"We see, in many a land, the proudest dynasties and tyrannies still crushing, with their mountain weight, every free motion of the Consciences and hearts of men. We see, on the other hand, the truest heroism for the right and the greatest devotion to the Truth in hearts that God has touched. We have a work to do, as great as our forefathers and, perhaps, far greater. The enemies of Truth are more numerous and subtle than ever and the needs of the Church are greater than at any preceding time. If we are not debtors to the present, then men were never debtors to their age and their time. Brethren, we are debtors to the hour in which we live. Oh, that we might stamp it with Truth and that God might help us to impress upon its wings some proof that it has not flown by neglected and unheeded." -- C.H. Spurgeon . . . "If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." John 8:31, 32 . . . . .


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Saturday, July 23, 2016

TTUF INTERVIEW with GREG REID – Author of the book, NOBODY’s ANGEL: an autobiography PART 4 of 4

This interview is conducted between myself, James Fire and Greg Reid.

This article comprised of four parts (1-4) is dedicated to the LORD Jesus Christ, to His saint, son and warrior Greg Reid, and to Mark, a precious soul that was stolen from life by the enemy of the church.

Greg's profile:

     Dr. Gregory Reid is a retired Private Investigator with over 20 years’ experience as a contract criminal justice trainer on occult crimes and crimes against children. He is the author of 11 books, including TROJAN CHURCH, A Cry In The Wilderness, The Color of Pain and the recently released War of the Ages: A Complete Scriptural Guide to Confronting and Defeating Satan's Kingdom.

This article is based on the book, NOBODY's ANGEL (follow this link to purchase your own copy)!

We now continue and conclude this interview with Greg Reid, picking up where we left off in Chapter Twelve

16) Ch. TWELVE – QUEST FOR PROOF continued

Q. Talk about totems and “animal demons”: what they are and their significance to occult groups (pg. 85, paragraph 1).

A: All pagan and occult religions recognize idol worship and the worship of false gods. Nearly every idol worshiped by man has a creature to represent it – either a demonic form, or more commonly, an animal – a snake, an eagle, a wolf, a dragon, etc. They use that as a “totem” much like a “mascot” except they ascribe to their group and their members the “qualities” or powers of that animal, or demonic form.

Q. You now understand at this point the significance of FEB 15th, a day so prominent in your and your family’s history – “the feast day of Lupercus” – the Roman Wolf god.

Something I’ve always had a somewhat way-out theory about:
We know that fallen angels, like Satan himself can transform themselves for purposes of deception; they have this ability (2 COR 11:14).
I believe the Genesis record of Chapter 6 regarding “the sons of God (benai ha eloheim)” in this case, the fallen angels, cohabitated with human females and somehow managed to impregnate them, and they gave birth to “the fallen ones” Nephilim: half angelic, half human offspring.
My conjecture is that these beings could some degree physically transform using their angelic power. Further, after the death of these Nephilim, their spirits would continue in this world, recognized as “demons” (as distinct from fallen angels, their forebears) and “unclean spirits” who would adamantly seek indwelling in human beings (or even animals).
I’ve often wondered if this is where the well-nigh universal legends of the were-beast and vampires came from.

A: I agree wholeheartedly. The Greek and Roman gods are just in my opinion a twisted version of the real battle of Nephilim for the destruction of man and the dethronement of God. Were-beasts, vampyres, fairies, gnomes…I believe all had their genesis in the fallen miscreant half human half angelic creatures and their fallen angel progenitors. It is the ultimate blasphemy. Makes me wonder if this genetic experimentation will somehow work into the antichrist scheme and the abomination which makes desolate, though I haven’t figured out how though…just a theory I’m mulling over and searching the scriptures on

Q. Your return to Box Canyon, the sight of the Wolf Triangle, seeing the mansion that belonged to the “Fountain of the World” cult, all verified and vindicated what you were beginning to understand.

Explain how you felt about these revelations and their subsequent evidence you discovered in Box Canyon.

A: It was stunning. I’d spent at least 4 years thinking I was losing it, and every time I clearly remembered something, I’d hear this voice saying, “you’re crazy. You just made all this up.” (Coincidentally, anytime I was injured seriously as a child, my seriously PTSD and traumatized mom, God bless her soul, would say, “You’re not hurt, you’re just making it up.” Finding proof, as miniscule as it might seem to others, was like being set free. And even after I wrote Angel, there have been so many additional things that have validated things and reinforced the truth of what happened. I’m very pragmatic, as a retired P.I., a Christian, and a survivor. I search out the truth of a thing. If there is no “there” there, then that’s that…and there was plenty of “there” there.

