"We see, in many a land, the proudest dynasties and tyrannies still crushing, with their mountain weight, every free motion of the Consciences and hearts of men. We see, on the other hand, the truest heroism for the right and the greatest devotion to the Truth in hearts that God has touched. We have a work to do, as great as our forefathers and, perhaps, far greater. The enemies of Truth are more numerous and subtle than ever and the needs of the Church are greater than at any preceding time. If we are not debtors to the present, then men were never debtors to their age and their time. Brethren, we are debtors to the hour in which we live. Oh, that we might stamp it with Truth and that God might help us to impress upon its wings some proof that it has not flown by neglected and unheeded." -- C.H. Spurgeon . . . "If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." John 8:31, 32 . . . . .


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Wednesday, July 21, 2021

A TTUF Report: STRATEGIES as Outlined in WAR of the AGES by Dr. Gregory Reid – Part Five – from Chapter 9 to 24

By James Fire

It’s my express hope that by now, you the reader are captivated enough by these gems of wisdom as provided in the prior TTUF articles that document and elaborate on the strategies and battle tactics found in Dr. Greg Reid’s book WAR of the AGES; captivated enough that you want to get a copy of this book yourself  because from here on out, I will only provide a brief outline of what this book contains.

I’m concerned that some readers after having gone through this ‘Reader’s Digest version’ of WAR of the AGES, they won’t feel a need to get the book. Nothing could be further from the truth. You can’t know the struggle I had in what to include in this summary and what to leave out. I hope you’ll discover and appreciate for yourself the full scope of this work!

I hope to conduct an interview with Greg (printed or video or both?) on this immensely necessary text.

Imagine a General leading his troops into war without any idea of a battle plan in mind – just sort of wing it and trust to fate. What would his soldiers feel about that? I for one know that I don’t have the experience of spiritual warfare as Greg does, nor do I have the depth of insight that he has in these matters. It’s for this reason that I listen carefully when he speaks and take his words to heart once I confirm their validity in Scripture (which consistently happens).

This book is indeed a military manual for tactical superiority as revealed in Scripture, and I’m blessed to have it for learning and referring to as the needs arise – and I believe that as this culture has maliciously migrated away from biblical truth, the vacuum that it’s left is being filled with satanic influences, powers and strongholds that is inevitably leading to mass demonization which in turn will bring about a global society that will embrace the anti-Christ once he arrives on the scene - 
and such need therefore will become evident!

In the meantime, there will be those caught in these webs of wickedness and will cry out for deliverance. That is where you and I come in. Are you ready for this kind of battle, or do you feel yourself ill-equipped and intimidated by these malevolent and unseen evil spirits that lust after the destruction of humanity? You can gain such equipment by reading this book and conducting your own biblical study on this subject. We at TTUF have a series on Spiritual Warfare that you might consider useful. Once you understand the authority you have in Christ [link] there will be no need at all to feel intimidated!
So, without any further ado let’s go over the rest of this book in outline form:


It starts off with GENESIS 6 and the infamous nephilim, these bizarre hybrids of angelic and human beings, which Greg ably defends against what’s known as ‘The Sethite view’. Greg correlates this phenomenon with what we’ve seen in today’s world involving UFO’s or UAP’s as they are commonly referred to as today (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena).

He touches on demons as they are identified in the Old Testament and how they were worshiped as ‘gods and goddesses’ which demanded child sacrifice and while ‘the names have been changed to protect’ the guilty, it’s the same demonic entities that crave after the blood of babies in your typical abortion clinic (and if you can’t see the connection, then you need to learn more about demonology).


Greg starts off this chapter with a vital perspective; Satan’s kingdom is interconnected well beyond singular, localized instances and stretches out on a global network, and we need to have “the big picture” – hence an understanding of world rulers is important!
The first World Ruler, Nimrod, is the first type for an anti-Christ as found in GENESIS 11. It’s pertinent to realize that Nimrod’s rule wasn’t merely political, but spiritual as well, and specifically, occult in nature.

