to Masonic rituals. This is no surprise since Joseph Smith was also a Freemason of high rank.

Q: Masonic membership is also evident in your family – describe the ties between Masonry and Mormonism? What is the significance of the 32nd and 33rd degrees of Masonry and how they influence our society – even our globe – today?

A: The masonic lineage in my family is a bit hard to trace, but went hand in hand with the Mormon side of my family. Also my father’s foster dad was a Mason as well. The ties between the two groups, as I said before, are pretty clear. Masonry, of course, has been at the foundation of our country, and Washington DC is one vast Masonic architectural landscape. 
Although I genuinely believe many of our founding fathers were believers, there were also many Masons who had designs on our country for occultic reasons. Benjamin Franklin was in fact part of a group called “The Hellfire Club” which in the least was a debauched group of perverts and at worst, according to recent research, may have been actively doing ritualistic sacrifices of animals and infants. 33rd degree rank is the highest you can go “on paper” but many have testified to the fact that there are higher ones that actually place you in the Luciferian world.
Q: Extreme violence is evident in your family as described on page 11, paragraphs 1 and 2: was this the result of deep psychological issues, alcohol abuse, demonic influences or a combination of these?

A: I think it was all of that. My grandparents were part of an era that was steeped in alcohol, surrounded by the occult. They were the “black sheep” (or gentile dogs, as the Mormons would call them) of the family, since they chose not to be Mormon. 
I am not sure if my grandfather on my mother’s side was in a Mormon lineage. His ancestry is very hard to trace, although I know he came from a father who was a gold prospector who made and lost millions and actually helped found Cripple Creek, Colorado. 
But both Grandpa and Grandma were hard living, abusive, terrible people until later years with many, many regrets and even more secrets. I do believe the demonic element descended from my grandmother’s side. She was pretty well into the occult and known in Pasadena CA during the flapper era as a necromancer and a serious drunk. 
To my parents’ credit, they probably saved her life by taking her to Vegas after another one of her terrible bends, giving her money and telling her to sober up and don’t call until she did. And she did.

Q: Your mother died on another significant date to occultists – St. Winebald’s Day (JAN 7th). These dates cannot possibly be a coincidence! Comments?

A: I don’t think it was a coincidence at all. And although I can’t prove any of this, I know that at the time – 1994 – I was in full swing as a private investigator and working with kids coming out of the occult, training law enforcement on occult crimes and working with law enforcement all across the country on criminal occult cases and groups and specific individuals. And some of them were in very high places. 
I would be foolish not to realize they knew exactly who I was and were working actively on every level to stop me and shut my mouth. In fact, early on we were given a message by someone in the deep occult world that said, 
“You are fools if you don’t think we watch every single thing you do publicly and on the internet.” So I took precautions. But there were death threats, break-ins, strange illnesses, a nearly fatal fall off a ladder…etc…hazards of the trade, so to speak…God protected me from the worst of it, of course…but real war, real casualties and injuries too…

It's hard to be on guard 24/7, and so that Christmas holiday I came down with a really serious case of the flu on my way to see my parents. It was bad and I sweat it out for two days in a hotel about 2 miles from where Mark died. 
I called my dad and told him I was better but didn’t want to come home if Mom wasn’t feeling well. He said to come on. I spent three days at home with no problem. Right after I left, Dad got sick with the virus I had. And in a day or so, it transferred to mom, already weakened with COPD, and within few days she was gone. 
So no, I don’t think it was a coincidence. I imagine the sense of guilt they knew something like that would inflict on me (since I still struggled with guilt from Mark’s murder), would have been somewhat of a goal for them. Perhaps to make me give up. I didn’t. I redoubled. 
There is another story to be told about my father’s death and his illness, which nearly turned out like Mom’s death. And they had actually made a contact with my dad in the middle of the night so that I knew they “could” reach him if they wanted to. Long story: God triumphed, even though it was an intense war to save my dad after his first illness. God ALWAYS gets the last word!