And further, evidence at Sue Joyner’s house and discussion with her and her friend, a former high priestess, now born again Christian.

I scared this newly born again ex-high priestess to death I think, bless her heart. When I started asking questions about where I grew up, the group I remembered etc. all the color went out of her face. She finally verified big chunks of things I only had memories of at that point.

Q. Talk about W.A.T.C.H. Network. Is this Network still intact to any degree? Is there a practical need for such networks today or do you foresee a future need?

A: The W.A.T.C.H. network closed back in the mid 1990’s I think. The lady who ran the ministry, and who gave me my start in the training area regarding occultism and the church and training for law enforcement, Sue Joyner, passed away just a few years ago. It was a huge loss. I miss her. She was one of the old guard warriors. She did an amazing work. And she paid a price for it, as we all did, but gladly, for Jesus.

The need remains, at least on a different level. While I was out there fighting the enemy on real world terms, twenty years training law enforcement and criminal justice workers on occult crimes and crimes against children, and as a P.I. (now “retired” lol) actively assisting in cases and going after the bag guys in both groups, had no idea when I got decommissioned for a while that the enemy had been setting up shop INSIDE the church (Rob Bell, Christian Yoga, angelology, new age practices in Christian disguise, etc.).
So the need remains for basic training, at least in churches. That’s why I wrote War of the Ages, to give believers a basic understanding of spiritual warfare and the occultism we have to fight. The need will only increase as we get closer to Jesus’ return and the devil gets bolder because he knows he is running out of time


Q. You mention the need of writing another book; what is the title of this book? This deals with occult crime investigations covering a span of ten years.

 Is it available to the general public? 

A: This book is called Diary of a Devil Hunter, it is available on request and hasn’t been made into a regular book yet, just an 8 1/2X 11 bound book. I’m looking to revise it, and update it. We got slaughtered by the Christian media and I wrote it at a time to make our case that satanic crime was NOT a “satanic panic” or “village folklore” but was real. It is a bit dated now; hardly anyone knows the work we did, or what it was like at a time when law enforcement was calling satanic crime “pandemic.” After the skeptics did their work, we were like war veterans coming come from a bloody battle and people saying, “What war?” It was disheartening. I wrote it to tell the truth about a crucial time in our nation’s history, and to honor the innocent lives that were taken because of this horrible plague.

Q. In your presentations for W.A.T.C.H. network, before audiences, you were often confronted with disbelief. The conduct of occult groups is intentionally bizarre and unusually cruel to a purpose: to be so ‘over-the-top’ as to be unbelievable.

Some members while brutalizing the children would dress up as characters familiar to them: Freddy Flintstone and Cinderella, etc. so that when children identified them in court, their testimony would be dismissed.

A: Yet there was sufficient evidence to be “beyond a reasonable doubt” which allowed the perpetrators to go to prison. Then slick defense lawyers came back and forced a retrial and all the cases were overturned and the perpetrators released except for a few rare cases. It was stunning.

One of the benefits of doing law enforcement training for 20 plus years is to have amassed a body of evidence that could be clearly presented in a rational and factual way that flew in the face of the skeptics and skepticism. 

The only ones that created problems were disgruntled wiccans who wanted to disrupt classes or people who weren’t even there that were determined to smear my name and my work. There were articles written and e mails sent out that I did not know about until it was too late to stop them. 
One pretty much said he was going to wipe me out and have all of my work reversed in the state of Texas. I didn’t find out for three years after he sent that e mail. He’s a high priest of a Wicca coven and also works with police departments. He obviously did a lot of damage and it was too late to defend myself against the attacks. My lawyer said I had plenty to sue on; God told me to let it go. But yes, there were skeptics – almost always, those who wouldn’t even be willing to look at the evidence.

Q. When Sue Joyner and some saints “prayerfully walked [you] back” and the buried memories of your own abuse and the death of Mark rose to crystal clear consciousness – you re-lived all the anguish, the torturous sorrow, the inconsolable rage – was this a cathartic experience that brought healing and some sense of closure – or not?

A: It allowed me to finally grieve. And of course, that grieving took a number of years, as bits and pieces came back…and then last year, when I saw that they had razed his house to the ground, I sat at my computer and wept. It was like a memorial place for me, somewhere I could drive by year after year and remember my friend. 