I submit to the reader that today’s world rulers are hardly any different (behind closed doors – for now). He then traces such Luciferian Leadership to Pharaoh and Nebuchadnezzar and delves deeply into involvement in the history of Blavatsky of the Theosophical Society, Adolf Hitler (an occult adept), Stalin, Lenin, Marx as well as the influences of evolution that has increased the spiritual vacuum that brought us Nietzsche’s expression “God is dead”, which in turn afforded Satan the opportunity to feed spiritually-starved man with his own poison.
[Note from James: Under the leadership of such world leadership we have embraced the idea of willfully participated genocide (abortion), eugenics, world government in Socialist-style. If one does their homework as Dr. Stan Monteith has done in his small, but potent book Brotherhood of Darkness, one will conclude that every major global player in any of the political, economic, social spheres are brought to power and maintain it with affiliation and affection to occult disciplines! These spheres are unified in their industrious efforts to obtain three goals: the destruction of Israel, the corruption of the church and world domination.]

The sin of the individual increases exponentially in society when melded with the collective humanity. The cumulative effect is the evil of this world, but humanity is not its only source. The evil of the angelic race that fell from heaven brings this world to a whole different level of evil. If unchecked, it continues to grow at an increasingly accelerated rate. Such evil that corrupts a society doesn’t happen overnight, but Satan will ensure its cultivation until such a society is ruined.
Phase One deals with: the Fallen Foundation of Truth
Phase Two deals with: Breaking Down Walls and Erasing Boundaries
Phase Three: Truth Being Publicly Disregarded
Phase Four: Truth is Socially Discarded which in itself has Six Arenas of Regression: Prosperity, Iniquity, Deception, Idolatry, Division, and Sorcery.

Influential factors included the sexual revolution of the 60’s with the inclusion of the drug culture and eastern religious practices with various mystical meditation; the propaganda of immorality as promoted by Hollywood ‘entertainment’, abortion and women’s liberation and later, the introduction of the Internet and the new era of digital porn which provided the next step into gay porn and the rights of homosexual marriage – which in itself opened the pandora’s box to the anything goes philosophy of the LGBTQ culture.

This is what’s happening in today’s world; tomorrow’s world will likely see the moral standard that was established by the Judeo-Christian ethic entirely erased along with the criminalization of biblical Christianity.
Greg’s summary conclusion: “We should extract ourselves from all of these cultural impurities and pray for mercy – and REVIVAL, God may yet give us more time!"


Greg relates the wide range of experiences with demon extraction, and puzzles over why some are done with relative ease, while with others it’s a savage battle for the burdened soul. He resists (rightly so) a ‘one-size-fits-all’ mentality when it comes to exorcisms. He addresses mute spirits and spirits that cause illnesses but points out that not all sicknesses are related to demons as some would assert. Conditions such as schizophrenia and other mental illnesses may have physiological, biochemical causes and effects.
Greg points to Scripture that testifies that one of the signs of a true disciple is the casting out of demons.

He describes the various situations and environments in which demonic spirits are present, and how they will afflict their victims, as well as the protocols we need to abide by when dealing with the demonic (no dialogues! Silence the spirit and focus on its extraction). Greg points out we must have deep compassion for these poor souls enslaved and tormented by demons and let such compassion fuel our determination to see them set free.

The situation around the biblical account of Legion is addressed; then an analysis of an extraction is presented using the biblical text found in MARK 9:17-29. The “spirit of infirmity” is also discussed as well as the various ‘doorways’ in which demons may enter a person (and these are many and varied!).

Above all of this, Greg admonishes us to keep our perspective (LUKE 10:17-20) when it comes to power over demons and rejoice rather that our “names are written in heaven”!


Greg continues in his examination of Scripture that entails spiritual warfare and demonization, as well as tolls of victory over the enemy. If this is a ‘how to’ book, it’s one based on scriptural foundations. This chapter discusses the sweeping of unclean spirits, that is the release of people from their demonic captors which themselves will never be released from their own perverted wickedness (hence, “unclean spirit”).

