"We see, in many a land, the proudest dynasties and tyrannies still crushing, with their mountain weight, every free motion of the Consciences and hearts of men. We see, on the other hand, the truest heroism for the right and the greatest devotion to the Truth in hearts that God has touched. We have a work to do, as great as our forefathers and, perhaps, far greater. The enemies of Truth are more numerous and subtle than ever and the needs of the Church are greater than at any preceding time. If we are not debtors to the present, then men were never debtors to their age and their time. Brethren, we are debtors to the hour in which we live. Oh, that we might stamp it with Truth and that God might help us to impress upon its wings some proof that it has not flown by neglected and unheeded." -- C.H. Spurgeon . . . "If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." John 8:31, 32 . . . . .


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Thursday, October 24, 2019


 ~ by James Fire


There are many who are Materialists and Modernists, who dismiss anything relating to a spiritual reality. These are those who believe we are merely biological organisms: thinking meat machines as it were.

They look at the idea of ‘Satan’ as a man of red skin, horns, pitchfork and a tail and one who rules in a mythical hell. The same goes for angels, demons and God – all imaginary. C.S. Lewis once stated in The Screwtape Letters, an allegorical work where an elder demon is instructing his novice regarding his ‘assignment’ (“patient”). 

If once we can produce our perfect work – the Materialist Magician, the man, not using, but veritably worshipping, what he vaguely calls ‘Forces’ while denying the existence of ‘spirits’ – then the end of the war will be in sight. But in the meantime, we must obey our orders. I do not think you will have much difficulty in keeping the patient in the dark. The fact that ‘devils’ are predominantly comic figures in the modern imagination will help you. If any faint suspicion of your existence begins to arise in his mind, suggest to him a picture of something in red tights, and persuade him that since he cannot believe in that (it is an old textbook method of confusing them) he therefore cannot believe in you.”

Stalin thought as much as well, but this deeply philosophical, though certainly deranged (probably possessed) man, was greatly troubled over the truth that “nothing unreal exists” – that you can’t imagine anything that doesn’t correlate with reality. Can you come up with an eighth note on the musical scale? Or an up-to-now never seen color? A new emotion?
Take the movie Avatar – with all of those wild looking animals and plant life; these were all things that relate to reality – though these creatures in themselves don’t exist, all they really are, are composites of different animals and plants (that DO exist in our world) combined in ways that don’t exist in our world.

Stalin thought about how ‘God’ was an imaginary delusion of commoners, but he always came back to the truth that nothing unreal exists. And this plagued him to his dying day.
Rather than thinking of Satan (and fallen angels, demons and holy angels) in medieval terms (as portrayed in art and in many instances, the literature of that time) as such caricatures, what about non-corporeal beings of pure intellect?

Scientists find it conceivable that there could be beings in the universe so highly evolved (and I am by no means endorsing evilution – note the correct spelling [wink]) that they no longer require a physical body but transcended such to become absolute mentality.

In such terms as these, why couldn’t there be a malicious being that is inimical to the human race? There is the problem of evil in our world and the challenge of GOD’s existence – “Either GOD is all loving or He is all powerful, but He cannot be both. For if He is all powerful then He could stop evil, but if He doesn’t, He can’t be all loving.” – Or vice versa. We address this issue the article, Evil: This Strange Predicament.

The subject of this article is the visible and observable emergence of the protocols of Luciferianism. The definition of protocol as used in the title of this article is, “the official procedure or system of rules governing affairs of state”.


There are those that revere Satan/Lucifer but in an ideological and philosophical sense – they don’t (so they claim) believe in an actual person, but a principle, as The Church of Satan claims, founded by the deceased Anton Szandor LaVey (though there are those that believe this was a cover, and the secret beliefs of this man and his followers very much indeed believed in the actual personage of Satan).