And now it was gone. And strangely, there was healing in that too. Every time I had gone before, I was shaking I felt so much childhood fear. 
But I recently went out with a film crew to participate in a documentary about ritual child abuse [Note to readers: this film is called DETESTABLE, and I have procured my own dvd of this presentation, and recommend it to all saints, for evidence that this war is still ongoing, and in desperate need of prayer warriors and committed saints who will reach out to victims and even perpetrators with the Gospel of Jesus Christ] – and I got out of the car with the camera man, stood on the spot where the house had been (ignoring the “keep off property) sign and felt not fear – but anger – and fearlessness. So God does all things well in His time.

4. It’s been said that there is still a child in all of those who suffered trauma of the deeper sort, that stamped an indelible impression on their lives, and who have suffered offenses, abuses, wrongful acts that have not been resolved; that we so identify with that child that was, and still is, us, that in some ways we can’t go on with our lives until that child finds reckoning, answers and healing.

Was this the case with you?

A: It really was. I actually had a vivid dream when things first started to surface where I was both myself and a little boy holding my own hand, trying to get me to go tell someone what happened. It was so obvious to me…but it took a lot to get the courage to face everything and tell the truth…and now that little guy is safe and part of me instead of separated from me in fear and spiritual schizophrenia. Jesus has made “us” whole.

Q. This was the page: pg. 93, paragraph 5 and pg. 94, paragraphs 1-3, where my own rage and grief hit the pinnacle, where the words on the pages blurred due to the fluent tears. Because of the innocence of your childhood that was stolen, ripped from your soul by these agents of Satan who committed these heinous, blasphemous crimes, the very epitome of violation against the people group that God so dearly cherishes: children, pre-teens and young teens.

Primarily fighting for the cause of God’s kingdom and stand for righteousness, the next highest motivation for you is to see the deliverance of these souls from Satan’s grasp and the prevention of their unlawful, predatorial abductions, isn’t that right?

A: Yes…especially the kids and children who have been destroyed already. I was in a restaurant the other day on the outskirts of town and we became aware of an older man in his 60’s with a girl that was probably no more than 13 or 14, and we realized that was not her dad…then realized there were two other young girls at another table not eating…by the time the whole picture came together all we could do is triage, take pictures of his license plate – as well as the spotter truck that was obviously part of their trafficking group. I plan on making some contacts tomorrow to see if anyone can do something to save these little girls and put these guys in the pit of prison till they repent or…and yes I always pray for their salvation, no matter how horrible they are. I was probably being groomed to be something just as horrible if not more so. And He saved me. But saving those innocents will always be job one after the Gospel work.

I haven’t actually re-read Angel more than once since its publication years ago…I didn’t realize how it affects me still. Finding myself in tears still, for that little guy…and hurting for all the little ones suffering still

Q: Do you see that the need for such is beginning to escalate once again? Or is the spiritual battle taking on different and, or greater dimensions?

A: It’s changed. It has gone back underground, but it will resurface. Right now it surfaces in Isis, and in a new horror in Mexico called Santa Muerte – Saint Death – the patron saint of cartels and drug dealers. It’s just as satanic as organized satanic groups here. And of course, the elites always get away with it all – the bankers, judges, politicians. Two things remain true – if you want to find them, follow the money and power trail. And in the justice system, money talks, people walk…seems to find some parallels in some political people getting off the hook right now.

Q. Common belief is that the FBI found no evidence whatsoever of Satanic Ritual Abuse during their investigation some decades ago, finding no conclusive proof for such. True or False? Why is this so?

There are such articles as this: www.equip.org/article/the-hard-facts-about-satanic-ritual-abuse/  

A: Yeah. My old “buddy” Kenneth Lanning from the FBI behavioral science department, who said he has never seen any evidence of satanic crime, not one hair, one drop of blood, nothing. He acknowledges there are crazy people, but gives no credence to organized satanic cartels. 

But remember it took decades for the FBI (with all due respect, I’ve known some great agents that I totally honor) to acknowledge there was a Mafia. I had communicated with Lanning because he had done a lot of damage to what we were doing. I offered to open all my files to him as “proof.” Needless to say, he declined. And, you can imagine my frustration. Even as recently as ten years ago I believe, they dragged him out of retirement and flew him down to Louisiana to shut down a serious and dangerous satanic crime operation down there operating out of a church.

I stopped answering the skeptics, because I realized they were carrying out a systematic disinformation campaign. They went through almost every case we had been part of and many others, and wrote long and detailed articles as to why it was not Satanism, not occultic, it was village folklore, satanic panic, kids with false memories etc. etc. It almost became laughable because it was like someone in the “interwebs” was looking for everything and anything that even DARED provide proof, and soon there was an article or something debunking those people or those cases. 