These unclean spirits will only have some semblance of rest, rather than their typical frenetic and violent activity, when they inhabit a human being (which is why they fight so tenaciously when the attempt of exorcizing them occurs). Elsewhere in this chapter seducing spirits an miracle devils are mentioned.

Oppression, divination, discernment of spirits are all discussed in this chapter, as well as the strong admonition to be filled with the Spirit and the Word of GOD so that the Christian’s discernment will be strong, and deception won’t be a factor. The truth that you can’t borrow the authority of another believer but must be procured from The Authority and faith in His Name, Jesus Christ. Even so, demon extraction and deliverance must be done only by those who understand this authority and have learned to walk in it. The lessons of the seven sons of Sceva should be learned by us all (ACTS 19:13-18)! Those untaught and ill-equipped will certainly suffer humiliation and injury as those seven men did – or worse!

The armor of GOD is HIS Armor and must be employed in all engagements of spiritual warfare and certainly no less when it comes to demon extractions.
As children of GOD born of His Spirit to new life in Christ we ought to leave all of the sins with its allurements and attractions behind and walk in freedom and holiness. Any secret sin, any idol, any darkness held endearingly will result in spiritual vulnerability by the enemy. The only way to victory is surrender to Christ!

The issue of condemnation and snares is addressed as well as leadership and authority.
As mentioned earlier, as we get closer to the return of Jesus we will see more demonic miracles and “signs and lying wonders” that are sent to deceive people, and this will get into the church. So how do we discern? This is discussed in detail in chapter 14. Yet here in chapter 13, Greg outlines four points to aid in discernment; in brief these are:

1) Ask “What is the purpose of this?”
2) Be cautious of any ‘supernatural’ thing that requires a specific method, device, object, etc.
3) Don’t ever be afraid to test these things.
4) If it doesn’t feel right, you need to listen to the Holy Spirit and avoid whatever it is.


The subject of discernment isn’t addressed at length in Scripture, but where it’s mentioned, it involves a judicial estimation, discriminate, determine – the ability to distinguish types of demonic entities, the ability to identify when something or someone is in error scripturally. Greg speaks on the responsibility to discern wisely and always measured in grace; never shouting heretic over those who promote peripheral teachings they disagree with.

1. Discernment is employed by those who exhorts others in biblical truth, using Scripture in confronting error.
2. Discernment of spirits is both a manifestation of the Holy Spirit and a weapon and tool that can be developed (HEB 4:12; 5:14).
3. Discerning something doesn’t necessarily require confrontation but always watchful intercessory prayer over the situation.
4. Discernment is not guess work, is not psychic; it can be a specific knowing of someone’s intent, or whether or not they are under demonic influence. Knowing something is wrong, but without specifics means that you wait and watch for further discernment.
5. Learn the difference between human spirit and demonic spirit.
Various episodes in which discernment was exercised is elaborated here. Greg exhorts that we regularly pray to GOD for accurate discernment, to walk in truth, to delve into GOD’s Word which sharpens [all the gifts of the Spirit, including] discernment.


In this chapter Greg talks about the supernatural (and evil) experiences of night terrors, one of the most documented phenomenon in church history (identified as incubus and succubus). He relates experiences he had as a child that include astral projection, a demonically forced activity; feeling and sometimes seeing a presence manifest, and involvement with the Ouija board.

It was after he came to Christ and renounced the occult that his ‘spirit guides’ turned on him violently but retreated once Greg understood his spiritual authority in Christ.
How To Deal with Attacks
1. Call on the name of Jesus, even if only mentally
2. Get up, turn on the light.
3. Get your Bible, read – especially Psalms – out loud.
4. Pray nightly before sleep time, asking Jesus to cover you and protect you with His angels (PSALM 4:8).
5. Remember your armor if a nightmare isn’t ‘just a nightmare’. Don’t own nightmares of a particularly evil and, or sexual nature as yours; these are fiery darts thrown by the enemy of your soul.

Attacks tend to happen when you’re: tired, overworked, fallen out of time in the Word and prayer or emotionally vulnerable.


