"We see, in many a land, the proudest dynasties and tyrannies still crushing, with their mountain weight, every free motion of the Consciences and hearts of men. We see, on the other hand, the truest heroism for the right and the greatest devotion to the Truth in hearts that God has touched. We have a work to do, as great as our forefathers and, perhaps, far greater. The enemies of Truth are more numerous and subtle than ever and the needs of the Church are greater than at any preceding time. If we are not debtors to the present, then men were never debtors to their age and their time. Brethren, we are debtors to the hour in which we live. Oh, that we might stamp it with Truth and that God might help us to impress upon its wings some proof that it has not flown by neglected and unheeded." -- C.H. Spurgeon . . . "If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." John 8:31, 32 . . . . .


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Friday, July 7, 2023


This section will deal with: The Most Sought After “Merch”, profile of an Abductor and profile of the Abducted.

In the last article we listed the objectives of the National Action Plan of our Federal Government. These are purely social and political endeavors, but as Christians we can take the terms listed here to the higher, spiritual level with the Gospel of Jesus Christ as well as a legitimate form of spiritual warfare:

PREVENTION – The Word tells us to be salt and light as the church of Jesus Christ (MATT 5:13-14). Both light and salt are excellent at inhibiting corruption. This comes by way of proclaiming the Gospel, and when received, not only is a soul saved, but a life of sinful destruction, evil and malice is avoided. The more souls that are saved in any given society, the more that society is sanctified by the holy influences of GOD through the life of that redeemed soul!

Imagine a person who is bent on a life of crime, and they hear the Gospel message and receive Christ. Had they not done so, it’s conceivable that they could have gotten more deeply involved in criminal activity, possibly human trafficking.

What if a young Christian person being abducted who shares the Gospel with their captor who is convicted by the Holy Spirit, repents, and not only releases the young Christian, but turns himself in.

PROTECTION – In the spiritual domain, intercessory prayer is a potent weapon; praying for our children, for the children that attend our Sunday Schools, praying for the children we see as they board School buses, praying for them as we see them in grocery stores and in the public domain. Likewise for those most vulnerable to human traffickers – the run away, the drug addict, the illegal immigrants.

Praying in the Almighty Name of the LORD Jesus Christ against the wicked spirits that are deeply involved in the most depraved of human activities, trafficking being among them. Praying for the various law enforcement agencies – Local, County, State and Federal: that the LORD would lead them safely to identify and locate the houses, warehouses, hotels, motels, empty storefronts and facilities, etc. where victims are held and rescue them, arresting the perpetrators.

PROSECUTION – For the courts, that the LORD would preside over them, and pass righteous judgment, even if the judge has been ‘bought off’. Praying for justice on behalf of the victims and the law enforcement agents that are seeking to bring the guilty to a righteous verdict.

For those in political office who may not be as active as they ought to be in pursuit of these criminal elements; there are those who assert that there are politicians on the State and Federal level that are getting monetary ‘gifts’ to look the other way and let certain things pass by unobstructed.

Even those criminals whose case is dismissed or rendered a ‘not guilty’ verdict due to a convenient technicality. They may escape the courts of man, but we can certainly pray that they not escape the judgment of GOD which may intervene in the present moment and see such lives ended by Divine Pronouncement. We can pray for such things as these!

PARTNERSHIPS – We may create a network of believers who yoke up with various volunteer organizations that watch out for traffickers, and who intervene in the lives of those who fit the description of likely victims.

Imagine if churches across our landscape had a mere ten or even five members out of their entire congregation who were committed to patrol areas, having phone number contacts they could report to when they see suspicious activities, who in turn could report to law enforcement that could legally investigate the situation.

Part ONE: The Most Sought After “Merch”

The most sought after ‘products’ of human trafficking – that is to say, human beings – are often teens and young women and men who are run-aways and the homeless. Of all the people targeted, run-aways and homeless teens are the easiest to exploit due to their vulnerabilities and their desperate need for help.

On a wider scope, any people who are marginalized in any society including “…children in the child welfare system/protection service*, or involved in the juvenile justice system; those who don’t have lawful immigration status, blacks and Indians, any members of the LGBTQI+ community, migrant laborers, people with disabilities, and those who suffer from substance abuse.”

* Here's the ugly truth: most Americans who are victims of sex trafficking come from our nation's own foster care system. It's a deeply broken system that leaves thousands vulnerable to pimps as children and grooms them for the illegal sex trade as young adults. We have failed our children by not fixing the systemic failures that have allowed this to happen for decades.

Individuals that suffer from poverty, limited English proficiency – both of which are challenged in finding suitable housing and social stability, lacking in education, decent employment, etc.

These helpless and hopeless people are lured by false promises of love, a good job and stable life – seduced or forced into situations where they are forced to work in deplorable conditions with little or no pay.

They are persuaded to join in various enterprises such as prostitution, escort services, online advertising which then devolves into black mail (threatening to reveal their activities in the porn and, or prostitution industry to the victim’s family, and or friends) which only brings the victim into deeper bondage.