Yes, there were some cases that turned out bogus. That happens. But there were plenty more that were real. And I worked on several of them. I was there. I know they were bona fide.I began to see the sinister organizational efforts to shut us up, and realized there were MUCH bigger hands at work than just a few clever journalists. 

There was most definitely – and is most definitely – an AGENDA of silencing the victims so the perpetrators continue to go free. It was the national version of what child molesters tell the ones they have sexually assaulted: “Don’t tell anyone, no one will ever believe you.” Works individually to silence victims; works socially and nationally or even internationally as well. Then, there were the numerous threats on the victims and those of us that worked to expose them ... but that’s another story. I’ve probably forgotten more than I have documented, that’s how much was out there on this.

Q. You credit the LORD Jesus Christ as the singular reason why and how you survived any execution by your former occult group, Lupercalians may have, and probably did attempt.

Do you suspect they’ve relented by now, or is this still a clear and present danger?

A: I have kind of joked to myself sometimes when going back where I grew up, “Well, y’all are all dead now probably, and guess who’s still here…hmm…” It comforts me somehow, although I know God takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked, and neither do I, but I rejoice that God helped me survive and outlive most if not all of them.

But of course, it goes generational, and I am about to get quite a bit more exposure and expose more than I have in nearly 20 years, so yes, I expect there is still a clear and present danger. I still get occasional reminders from the other side that they are still there…and since I have no plans to be a good little boy and not tell anyone what happened, there should be a degree of retaliation, or at least an attempt at retaliation. 

But greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world (1 JOHN 4:4). And I trust Jesus. I don’t plan on having much to do with the media on anything I am doing, but I won’t be surprised if they do a hack job in print on me at some point. Two of the main architects of the many of the “satanic panic “articles – who greatly added to the grief and illness and eventual death of a dear friend - went to stand before God, so I don’t expect much from their camp. 

I expect the other side will either use public satanic groups to go after us, curse us or write vile articles about us to expose us as frauds, or – hopefully – we can just get the message to those who need it the most – the victims. I am just a survivor, not a counselor, but I do know some people that can help with these new precious souls in their desire for healing and freedom. And that threatens satan a great deal, seeing his “victims” become victors in Jesus.

Q. Your side message to “the other side” (satanic groups, page 99, paragraph 3) – this sacred oath to seek out their victims and protect the innocent still holds true today?

Have you been able to recruit other Christians who’ve taken this oath against the enemy?

A: It holds true still. I have been through much since the writing of Angel, including the passing of my father and many other dear loved ones and friends. I don’t have much left to lose. But when I came to Jesus, I had nothing, every single day has been a gift since the day He saved me. I have always had a small ministry with miniscule (but sustainable) support, and have always longed for enough support to hire at least one other person to help in this effort. 

It may yet come. I know that over the last 30 years many would have gone to the gates of hell with me to rescue these kids, but the attack and the lack accumulated, and they needed to build their lives. 

Even now I have those who stand ready to go and to do and to pray and to help with whatever needs doing. They have that oath before God as well. The future is still unclear. But one thing is certain, whether God grants me a band of warriors or I remain a single “point man” in a brutal fight – there is no surrender in this war, until I can fight no more and am allowed to lay my sword down at His feet praying I did all I did for “the least of these.


Q. How many “Box Canyons” still remain today across this nation?

How many Marks (and ‘Mary’s’ as it were) are there that still need deliverance from these groups?

A: It’s hard to say, but just from observation over a few decades, all of this is alive and well, and very well hidden. It was then, it is even more so now; but I’ve seen the damage and the evidence they have left behind in their victims and in many places I have visited, and the indicators and markers are all there – they are still alive and well and thriving, and the Marks and Marys are in the thousands – those who are right now being brutalized either by satanic groups, child porn rings or just in trafficking circles or neighborhoods with horrible secrets among the little ones – what the author Andrew Vachss calls, “The Children of the Secret.” 

I go to bed every night praying for their deliverance and the destruction of these demonic rings. There is always much more to do. And while I appreciate the efforts internationally to stop human trafficking, sometimes I think we put a face on it that is not altogether accurate – a fragile oriental teen girl working in a sweat shop or a prostitution bar – and all of that is horrible and unforgivable – but it allows believers to care for a moment, write a small check and then go back to their daily lives, because that all happens “over there” or “down in South America. 

And sometimes I think, maybe it’s better if they don’t know. Because the reality is much crueler. It happens here. Children and teens are being trafficked HERE. They are being used for pornography HERE. They are prostituted HERE, and they are FROM HERE! I always pray that the agencies across the country will dig a little deeper and realize there are organized networks under the radar all across this country in small towns everywhere and large cities as well where little ones are snatched, or exploited, or even sacrificed, and everyone is asleep at the wheel. I want that to be exposed as well. 

