"We see, in many a land, the proudest dynasties and tyrannies still crushing, with their mountain weight, every free motion of the Consciences and hearts of men. We see, on the other hand, the truest heroism for the right and the greatest devotion to the Truth in hearts that God has touched. We have a work to do, as great as our forefathers and, perhaps, far greater. The enemies of Truth are more numerous and subtle than ever and the needs of the Church are greater than at any preceding time. If we are not debtors to the present, then men were never debtors to their age and their time. Brethren, we are debtors to the hour in which we live. Oh, that we might stamp it with Truth and that God might help us to impress upon its wings some proof that it has not flown by neglected and unheeded." -- C.H. Spurgeon . . . "If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." John 8:31, 32 . . . . .


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Tuesday, June 16, 2009


By: A.M. Kisly 

  Many of you have probably heard this term used in the past few years and may have been wondering what it actually means. On the “surface”, it is about our educational system and what is happening in our American classrooms.

America’s history as the leading nation of the world has some major problems in answering the question pertaining to the public school system, and its continual downward spiral in the education of our children. 

Why is it that kids who attend school aren’t learning, by this I mean, they are not receiving the basic educational training that is necessary to one day function in society. 

I think it’s deplorable that children getting an education in America actually graduate without the most basic of skills in reading and writing. When asked, schools say that money is the main problem. One teacher claimed “There isn’t anything that money can’t fix.” 

Oh, Really? Well, we can all agree that our school taxes climb higher year after year, so if money is the fix-all, then why isn’t the problem resolved?  I believe that money isn’t the problem at all. I believe that there is a more sinister effort being pushed for a deliberate “dumbing down” of our whole society. 

In a book written by, Charlotte Thompson Iserbyt, “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America” (See her website here) is an extensive look at our educational history and the intentional influence the government has imposed upon it. 

She states, “Presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy and Johnson, while ostensibly concerning themselves with racial injustice, economic inequities, and equal educational opportunities, were, in fact, responsible for installing the lifelong control system-the Planning, Programming, and Budgeting Management System (PPBS) - into departments of government. 

 This was accomplished during what would become “The Sick Sixties” under the guise of “accountability to the taxpayers,” a theme which will be repeated throughout the remainder of this century. 

American education would henceforth concern itself with the importance of the group rather than with the importance of the individual (the collective whole). This would be true in spite of the push towards individualized emotional health rather than on his academic learning. 

 In order to change society, it was essential to identify the attitudinal changes need in each student; modify the student’s behavior according to the preconceived model approved by government social engineers known as “change agents”;  this model did not allow for competition or individual thought, belief, etc., but was conceived to standardize (robotize) human beings – particularly Americans-so that the entire populace would be in general agreement with government policy and future planning for world government.” 

This very informative book can be read in its entirety online: The Deliberate Dumbing Down Of America 

A little history: In 1960 President Dwight D. Eisenhower received a final report from his Commission on National Goals entitled Goals for Americans. The 372-page volume recommended carrying out an international, socialist agenda for the United States. 

This report, following on the heels of the 1955 White House Conference on Education's use of the Delphi technique, served to carve in stone the use of dialectic methods in public policy making through the use of results-based 'planning' by consensus, not consent. 

This also may have marked the beginning of restructuring America from a constitutional Republic to a socialist democracy. I would suggest that if your kids attend a public school, they are being instructed with a socialist agenda. 

In order for government to impose its militarism and totalitarianism into our former Republic ideals they must seduce a whole society. The best way in which this can be obtained is in the molding of our youth into an obedient subject of and for government. 

Today if you ask someone the difference between a republic and a democracy, there would be very few who could answer, or care for that matter. 

Here’s some interesting education written by our own U.S. War Department in 1928. On November 30, 1928, the U.S. War Department had compiled a Training Manual, No. TM 2000-25: on Citizenship, U.S. History and the Constitution. 

 It was created to teach our young men in the services the fundamental principles upon which our Government was founded. Its definitions presented throughout the manual were a precise and carefully considered work to use as a guide for U.S. soldiers and U.S. Citizens by the Chief of Staff of the United States Army. 

As history would have it, shortly after the "bank holiday" in 1933, orders from the FDR White House suddenly demanded without explanation that all copies of this book be withdrawn from the Government Printing Office and the Army posts, to be suppressed and destroyed. 

So began the demagogic descent of the United States and the subversion of the Constitution into Americanized National Socialism, bankruptcy and the continued state of national emergency that we have experienced as a nation for since. 

Our Founding Fathers wisely established a REPUBLIC, not a Democracy, thus there are numerous very important differences. 

War Department Training Manual Don Closson wrote an interesting article about a politically correct education. 

He states, 

“The media has recently taken notice of a trend in education that has actually been around for some time. This trend has been obvious to anyone well-acquainted with the goings-on in our citadels of higher learning or even on selected high school campuses.

 The term Political Correctness, or politically correct speech, covers most of the issues involved. Multiculturalism is often given as the driving ethic that prompts one to be politically correct. 

At the foundation of this movement is the belief that all education is political. Nowhere in the curriculum can one find a hiding place from race, class, or gender issues. Added to this assumption is the law of moral and ethical relativism: All systems of thought, all cultures, are equal in value. 

To assume otherwise is politically incorrect by definition. The article is long, but very informative. Politically Correct Education 

Here is another shining example of government influencing our educational system. A textbook monitoring group said that Maryland middle and high school students will be required to read about Islamic teachings that have been “dumbed down” and are products of political correctness. 

According to The New York Examiner, a new report issued by the American Textbook Council said that administrators who approved books for use in the Montgomery County school district caved into pressure by pro-Islamic groups seeking to present a less violent interpretation of Islam. 

Gilbert Sewall, director of the council, stated that, for example, the definition of jihad has gone through “amazing cultural re-orchestration” in textbooks, losing any connotation of violence, the Examiner wrote. 

Other terms, such as sharia law, have been adjusted or removed from lessons to avoid what he called “inconvenient truths.” 

These influences are more than political; it is coming world conformity to a one world government and religion. Take heed, lest any man deceive you! I would implore parents to really take time and get involved in all aspects of your kids lives. Public Schools have taken on educating your children to be conformists into a new world society. 

  The Bible says that we are to be conformed into the image of Jesus Christ and nothing else, not this world and not their systems. Our lives are to be transformed, by the renewing of our minds through the Holy Scriptures. Put on the mind of Christ and take a Stand! 

  Romans 12:2 “And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.” 

  Colossians 3:10 “And have put on the new man, which is renewed in knowledge after the image of him that created him:” 

  Parents, tough times call for tough measures. Get involved with your kids. Get educated. Know what your children are being taught. If you want to protect your children’s minds, if you want to ensure a proper education, the responsibility will rest on your shoulders. Be on your guard. Watch and Pray. 

  Matthew 10:16 “Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.”

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