Understanding how a person falls prey to demonization (which at times can prove useful) is not as important as getting them set free. Formulaic explanations don’t work here because there are many different methods of entry; again, no ‘one size fits all’ – neat and tidy, isn’t practical when it comes to dealing with the demonic. Some extractions are relatively easy, others seem nearly impossible – and the range in between the two extremes is evident to any who has experience with these things. 
Don’t engage in an interview with the demon – that’s not your purpose: delivering the captive is. Trust GOD for what we do know, as revealed in Scripture, and trust His provision for what we don’t know in delivering souls from this bondage.

Greg surveys “The Battlefield” and explains Satan’s deed over this world and his being expelled at the cross of Christ. Satan depends on people’s ignorance of this victory procured by Christ to remain in dominance over this world, engaged in spiritually vampiric activities, preying upon people who suffer the slightest breach, a tear in the soul, a rip in their mind, a fracture of the heart – entry ways all.

The blood bought soldier of Jesus Christ, upon entering the field of battle to scatter demons, and rout out the enemy, taking prisoners out of darkness and into the Kingdom of GOD!

Chapter SEVENTEEN: SPECIFIC DOORS of ENTRANCE: PART ONE – The Three-fold Cord: Substance abuse, the Occult and Sexual Sins

Three primary points of entry are drug use, sexual sin and occult involvement. It’s when all three are in evidence that a demonized person is particularly difficult to deliver! The subject of generational curses is discussed in which occult involvement by the parents can lead to demonic spirits being passed down to their children: familiar spirits, essentially.

Various ‘occult doors’ by which people may become demonically influenced and, or demonized are listed; among them the infamous Ouija board, Curanderismo (Mexican/Hispanic form of occult practice), astrology, New Age/New Spirituality practice, Wicca/Witchcraft, psychic workings; also Occult books, movies, video games, music, jewelry, art and paraphernalia; seances, divination and necromancy, astral projection, and other belief systems and practices.

In all of these, manifest spirits and voices, ‘avatars and ascended masters’ will teach “doctrines of demons” such as: Jesus was just a man with “the Christ Spirit” but not GOD Himself, nor did He die for your sins; the Bible is not the Word of GOD – all religious boos have equal truth; there is no hell or judgment day, all paths lead to God, reincarnation is spiritual reality; there are no ‘last days’, etc.


False religion can be a major open door to demonic bondage. The spirit of deception is most able to mislead the multitudes in the guise of spirituality, sacred texts, and ‘holy’ activity in false religions such as Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormonism, Scientology, Masonry [and as mentioned in the last chapter, witchcraft/Wicca – essentially, every religion outside of Mosaic Judaism and biblical Christianity].


Here we get into some highly sensitive areas where demons can flourish under cover of such things as ensure their influence, and over Christians no less: things like unforgiveness, bitterness, resentment, jealousy and too many other things uncovered, unrepented and unconfessed which will fester and stifle the life that Christ would see flourish. Demonic spirits will do their level best to sympathize with their victim and whisper all kinds of justification for harboring these sins, when Christ has called us to forgive others as He has forgiven us! Other sins of the heart are self-pity, rage, gossip, a critical spirit, division, self-righteousness and of course, the very thing that turned a holy cherub into a Satan: pride.


Greg wants to emphasize that we are to take responsibility for our own sins and rebellion, but at the same time wants us to be aware that demonic spirits can “push the ball down the hill that we already set in motion by our own sins”. He cites these various levels of influence of the demonic sort:

Level One – Thoughts, Impressions, and dreams – those fleeting, grossly vulgar, evil fiery darts that affect our mind.
Level Two – Oppression – may manifest in the form of bad, unexpected headaches, confusion, disorientation; overwhelming doubt, unreasonable and obsessive fears, irrational and disconnected or out-of-character demonic and/or sinful thoughts; unexpected discouragement leading to despair.
Level Three – Strongholds – those areas in our lives that Satan has a particularly powerful grip; a major area of predominance.
Level Four – Conscience Demonization – an awareness of an outer power is beginning to take control over one’s thoughts, words, actions in a compulsive, uncontrollable manner.
Level Five – Perfect Possession – A person is completely or nearly completely taken over by a demon(s); this is rare but does happen. One must be utterly prepared and serious in this sort of engagement. Such things are indicators: unexplained, repeated headaches not medically related; obsessive thoughts of evil or sin; compulsive sins, constant nightmares of an occult/demonic nature; overwhelming attraction to certain sins/addictions (includes violent/slasher or occult video games, movies, music); drawn towards people/social groups that are carriers of occult spirits (New Agers/Wiccans, gay groups, party groups, white supremacists, [Antifa, BLM]); aversion to church, Christians, the Bible, GOD, Jesus Christ either in gradual or sudden manner. Also withdrawal from others, especially believers; uncontrolled foul language (not Tourette’s syndrome); darkness in the eyes or change of color or eye shape; trancing out; blasphemy; loss of body functions.

TEN DOORS of ENTRANCE – Areas Demanding Guarding and Protecting
Are there any open doors in your:
Mind – What you think, read, imagine.
Body – What you do with the Temple of GOD.
Ears – What you hear and listen to.
Feet – Where you go.
Heart – Who and what you love – your affections.
Eyes – What you see and put before your eyes.
Soul – What rules your emotional life.
Mouth – What you say.
Spirit – What controls the very center of your being.
Hands – What you touch and put your hands to.


Demonic spirits are nimble, fast-thinking, cunning, adept at creating confusion and chaos; we can’t afford to confront them in a free-for-all where everyone on the extraction team ‘takes a shot’ at the demon in a disorderly, haphazard fashion, but neither can we expect a well laid out by-the-book strategy to go ‘as planned’. We can’t hope to match them in our own power, but the Holy Spirit is far more than a match for them. Thus we must always be in tune with the Spirit of GOD.

Be prepared, rested, fluid and sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading.
Work on your weaknesses: constant vigilance is the posture of the soldier. Go to GOD asking Him to reveal any weaknesses or inadequacies and in cooperation with the Spirit, work on them, allowing no chink in your armor that the enemy can take advantage of!

Spiritual warfare: requires specific agenda, especially in deliverance. Engage only when you are clear and certain on what you will do (with the victim, in the case of extraction). Specific goals are key to certain victory. It’s the difference between WW II and Viet Nam.

Pursuit in the battle: this means an ever-ready mind for warfare, in the heart of spiritual warriors always dressed in GOD’s armor. Posture must neither be passive resistance to sin nor a ‘circle the wagons’ strategy that is content to simply ‘hold on to what we got’. [Here the old adage, The best defense is a good offense’ may be applicable].

Maintenance of morale: the battle against the evil enemy who is relentless, persistent, tireless can cause the warrior to grow weary, then fall into despair. We need to regularly partake of the Life provided by the LORD Jesus Christ; we do this by consistently getting into – His Word, and disciplined prayer [and intentional praise and worship of our LORD].

~ Praying especially for everyone you’re involved with in ministry, family, friends and solicit prayer from them – watching each other’s backs. Check on one another’s spiritual condition regularly.
~ Take a Sabbath rest (Saturday or not!). It’s a day of rest, spiritual refreshment, and rejuvenation: it’s a requirement, not an option.
~ Because so much darkness is involved in spiritual warfare, it’s vital that you do lighthearted and fun things just as military regularly take R&R.
~ Cooperation: working in coordinated fashion where everyone knows what their responsibilities are, and what they can expect through the chain of command, this is crucial.

[It must be understood that while we all engage in spiritual warfare to some degree (personal holiness in a world of sin, prayer for saints and sinners, sharing the Gospel, etc.) there are others specifically called to engage the enemy in a ‘direct frontal assault’ and with sustained offensive maneuvers. This isn’t for everyone; those battle-scarred warriors do what they do, while others engage in those areas meant for all Christians (as cited above). But where some may be directly involved in deliverances, or confronting Satanist activities, others may remain behind the scenes and interceding. All of us must do our part.]

Every believer: must have the understanding and mentality to know of this war, our battle with the enemy on our own behalf, that of our families and the lost. As the LORD’s return draws closer the darkness will increase, so we understand that this warfare is a way of life, not a hobby.