I’m committed to the fight on all levels, in spiritual warfare, in youth evangelism, discipleship, rescue ops, whatever it takes. I am just a little guy in a big war with few skills and getting a little worn out, but I have a big God and my prayer is, “Here am I, Lord, send me.

Q.  In general, what’s your forecast in the coming battles in this “WAR of the AGES” we find ourselves in? What does the church need to prepare for in these days ahead?

A: The world is starting to fall into massive social demonization*. Believers better be armed to deal with people who need help, may be demonized, and need Jesus to set them free. The church – what is left of the real church – needs to wake up, armor up and get up and fight.

NOTE TO READERS: Social demonization, that "overshadowing" and "vibrational" influences which Alice Bailey predicted would happen and directed by "the Ascended Masters" (read that as EPH 6:10-12) is what we see happening today, via meditational practices and open involvement with occult disciplines, even such things that are being adopted in the professing church!

And I know not everyone can do what I do, I get that. I don’t expect only a handful. But I’m recruiting for prayer and “supply” to execute this war. I love what Lincoln wrote, responding to the ineptness of General McClellan in executing his duties. “If General McClellan isn’t going to use his army, I’d like to borrow it for a time.” 

I feel that way about the church sometimes. I’m not expecting everyone to be as passionate as I am about this. But if you aren’t using your army, could I borrow some of the soldiers, can I help raise up an on-fire, Bible-strong, committed army of youth that is willing to actually DO what Jesus said and ACT like the book of acts? 

More is dependent on making that happen than we can possibly know. I believe the ends of all things of this age are upon us, and how we respond as believers will determine whether we go home with a roar, or fizzle out and fade away. God help us be the roaring saints most needed in this hour.


James, thank you so much for the opportunity to do this interview with you. It has been a very long time since I have talked about many of these things. There was a time during the late 1980’s-mid 1990’s that people were listening, people wanted to know.

After the backlash, it was hard to get anyone to listen at all. And that was painful, because we knew that even though we had lost our “voice” so to speak, the children were still being hurt, the survivors were still suffering, and the perpetrators were still getting away with their crimes. This interview gave me renewed hope that we can still make a dent in the enemy’s evil machinery. And for that, I thank you – from one warrior to another.  


This is a world at war; it has always known war ever since the day that Cain lifted up a rock and slew his brother Abel, and really – even before that:

JOHN 8:44 

Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

For as long as evil exists and seeks by all its power to steal, kill and destroy (JOHN 10:10a), the righteous must stand up and be counted, ready and vigilant to count the cost and march forward in courageous opposition to the enemy.

These are battles that no one else can fight – no artillery, no air support, no entire divisions of troops, no technology of NBC warfare – can win even the most miniscule of victories against this enemy.

There is only one army that can face this enemy, deprive him of his POW’s – human souls under his crushing claw – and claim the victory in truth which has already been won 2000 years ago, on the lonely hill of Calvary, just outside of the city of Jerusalem: by none other than the LORD Jesus Christ, the Word Incarnate, the KING of Kings and LORD of Lords.

And we saints are His army – and our enemy is seeking to steal away our weapons, he is seeking to destroy our witness, he is seeking to kill our saltiness and sanctification.

THIS IS A WAR that we cannot escape and claim to be a ‘conscientious objector’ – THIS IS A WAR that if we do not engage in, we will be relegated as lethargic, compliant and ineffective POW’s of Satan.

As brother Greg said in his closing remarks:

“. . . [he has] renewed hope that we can still make a dent in the enemy’s evil machinery.” 
I share that same hope – and my prayer is that in this last hour as this present darkness grows even deeper, that the church, the chaste bride of Christ, the holy warriors of God’s military, shall rouse the sleeping saints with a cry, a call to arms and renew our passion both for the LORD God and the wayward and hopeless sinners who can know deliverance, if we will but only show them the Way.

UPDATE 9/23/18 -
 For a hard copy of this interview in book form, you may acquire one here: NOBODY'S ANGEL: The TTUF Interviews.
~ end update.

UPDATE 4/20/2021
The UPPER ROOM PRESENTS: Interview with Retired Private Investigator, Author & Spiritual Intercessor Dr. Gregory Reid - Part One

Interview with Retired Private Investigator, Author & Spiritual Intercessor Dr. Gregory Reid - Part Two

~ End of UPDATE

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