However, the Bible reveals the devil as an actual person and states that Satan rebelled against GOD (ISAIAH 14 and EZEK 28) and persuaded a third of the entire angelic hosts (REV 12:4) to follow him in this uprising, and they were then summarily cast out of heaven.
Yet this adversary wasn’t done, not by a long shot – he invaded the garden of Eden and confronted the mother of our race, Eve, and persuaded her, and through her, the father of our race, Adam, to disobey GOD and take of that forbidden fruit of “the tree of knowledge of good and evil”; thus they could become “like God” by such an inappropriate and unlawful method that is satanic in nature.

Because of this, stewardship of the world that GOD granted to Adam, was transferred over to Satan, who is now the governor (“god”; 2 COR 4:4) of this world and is ‘calling the shots’ – so if you don’t like the way things are going here on this planet, make sure you curse the right god!

As the ruler of this world system, what is his official procedure or system of rules governing his affairs of state (that spans this entire globe)?

The primary system of rule is the absolute and total conduct that is precisely antithetical to GOD and everything that He represents; and in its place, his own ideology which resembles GOD’s own government, but is perverted by the evilness of sin that found its way into this fallen angel’s heart when he essentially declared, “Not YOUR will O LORD, but MY will be done!”

Satan doesn’t require his followers to drape themselves in scarlet and black robes, to chant adulation to him in Latin, to burn candles, incense, commit Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) upon victims, particularly the defenseless (including children) and make offerings in blood in the dead of night.

What is required to follow this fallen cherub? Aleister Crowley, devoted occultist summed it up well:

Do what thou wilt, shall be the whole of thy law”, the law of Thelema
In other words, live life the way YOU want, regardless of what some ‘angry old man in the sky demands of you from some oldy, moldy book written by primitive men thousands of years ago’. You can be a Humanist, a Buddhist, a Magickian, an Atheist/Agnostic, a Moralist, a religious person, a Hedonist, a Wiccan, a Muslim, a New Spiritualist – whatever you want: just don’t believe in the LORD Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible! That is Satan’s requirement!

He doesn’t even mind being worshiped under a pseudonym like Apollo, Ba’al, Osiris, Allah or Kali. 

Yet I believe his end goal is to bring about global recognition and adoration of his true name and personage and the Bible states this is exactly what will happen, when he raises up his representative, referred to as the Beast of Revelation (REV 13:3-8).


Everything in this world is being prepared to accept this coming one, and his father and so we are seeing a resurgence of Satanism among the common populace, and even the higher esoteric system of Luciferianism (sometimes referred to as the Illuminati) among the world’s elite (Note: We do not endorse the views and beliefs of this website Waking Times however, the content of this article and the accompanying video portrays a hidden reality that must be understood to exist in our world).

These things are as real as the one that these Satanists and Luciferians worship. What you are going to read and watch here is in fact, ‘Real Dark News’!

THROUGH THE BLACK has done two films I would strongly recommend:
DETESTABLE (58 mins. 16 sec.). Buy or rent it here.
Also THIS IS A WAR – this is a trailer of the film (2 min. 12 sec). You can buy or rent this here as well. 

See a more recent video between Thomas Dunn and ‘Angie’ on these issues (1 hr. 18 mins.)

There is documented and corroborated evidence and testimony of a Satanist coven in England:

In 2014, a leaked video depicted two young children, explaining in detail the horrific abuse that they had been exposed to at Hampstead Christ Church Primary School in London England. Scenes of satanic rituals, sexual abuse, infant murder and cannibalism were described in vivid detail by these children, causing the video to become viral.  Unfortunately, though, this is not the only secret...”

You can read about this and watch the videos at the website London Has A Secret. Documents on this can be read here and videos here, and there is the The Legendary Campaign as well for your discerning consideration. For an update on Hampstead Justice – Save The Littles, watch this video:

You can find even more information about The Hampstead Case here.
Here is a THROUGH The BLACK panel discussion of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) with Thomas Dunn, Jared Chrestman and Greg Reid who shares his personal testimony of his own abuse by an occultic coven that he was being trained in as “a magick mirror” (59 mins 46 sec).

You can read Greg’s testimony in a TTUF interview based on his autobiography NOBODY’S ANGEL: Part One of Four.
You can buy your own copy of his autobiography here, and the companion book, an interview with the author here (this companion book is based on the TTUF interview, parts 1-4, link above).