High combat readiness: must be maintained: able to drop things at a moment’s notice and pick up ‘your gear’ and head out to battle. No warrior finds prowess with the sword in their first training exercise. Diligent practice, practice, practice. For the spiritual warrior time in the Word, prayer, fasting means being ‘battle-ready’.

Orders are to be followed exactly: Just as there is a rank and file in the kingdom of darkness, there certainly is in the kingdom of GOD; Michael the arc-angel is the supreme leader of GOD’s heavenly host.
The church likewise has its own rank and file – and when the under-shepherds, as they are led by the Spirit of GOD instruct those under them, those orders are to be followed precisely so as to ensure safety and protection as much as is possible.


In this chapter the imbuing of objects with demonic power is discussed. These are relics, talismans, jewelry and crystals, etc. that are ‘charmed’ by occult practitioners that must be rejected and destroyed (DEUT 7:26; ACTS 19:18-19). Anyone keeping such things, believing they can be ‘sanctified’ is endangering themselves and others. “…places and things offered to demons or occult practices maintain a certain attachment and power from the enemy – this is why spiritual housecleaning is so important”! This excludes the practice of ‘ghostbusting’, as though a departed human spirit, unaware of their own demise, or having “unfinished business” that they need to attend to needs to be satisfied and put to rest. No human spirits dwell on this earth (ECCL 9:5-6; HEB 9:27); if anything, these are demonic spirits masquerading as a dearly departed loved one.

Various books that can lead to demonic deception and involvement (and once used, could legitimately have a demonic spirit associated with (or ‘attached’) to it as their legal right to do so [much as when Adam sinned, because he was GOD’s official steward over the Earth, Satan was legally able to claim this world as his own. The world was in this sense, ‘attached’ or associated with Satan on a legal basis].

Music being a powerful medium can be heavily influential over human souls, and if the musicians are promoting demonic philosophy personally as well as in their lyrics – New Age, Satanic, etc. the one who owns such music needs to get rid of it! Claims are made that “I don’t listen to the words” are invalid, only because one can recall and sing along to such songs because the lyrics are listened to!

Jewelry that promotes New Age, Wicca, Masonry, various cultural religious emblems such as the ankh or the scarab beetle (Egyptian) may all have definitive demonic attachments. Caution regarding Native American, African, Jamaican, Oriental etc. items must be exercised. The same goes for certain (role playing) ‘games’ D & D, Ouija, I Ching, etc. must be expressly rejected and disposed of.
The issue of ‘soul ties’ brought up previously is addressed here as well.


The spiritual principle of sin that effects everyone and everything around us, most particularly where families are concerned is dealt with here. Issues like familiar spirits and “blood ties” that may prompt the transference of demonic spirits from the older to the younger generations is something we must be aware of. Transference may be more likely to occur when admission into certain clubs, fraternal orders or societies is received; sexual practices, drug use, gang membership, organized crime may also bring about transference.

Greg offers a prayer that one may model their own renunciation after, if one finds such involvement in their family lineage or something the person themselves has participated in.


MARK 16:17
And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues

This is not theoretical, but reality. The entirety of this book is presented for three reasons:

1) To give you a scriptural foundation for your education on spiritual warfare.
2) For your personal deliverance.
3) To give you practical applications and tools for effective warfare.

Because of the fact that spontaneous manifestation of demonization occurs, this requires 24/7 vigilance and wearing of GOD’s Armor – one never knows when the enemy may attack. Take note that any time Jesus and His disciples were walking in the power of GOD, demons manifested – they came out of the woodwork (MATT 8:29). [Any time GOD is doing a powerful work, Satan will show up. He will always ‘attend church’ that’s shining brightest in this world – to attempt to put a stop to it!]. A call to confront and extract demons is rarely convenient [but any ministry is inconvenient in many respects].

SPECIFIC TACTICS REQUIRED: methods are never cut and dry or uniform. Procedures used successfully previously are no guarantee for effective extraction in the future.