Q: How common is it for ‘Hollywood’ folk to be associated with the occult? We have known about people like Tom Cruise, John Travolta and Sandra Bullock being part of Scientology (Madonna getting into Kabbala). What ties did the founder of Scientology Ron Hubbard have with the occult and, or some of its notable leaders?

I’ve been told that the type of wood favored by magickians for their wands is wood from the holly tree. True or false?

A: Holly is very sacred to druids. So I am not surprised at the “Hollywood” connection. Cruise, Madonna, Travolta, etc. are from a long line of Hollywood “stars” like them who were recognized by the powers that be and promoted. Aliester Crowley said, “Every man and woman is a star,” in case people wonder where that concept of Hollywood stars evolved.

There are actors that were well known to be into the occult and some not so well known. Rudy Valentino and many actors from that era actually learned to “trance channel” characters to act with. Vincent Price, John Carradine – well, they were kind of obvious. Others were not so much, more hidden. Cybil Sheppard, Tori Amos were open wiccans. Johnny Depp too. Hollywood and the occult were hand in glove.

As far as L. Ron Hubbard of Scientology fame, that’s a very interesting story. In the mid 50’s there was a famous scientist named Jack Parsons. He was the inventor of liquid rocket fuel upon which the entire NASA space program was founded. He was also the High Priest of the Pasadena Agape Lodge of the O.T.O., a British magick group of which Crowley was a member. 
Parsons was a spiritual son of Crowley and they were deeply connected. L. Ron Hubbard was Jack Parson’s assistant High Priest. He allegedly stole about $10,000 from Parsons, moved to Florida, and told friends he was going to make up his own religion and make millions of dollars. And indeed he did.

Parsons blew himself up in a black magick experiment in the early 1950’s, I believe.

So yes, it’s all part of a weave. And the connection with pedophilia, child trading and child pornography are also as deep as you can get.

UPDATE: 7/29/2020
For more on child trading/trafficking and child pornography listen to Dr. Greg Reid's new podcast, Extreme Times: Truth in the Shadowlands - Epstein, Human Trafficking and The Tip of the Iceberg

~ end of UPDATE 

Q: Being a victim, for anyone, particularly in the most traumatic of cases, most often results in denial, cover-ups and a refusal to see and admit the truth to oneself. These horrendous memories are crushed down, suppressed, shoved into the darkest corners of the mind where they will (hopefully) never see the light of day.
What you and other occult victims suffered has a parallel in a related phenomenon, that being ‘alien’ abduction (alien is in quotes because they aren’t beings from another planet, but demonic entities from the spiritual realm.
There are apparently similarities in symptoms of the abducted and those who are demon oppressed/possessed. The abducted likewise have no desire to have such memories resurface and experience flashes of recollection, where they remember fragments of events.

Talk about your inner struggles you had when you tried to remember episodes of occult abuse or when flashes emerged on their own – what was your initial reaction to these? Did your response to these memories change over time?

A: My initial responses to the memories were, “What in the world just happened?” When they did surface initially they were 3-D horror films, complete with taste, smell and pain. Initially I couldn’t connect them with the “blank slate” of my childhood. Then I began to see who, what where when and how. It was like putting a huge puzzle together that made little sense until it was almost complete, then it ALL made sense.
I tried desperately NOT to remember anything at first. I fought tooth and nail to keep the memories sealed. There was a set of events that usually triggered them, though not always: Usually some real time event that triggered the memory. I wouldn’t know what happened at first, except that I withdrew, felt like I was in a cloud and then had a violent headache. Then it would emerge, usually in a vivid dream but sometimes like a movie screen going up and every detail being shown. Sometimes I watched the movie; sometimes I was part of it.

After a few years I learned the symptoms of an emerging memory and gave myself the time and safety to remember. And then I would write it all down. 

Q: You’ve known countless victims of occult abuse – and here I think of another parallel, that being soldiers on the battle field that have shared experiences, particularly those who were POW’s. There is a powerful bond developed by such shared experiences.
Talk about some of these “brothers bonded by sacrifice blood and heritage”?