What is Human Trafficking?

Part TWO: Profile of an Abductor

Identifying human trafficking perpetrators/abductors isn’t easy due to presumed characteristics made by the uninformed.

Seldom are victims nabbed with a hood pulled over their heads and dragged into the back of a van where they are whisked away to a nightmarish existence.
Perpetrators that do fall into this category are usually mafia, gangs, ‘small family outfits’. They will lure people from vulnerable and desperate situations, promising them marriage, wealth, glamour, a modeling or dancing career. They will break down their social and sexual boundaries until they have entrapped their victims into an exploitive, demeaning, involuntary servitude – typically involving commercial sex acts (with ‘clients’ and, or the traffickers themselves). Not all traffickers are seasoned criminals however…

More often than not the abductor will appear as an ally and friend to the victim. They might even be people that the victim knows personally – friends, lovers – or family! They can sell out their own children in favor of money received from clientele in search of sexual experiences.

They know that they can attract more flies with honey than vinegar, and gain the trust of their victims by showing care and concern, bringing them much needed items for those who have nothing, as well as gifts of affection.
Gradually the victim is made to feel indebted to the abductor who will remind them how much “you owe me”, and this will lead to the isolation of the victim and then using threats to prevent the victim from escaping.

Once a victim has been thoroughly conditioned by their abductors, they will then be used as recruiters for potential victims.

How To ID Human Trafficking Perpetrators in 2022

Sadly, it’s easier to ID victims than the abductors, but the red flags to alert anyone to an abductor can be seen in how they interact with their victims (see the list in the Profile of the Abducted in Part THREE of this article) that can alert the careful observer.

They are in the majority of cases male, ages from 34 to 50. 43% of these were familiar with their victims prior to their being trafficked (a relative, a school or university educator, an employer (or former), a neighbor, the parent of the victim’s friend. 31% of these knew at least one victim as a social media contact; 10% as a friend or classmate and 7% as a drug dealer.

They will endeavor to find “alone time” with the victim, make pre-arranged meeting times with them. Quite often the perpetrator’s behavior will parallel with those of sex offenders:
Profile of a Child Molester July 7

Who can be a child molester?

Any gender (88% are male; 9% are female; 3% are unknown)*
All ages (including kids, teens and seniors)
All socioeconomic groups (wealthy, middle class & disadvantaged)
All races & ethnicity
Diverse occupations

What percentage of child sexual abuse is committed by family members?

Family members abuse:
49% of victims under age 6.
42% of victims ages 7-11.
24% of victims ages 12 - 17.

How do child molesters gain access to their victims?

While some sexual abuse is purely opportunistic, most children are groomed and lured into situations where they are vulnerable to abuse. Common grooming strategies include:

Befriending parents, particularly single parents, to gain access to their children.
Offering babysitting services to busy parents or guardians.
Taking jobs and participating in community events that involve children.
Becoming a guardian or foster parent.
Attending sporting events for children.
Offering to coach children's sports.
Volunteering in youth organizations.
Offering to chaperone overnight trips.
Loitering in places children frequent - playgrounds, parks, malls, game arcades, sports fields, etc.

Befriending youngsters on social media (TikTok, Ask.fm, YouTube, Kik, Snapchat, Instagram, etc.) and online gaming platforms.

Other points made from the above article Profile of a Child Molester:

How do sex offenders lure kids online?
How else do child molesters use the Internet?
How do child molesters target their victims?
In fact social media has become one of the greatest factors in an abductor becoming friendly with the victim who then opens up to them about their dissatisfaction with their parents, homelife and other factors that the abductor promises can make better for the victim. Statistics reveal that 65% of underage victims were recruited online in 2020 through Facebook; 14% through Instagram; 8% through SnapChat.

View of A Trafficker Profile

Social Media: Recruiting and Selling Children

Traffickers are seen in greatest numbers among major cities and in such metropolitan locations as Washington D.C., Atlanta, Orlando (the highest incidences during 2007-2016).

Not all traffickers are the same; they are segmented into different roles:
· Recruiters – those involved in apprehending victims from their normal social setting and luring them in by various means of seduction and promises.

· Intermediaries – those who will process the victim into the most viable and financially lucrative category (forced labor to those most physically able; commercial sex industry to those most attractive and endowed; household servitude to those with the least abilities and traits).

· Transporters – who will take the victim across State or National boundaries and ensure that such is accomplished with the greatest degree of secrecy and security. The use of motor vehicles, boats, or planes are utilized.

· Document Providers – very skilled at fabricating official looking documents to ensure passage without raising suspicion.

· Corrupt officials – paid off to look the other way, and even ensure that the traffickers are not apprehended by law enforcement that’s under the official’s jurisdiction.

· Employers – People in association with the traffickers and paid for keeping the victims in ‘safe houses’ until the merchandise is picked up by the buyer. These may be places where the victim is forced into unpaid labor or commercial sex (porn).
Due to the fact that human trafficking pays so well, the perpetrators are willing to risk arrest, conviction and the consequences associated with this abhorrent criminal activity. Most make enough money that they can easily afford legal fees and bail.