1) Avoid techniques (2) Deliverance manuals are basically ineffective (3) Go in to an extraction prepared, nimble, vigilant, discerning, guarded and flexible (4) Avoid talking conversationally (5) Authority to demand its departure is from JESUS – not you! (6) No mocking (7) Don’t allow yourself to be sidetracked by the demon or any manifestation it may cause (objects moving by themselves, speaking in strange languages, physiological changes, etc.) (8) Go completely clean – sins confessed, washed in the blood (9) No novices allowed except by direction of the Spirit. (10) Leave all arrogance at the door (11) Be persistent, focused and determined (12) Don’t yell at the demon (they aren’t deaf!) (13) Don’t allow the demon to intrigue or mesmerize you or engage you in argument or discussion (14) Don’t touch or restrain the person unless absolutely necessary for their protection or that of those present (15) If its necessary to restrain the person, don’t allow anyone except you and those you have authorized to touch or restrain them (16) Demons can be incredibly deceptive. Make sure they are gone (17) It may be necessary to ask questions such as “what is your name (not necessarily a requirement)? what legal right do you have to be here? Yet make sure communication is sparse and specific (18) They hate worship of JESUS – do it! (19) They really hate the Bible – read it aloud, such as PSALM 91 and REVELATION 18.

1) Have ONE point man to address the demon and no more than one (though a back-up point man should be selected as mentioned below (2) Someone needs to be appointed to quietly read Scripture in the background and may be called forward to read loud and clear in the demons presence (3) Have worship, live or recorded playing in the background – specifically those that sing about redemption, the blood of Christ, the Cross (4) Pray with your team beforehand; fast when possible (5) Make sure everyone understands the rules – no one is to disobey the guidelines (6) All team members must spend time before hand in prayer, putting all sin under the blood of JESUS [– or the demon can and will expose it before everyone!] (7) Forbid ‘gang deliverance’ One voice alone to address the demon (the point man). (8) Any team member that breaches the rules is to be removed and if possible replaced (9) Have a seasoned second in command to back up the point man.

Once the demon is fully exposed, there comes a moment of complete chaos – don’t give into fear; be prepared for what comes next: the (dark) spiritual and physical world becomes one. Everything becomes foggy and surreal, a numbness in the room is felt – a disorientation that’s beyond description. One may witness: blasphemy, a sharp drop or rise in temperature, disembodied voices, objects moving by themselves, the demonized person speaking in foreign (or unknown) languages, mockery of the point man [or the team as a whole], hideous laughter, speaking in the third person “They gave us permission to be here!”. At this point the demon realizes it’s in danger of expulsion and will fight viciously to keep its host.

This is the crucial point where the demon has lost its ground and the extraction is at its climax – the demon will antagonize, threaten, and beg. The atmosphere in the room will change as the will of GOD’s Kingdom confronts the demon in preparation for its expulsion:

The will of the demon is broken, all its power to remain has been stripped and forced to leave. At this point the disorientation and darkness will dissipate, and GOD’s peace will reign. If in doubt of the demon’s complete extraction, persist and prayerfully ask for discernment from GOD on whether or not it’s actually gone.

At this point it’s crucial to minister to the victim, praying, comforting, loving on them, minister to any lingering fears they may have; be sure they are properly hydrated. Don’t leave them until they are at peace and all fear is gone. It’s helpful if they can stay with a family member or friend that night.

After-Care is mentioned in tending to the needs of both the team and the victim.

Last words from Greg in this chapter:
But my prayer is that [this] will help you fight well, and successfully in any battle you engage in. As for the rest, I am fully confident that the Holy Spirit will give you all you need as you trust Him in this most serious and crucial war.”

This ends this summary: A TTUF Report: STRATEGIES as Outlined in WAR of the AGES by Dr. Gregory Reid!

Here is a TTUF interview with Greg, with pertinent and incisive questions to the edification of saints who may need such answers to such questions! Subsequent articles are linked so you can read all four parts conveniently!

A TTUF Interview w/ Dr. Greg Reid on WAR of the AGES – PART 1 of 4

Until then, Keep your eyes on the skies, and don't believe the lies; Jesus Christ returns soon from on High!

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