There are documentaries that portray the reality of secret/semi-secret and or esoteric societies and organizations, like Cecil Rhodes and Round Table Societies; even in America alone, there are over 600 of these but not all of them are mystical or religious in their orientation; however there are certainly enough of these to warrant investigation and once done, one comes to the conclusion that there is a common thread among them.

Whether you’re talking about the Council on Foreign Relations, the United Nations (to comprehend the spiritual inspiration of this organization, one must acknowledge the influence that the Theosophical Society has had in it), Club of Rome, Bohemian Club or Skull and Bones or other more ancient organizations and orders like Druidism, Wicca, the Rosicrucian Society, Knights Templar, Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, the Masonic Order – they all pay homage to a central figure that translates to a Supreme Being of Light and knowledge (Gnosticism -  the discipline that believes salvation is not by atonement, especially not atonement by blood and particularly by the blood of Christ, but by obtaining of esoteric knowledge and wisdom; refer to GEN 2:17; 3:6). This is the personage of the one we refer to as Satan, or the devil (in ‘disguise’ as it were).

Here is one chronology that encompasses the historical path of secret societies as they relate to our known history (NOTE: We don’t necessarily agree with the assertions made on this site, particularly and especially where Jesus of Nazareth is concerned).
Scripture is replete with various religions and false gods that mirror the ideologies of these secret societies and the protocol of the god of this world:

Salvation was not through the God of the Bible and the atonement He prescribes, but often by the bloodshed of infants or other human beings. Scripture states that sacrifices to false gods were really offerings to demonic spirits (PSALM 106:37) and coupled together with delusional self-righteousness by ritual, rite and religious thought, bloodshed and esoteric ideologies mirror today’s Satanism and Luciferianism today.

What is highly significant is the fact that all of this stemmed from gnosis or “knowledge” of good and evil, from that forbidden fruit as described in GENESIS 3. It would seem that knowledge was codified at the Tower of Babel where a one world government and one world religion flourished under the guidance of “the sons of God” (fallen angels) – and the world is reverting back to its spiritual roots, to Babylon, politically, spiritually and  ideologically.
Even in the Old Testament history of Israel, we find those who were supposed to be sanctified as Levitical priests or godly elders of the nation, devoted to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, that instead were looking “to the East” and worshiping false gods in secret, within the Temple of GOD (EZEK 8:5-18)! 

We see that the mystical, esoteric societies run through the Old Testament, among the nations like Egypt (
GEN 41:8,24; EXOD 7:11,22) and Babylon (DAN 1:20; 2:2,27; 4:7) and that these mystery schools migrate to the nations that come to power (Medo-Persian Empire, Greek, Roman Empire – later Europe, Russia, the USA, etc.).

Modern examples of Satanism and its formation in the last few centuries arose in significant degree from those who protested Roman Catholicism (thus the black mass), but certainly not exclusively from such motivations.

Famous Satanists over the ages include Gilles de Rais, a 15th century French nobleman, was tried and executed for the murders of hundreds of children in quasi-Satanic rituals.
The late 17th century campaign against alleged satanism known as the Poison Affair under Louis XIV, involved accusations of widespread poisonings, infanticide and forgery committed by an alleged satanic social network.

Modern Satanist groups fall into two major trends: Theistic Satanism, which venerates Satan as a supernatural deity, and Atheistic Satanism, which regards Satan as symbolic of purely certain human traits.

The Church of Satan, established in San Francisco in 1966, preaches the Nine Satanic Statements, which include "Satan represents indulgence instead of abstinence", "Satan represents vengeance instead of turning the other cheek" and "Satan represents all of the so-called sins, as they all lead to physical, mental, or emotional gratification".