One of the most notorious examples of a ‘high-end’ abductor is Jeffrey Epstein.

Profile: Who are the Abductors?

Part THREE: Profile of the Abducted

As stated above, those abducted and enslaved through human trafficking represent the most vulnerable in society including the unwanted, the isolated, the lonely, those without support from family and the community at large.

~ They can be found in every strata of society (even among the upper class, though statistics reveal this group is in the lowest percentile): they can be US citizens or not. They can be found in urban, suburban, and rural areas.

~ These victims are almost never seen in public without their ‘handler’ who guards the victim, limits their interaction with people, will often speak for the victim, and verbally direct them where to go and what to do (this is most notable when such directives are aimed at teenagers or young adults). They are unable to leave home or the work place, and the younger victims are never seen attending school.

~ Most victims will wear clothes that don’t quite fit, will not be wearing jewelry or watches, not have a cell phone (they may have an inoperable phone just for show), will show evidence of bruising or lacerations. They won’t have proper ID and or passports. They will seldom make eye contact with people, and if they speak at all, their answers to questions put to them will mostly be monosyllabic (“yes”, “no”, “maybe”, etc.) and evasive, and nonspecific. They will more often than not look tired, dark circles under blood shot eyes due to sleep deprivation either intentional to weaken their cognitive abilities or as a result of stress and anxiety.

~ Common, everyday conversation will not include information such as who the victims’ parents are, where they live, where they go to school, what they do for a living, (sometimes) what their association is with the person accompanying them (their handler).

~ They will often have no sense of the time or day of the week, or even their current location (the name of the city or State that they’re in).
They may appear thin, sickly, pale due to malnutrition.

~ There are times when victims are seen together in pairs or in threes, in which case there are typically more handlers than just one. Victims will often be observed in close contact with each other (a bonding due to insecurities and fears shared between them).
In a social situation, victims will be observed standing apart from the crowd, sitting alone at the farthest place in a restaurant or hotel lobby.

Psychological and Behavioral Clues:

They will exhibit some or many if not all of the following characteristics:
· A mind set of fear, distrust, denial along with conflicting loyalties.

· Foreign victims are fearful of being jailed or deported.

· A strong distrust of authority figures, especially law enforcement.

· They will not betray their handlers who may have (or probably) coerced the victim into sex trafficking and are threatened that if they expose them (the handlers), that they will be arrested for prostitution while their ‘pimps’ will likely go free (as their bail will be paid, not the victims).

· The traffickers will also threaten harm to the victim’s family and, or friends if they attempt to expose them.

· Victims will have general feelings of helplessness, shame, guilt, self-blame, and humiliation.

· Suffer from shock and denial or display symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, phobias, panic attacks, anxiety, and depression.

· They may become addicted to drugs and alcohol (provided by their handlers so that the victim becomes dependent on them for their supply).

· Victims may display “flat affect” or a non-emotional state of being, detaching and disassociating themselves from their circumstances in a vain attempt to cope.

· They will experience “trauma bonding” with the trafficker and believing that, despite repeated abuse, the trafficker is a loving boyfriend, spouse, or parent.
Physical Effects on Human Trafficking:

While not all victims of trafficking have physical indicators that aid identification, many victims suffer serious health issues, some of which may include the following:
· Signs of physical abuse, such as bruises, broken bones, burns and scarring.

· Chronic back, visual, or hearing problems from working agriculture, construction, or manufacturing.

· Skin and respiratory problems caused by exposure to agricultural or other chemicals.

· Infectious diseases such as tuberculosis and hepatitis which are spread in overcrowded, unsanitary environments with limited ventilation.

· Untreated chronic illnesses such as diabetes, or cardiovascular disease.

· Reproductive health problems, including STDs, UTIs, pelvic pain and injuries from sexual assault or forced abortions.

· Abrasions around the wrists, ankles and, or neck where they victim has been restrained, preventing them from escape.

· Victims will live in cramped living quarters with other victims.

Human Trafficking – Highest Targeted Groups

From YOUTH UNDERGROUND – Some heartbreaking and alarming statistics on human trafficking, especially that of minors.

FACTS & FIGURES – Youth Underground


You could also reach out to the Christian based ministry “SHATTER OPS” that work in tandem with law enforcement agencies in liberating victims of human trafficking:

Check out: www.shatterops.org

Contact SHATTER OPS: https://shatterops.org/contact-us/

ALSO: Listen to this podcast (36 minutes) from SAVETHEM ministries, friends of the late, great Russ Dizdar!

In Section THREE we look deeper into Identifying the Scenario – what conditions are present that make the victim and the circumstances they are in easy prey by the abductors.

Keep your children, and those you know in prayer! Pray for their parents, pray during student traffic to and from school, and during Sunday School attendance. Pray for this nation!

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