A: There is a certain “knowing” among those of us who survived. It’s like you share these terrible secrets and memories, and sometimes you realize there’s so few of you. Like being in war and coming back to civilian life and realizing that people just don’t know…

Q: I’ve known bullies in my childhood who targeted me because of my small, thin stature and various deformities – but I can’t think of a more hateful and belligerent bully than Satan himself – and those who worship him.
Do you suppose that’s why teens who have likewise suffered occult abuse have such an implicit trust in you? Why you have such a strong paternal instinct to protect and provide for these crushed souls trodden under Satan’s foot?

A: I think they know I’ve been injured too. And I think they know I’m safe. And I know how evil the world and the enemy is. And yes, in a way it does bring out a paternal instinct – to provide a safe place where that threat ceases.

Q: Are more victims surfacing on a regular basis, or is it increasing/decreasing these days? Why do you suppose this is?

A: In some ways things have changed. I don’t have as much access to victims as I did before, so I don’t know if there are more or less, but I have to assume that there are at least as many as before.

Q: The mentality of a soldier runs strong in your character (as it does mine); having experienced the dark spirituality as we have in our B.C. days (you were more of a disciple of darkness, me: only a dabbler on the way to such discipleship). 
Such disciples that have changed their allegiances from Satan to the LORD Jesus Christ don’t seem easily intimidated by the powers of darkness – as is the case with too many Christians today – but rather, we respond with righteous rage and tend to initiate offensives against the enemy. 
Why such timidity from such Christians regarding spiritual warfare? Is there a parallel to why so many are reluctant to share their faith and preach the Gospel?

A: Perhaps it’s just an American brand of Christianity – easy does it, make it convenient, no bumps or messes, or at least minimize them. The idea of 'walk as warfare' is foreign to most believers, partly because it is not taught, and partly because it is our tendency to avoid the hard things of our faith. 
And there’s fear. Fear of the devil and the supernatural. It’s funny because the same people who say we shouldn’t be talking about the devil or spiritual warfare are often the ones with a secret occult movie obsession. Strange, isn’t it?

Q: You’ve written a book on spiritual warfare and I’d like to write a book report on this and interview you on The WAR of the AGES as well. Here is a brief video for our readers.

For now, let me ask you this: where do you see that the church left off this vital aspect of spiritual warfare? When did Christians drop their swords and why?

A: I think it is partly because when we transitioned from the Jesus movement to the megachurch movement, our priorities changed. 
It was no longer evangelism and spiritual warfare, it was seeker friendly and prosperity. In the 1980’s, spiritual warfare was a priority because the world was in such turmoil and the occult was more blatant in many ways. 
Now we have raised a Harry Potter generation who are numb to the occult and its influences in nearly every aspect of our lives. The swords were put away and replaced with a blueprint for church success.

Q: For people like “David” (and even “Mark”) who you spoke about in Chapter 2, who are not merely timid or scared, but terrified to talk about their experiences as victims of occult abuse for fear of reprisals, how do occultists keep these victims quiet (what leverage do they exert)?
What is your advice for any reading this article who are trapped in occult or cult abuse/bondage?

A: The fear is implemented early on. Some of it is the same method pedophiles use: “If you tell anyone I’ll kill your parents, pet, brother, sister,” etc. “No one will believe you if you tell.” 
They also do brutal things to reinforce silence: killing an animal in front of the child, or even a person. 
With me, the guilt was also a part of it. They made me participate in Mark’s death, so I felt the weight of guilt for it, and the fear of anyone knowing how “evil” I was. Pretty sinister, isn’t it? But very effective. 
My advice for those trapped is to destroy the fear by coming forward. Look at what they took. Is it worth staying silent just to hang on to what we have? 
Jesus has an incredible life of victory ahead of you if you just break the chains of fear. These people are basically bullies and cowards. Stand up to the fear and tell the truth

And here is where we will conclude PART 1 of 4 in our interview with Greg Reid. Continue on with PART 2! In the mean while, keep your eyes on the skies and don't believe the lies: JESUS RETURNS SOON FROM ON HIGH!

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