There is now a growing movement of theistic Satanists, who believe in and revere Satan as a deity. The Temple of Set is an example; founded by Michael Aquino, which identifies the Christian Satan with the ancient Egyptian god Set. Opposite this are the philosophic kinds: one is the Church of Satan, founded by Anton LaVey (though, again, there is some suspicion that this is just a cover for a more theistic view within ‘an inner circle’ of that group.
Among the theistic branches of Satanism, there are different kinds

(1) The self-styled (populated mostly by teenagers and young adults, especially in and around University campuses).
(2) The religious (such as a number of Satanic churches and temples that are springing up across the nation; but many of these perceive Satan as a philosophic concept rather than theistic) and 
(3) The generational (generations of families are raised in a deeply committed and devoted to the person of Satan on a global scale) – and of these, the generational are the most powerful and deadly – this is where Satanism itself migrates into Luciferianism or is more commonly known, as the Illuminati, who look upon the other types as ‘useful-idiot foot soldiers’.

For more on the various kinds of Satanists, check this out: Satanism in the 21st century.


In the mid-1980’s into the early ‘90’s we saw a rise in Satanism, particularly among the youth of America (and Europe) but towards the end of this wave of occult involvement that involved rituals and sacrifices, there was a disinformation campaign that dismissed the entire affair as mere Satanic Panic – in the face of credible and substantial evidence that this did in fact exist.

Aside from his own personal testimony of his own occult involvement, Greg Reid became a private investigator and law enforcement consultant on occult crimes and he has in his possession an entire cabinet full of documented evidence that this was a reality and not conjured up (pun intended) by those of fanciful imaginations who were merely looking for a bit of notoriety.

Greg Reid addressed the skeptics and nay-sayers that scoffed at the idea of Satanism, modern-day covens and Satanic Ritual Abuse in his article, Answering the Skeptics

We turn this over to Greg Reid and Thomas Dunn in a recent video entitled:

 WAR of AGES (after the landmark book written by Greg of the same name) 

What they have to share on this pertinent phenomenon that today is experiencing a kind of ‘revival’ in the 21st century is something every blood-bought, born again saint of GOD must consider and engage in for the glory of GOD and His Kingdom; this is indeed spiritual warfare!

Check out this book on the subject:

 “Satanic Ritual Abuse In The 21st Century” 

Also, a brief article by Jared Chrestman of Through The Black on Real Dark News


Firstly, it is advised that everyone get this landmark and quintessential book on spiritual warfare:

War of the Ages – by Gregory R. Reid 

UPDATE (11/18/19): From Greg Reids Youthfire! Newsletter - NOV. '19

Since 1987, I have been involved in investigating satanic ritual abuse, getting kids out of the occult, training criminal justice classes on occult crimes and crimes against children, and training believers to fight spiritual warfare.
In the late 1980s as some of you know there was a huge push to prove that NONE of it was real. Through the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, a large "Christian" magazine and an "expert" from the FBI, it was a concerted  and effective effort  to delegitimize anyone trying to stop ritual abuse and satanic crimes.

The Jeffrey Epstein case had the potential to expose so much. But it was clear to me that they would never allow Epstein to testify. He knew too much and too many powerful criminal predators. I feared he would be suicided. He was. And I knew it would not even be in the news three months later unless something happened.
Recently, the FBI under the FOIA act released a long and thorough report that shows unequivocally that not only did they know that organized occult activity was real, but it was being covered up by other government agencies.
So when we were told there was no evidence of organized satanic crime, it was a LIE.

This is a small vindication. But this “satanic panic” narrative is STILL being promoted by groups like The Satanic Temple, occult groups and even some Christian entities. And so the need is great to speak the truth and to get Christians prepared for this spiritual war and be determined to pray for and even to rescue the innocent little lives that are being destroyed by these criminal groups.
“He has shown thee, o man, what is good, and what does the Lord require of thee, but to do JUSTLY (justice) and to love mercy and to walk humbly with thy God.” (Micah 6:8) As Amy Carmichael said, “Surely the Gospel includes this.”

Although the idea of retirement has never occurred to me, there are times I think, “I did my time. The message was rejected before.” But I can’t quit. This is in my blood. This is my call. The burning desire remains to reach a lost generation that is being devoured by the enemy through drugs, suicide, ruined through pornography, and a sense of hopelessness. 
Are you aware that a number of “trans” people are devil worshippers and members of satanic organizations, some who are doing storytime sessions for children in libraries?

Did you know there is a satanic group called “The satanic children’s ministry of Knoxville” that is setting up after school children's programs to teach children about satan?
All this should drive us to prayer. We’re coming to a place where the church must decide to stand as warriors with our armor fully in place and engaged in the fight for the lost, the orphaned, the hopeless and the helpless.
Folks, every day I wake up with the joy of the Lord as my strength and gratefulness for every breath. Then I take on the mantle of facing what is going on and deciding how best to engage this war for those who have no hope without Jesus.

Recently I’ve seen things that just astonish me – young church leaders teaching horrible error and wearing $8,000 sneakers while they do it. And then I see the REAL world. And the disparity is profound. For example, right now, Mexico and South America are boiling over with indescribable evil. New evidence shows that the Cartels are now employing blatant ritual sacrifice in an explosive mix of witchcraft, black magick, and hardcore real-world devil worship, including goat heads and pentagrams. THIS is the face of all we tried to expose in the 1980s. In the meantime, these “new Satanists” are trying to put their silly little satan statues at state capitals. It’s a mockery. But they are simply useful pawns in a bigger war.

It took days for me to work through the reports I read and saw this last week of the torture and ritual slaying of a ten-year-old boy, and the ritual sacrifice of an INFANT found in the center of a pentagram. No, it’s not “back.” It never went away. They are now arrogantly bold, knowing there is little to stop it.

These aren’t just news reports to me. Every child is someone’s baby. Every youth is a treasure to God. God weeps, and we should too. But what can I do? What can YOU do? You may be inclined to discard this letter and be done with it after reading this newsletter. “Who needs to read this? Where’s the VICTORY?” Oh, friend. I know Jesus won the war. And that the overwhelming victory is ours in Jesus. But He didn’t save us to SIT. He didn’t save us to savor the victory and invite a few friends to get “churched.” He gave us victory so we can go forward in this kingdom battle and PRESS THE MATTER on the enemy and capture those souls for Jesus that satan has enslaved!

I saw a movie that had a line of dialogue that burned into my spirit. One king, realizing there was a war “out there,” said, “I would not risk open war.” To which the other king replied, “Open war is upon you, whether you would risk it or not.” That is a message for the church in this hour.
If we would be the church triumphant, we must become the church praying, the church willing to give, willing to do battle against the enemy for the lost and the helpless, a church willing to say, “Here am I, Lord, send me.” A church that is willing to extend its prayers and its resources to those specifically equipped to do daring, dangerous, and vital ministries.

No believer should feel guilty because they “can’t go.” Those who “stayed with the stuff” received the same reward as those who went to war. (1 Samuel 30:7-10, 17-25.) I have never expected anyone to do what we do, though I am always grateful when God calls some alongside to do the work. But every piece is important. Every person and every prayer forwards the battle lines.

I am committed to training believers to fight and pray, to raise up young disciples to reach this generation, to doing all I can to find and reach those who are lost and dying in a world of abuse, exploitation, and despair. I will do this for as long as I can, in every way I can.

I thank you for hearing me out, hearing my heart. And I thank you for every prayer you pray on my behalf and every single gift you send to keep this work moving forward. May God pour out His greatest grace and love on you for your kindness.
If you want to hear a bit more about these crucial current issues, please go here: A View From The Bunker website: 11/10/19: Dr. Greg Reid – The Finders, Epstein, and Ritual Abuse 

Thank you for being brave enough to hear things most of us would rather not hear, for your ongoing prayers and support. For the sake of the lost and the innocent.

May your thanksgiving be especially blessed.

In His Grace,

Gregory Reid

YouthFire/ Box 370006 El Paso TX 79937
www.gregoryreid.com legendaryseeker@gmail.com

YouthFire is an affiliate of American Evangelistic Association

end of UPDATE.

And we have some resources at The TRUTH Under FIRE as well:

The Armor of GOD, Conduct in the Campaign and Implementing the Victory of Christ in our Lives (Parts 1 – 8). Also, Old Testament Examples of Spiritual Warfare (Parts 1 – 5b). Also, a special  message by Anne Kisly, Are You Feeling Battle Weary?

Thomas Dunn and Jared Chrestman have a very high regard for Russ Dizdar, and while I’ve not had a chance to examine all of Russ’s materials, and so I can’t endorse everything he teaches, I would still encourage you to have a look at his website. There is a wealth of information to be had there!

You might want to watch this video teaching, courtesy of House of Truth Youtube Channel, Authority of the Believer.

There are two extremes to be avoided in dealing with spiritual warfare: one is to ignore the enemy altogether, thinking that Satan is nothing more than a metaphor, or ‘the collective negative energy of humanity as a force for evil’. Such thinking ridicules the idea of demons, imagining tiny persons with red skin, horns, tails and pitchforks.

The other extreme is to so obsess about the devil that everything bad that happens gets blamed on him, and that the whole of one’s life in Christ is all about fighting evil – at the expense of being disciples of the Word and keeping our focus on Christ.

The balance between the two is living our life in Christ, being led of the Spirit, to confront the enemy where GOD leads us and snatching back lost and damned souls from his domain, walking in purity by denying the flesh and yielding to the LORD.

Our warfare is all about upright and outreach (even in-reach!): Satan wants us to walk in compromise with our sin nature, to deny denying our flesh, leaving us uncrucified and carnal, not walking in holiness. This will render the Christian absolutely ineffective in combating evil. 

When a believer walks in holiness, they become a bastion of GOD’s government of truth and light in this dark world of deception; an embassy for the Almighty “in the midst of this crooked and perverse nation” (PHIL 2:15). This all on its own is spiritual warfare, living in holiness and thus, opposing Satan’s degenerate philosophy of self-indulgence and sin. This is walking in uprightness.

The other aspect was touched on a moment ago – snatching lost and damned souls out of Satan’s domain; this involves evangelism and preaching the Gospel, whether your audience is one thousand or just one. The Gospel is all about depopulating the kingdom of darkness, and this is something entirely objectionable to Satan. This is why prayer is essential in evangelism, as well as gaining deeper depths and longer strides towards holiness.

Noting the primary weapon in our warfare being the Sword of the Spirit, that is, the Word of GOD – this valiant device is something used in close quarters, as any sword is. Yet we also have available some long-range artillery: prayer! Prayer is a catapult that launches GOD’s will through our hearts and lives and effects the kingdom of darkness with catastrophic effect!

In the coming days ahead, we are going to see many pawns of the devil growing more and more bold in their assaults against the body of Christ – and we can’t be surprised if many of them are church-goers! Religious people that don’t have the Spirit of Christ (2 TIM 3:5). 

There is an upswell of iniquity that I believe is going to broadside the church very soon, from various factions of Satan’s domain (which is the world system at large; 2 COR. 4:4).

We cannot afford to lose our focus on Christ during this time, nor can we allow ourselves to slip off of our sure foundation, the Rock of our salvation. Let us make whatever preparations as are necessary to weather these storms looming on the horizon.

A life of prayer, and worship, a zeal and hunger for GOD’s Word, a love for the LORD above all things, and love for His saints as well as an indomitable compassion for the lost, even our own persecutors – these things are necessary for the church.

I also believe that because mysticism in all of its forms is escalating throughout our society, that people are falling under the influences of demonic spirits, to the point of becoming demonized, and we saints may be called upon to rescue these victims by exorcism (In the TTUF Spiritual Warfare series, there is a link to Greg Reid’s article, but because this is so important a subject, I’m including a link to it here: DEALING WITH THE DEMONIC: RULES OF ENGAGEMENT.

I greatly admonish all of you to go through the many videos and articles included in this article, take it all to the LORD in prayer, and ask Him for counsel on how best to prepare for these “perilous times” we find ourselves in (2 TIM 3:1).

Remember, that we may lose battles here and there, but the ultimate and final victory in this epochal war has already been won, on a lonely cross, outside of Jerusalem, two thousand years ago, by the Captain of our Salvation (HEB 2:10)!! Amen.

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