"We see, in many a land, the proudest dynasties and tyrannies still crushing, with their mountain weight, every free motion of the Consciences and hearts of men. We see, on the other hand, the truest heroism for the right and the greatest devotion to the Truth in hearts that God has touched. We have a work to do, as great as our forefathers and, perhaps, far greater. The enemies of Truth are more numerous and subtle than ever and the needs of the Church are greater than at any preceding time. If we are not debtors to the present, then men were never debtors to their age and their time. Brethren, we are debtors to the hour in which we live. Oh, that we might stamp it with Truth and that God might help us to impress upon its wings some proof that it has not flown by neglected and unheeded." -- C.H. Spurgeon . . . "If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." John 8:31, 32 . . . . .


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Tuesday, September 20, 2022

A TTUF Interview with RUSS MILLER of CreationMinistries.Org

INTRODUCTION: It's my delight and pleasure to present this interview with a real warrior for Christ and His Truth, Russ Miller! I've read many of his books, watched his DVDs and online videos, attended a few of his conferences (haven't yet done the Grand Canyon Tour with him - not yet!) and have found his information accurate, his assertions valid, his heart to be humble, sincere and valiant for the truth.

Russ by this time in life could be relaxing on easy street, with a financially comfortable and restful retirement. Instead, he serves the LORD across this nation, proclaiming the glory of GOD both in His creation and in His redemption!

It's an honor to present to you our TTUF readers, this 30 question interview with Russ Miller!

Biography: After building a successful business, Russ Miller gave it away to begin Creation, Evolution & Science Ministries (You can find a link to this ministry in our TTUF Resources section, right hand bar). A former Theistic Evolutionist, Russ now ministers to Christians and non-Christians alike, stating, “I’m a General Manager and I make logical decisions based on facts. After I realized that observation-based science does not support Darwinism or old-earth beliefs I decided to do something to help people who have been misled by such false knowledge.”

Russ has shared in churches across the nation and spoken alongside Ken Ham, Duane Gish, John Morris, Ray Comfort, David Rives, Eric Hovind, Francis Chan, Josh McDowelll, Frank Peretti, Chuck Missler, Carl Baugh, Dave Reagan*, Gary Parker, and other godly men. He has also spoken on several college campuses and appeared on many Christian radio and television programs.

* ~ Catch this video: Part ONE with Russ and Dave Reagan and his co-host Nathan Jones!

Russ adds, “Our mission is to confirm biblical Truth and expose misinterpretations of God’s creation in order to exalt Jesus Christ as our Creator, Judge, and redeeming Savior” (from his book COST by Russ Miller, About the Author, pg. 5).

Q #1: Which came first: your faith in Christ or your faith in evolution?

A: I was raised in a Christian home but, like most Christian-raised kids, I drifted away while in college where I was an all-conference baseball player, center fielder. I would rate my knowledge of biblical principles as being weak at that time, and my walk was almost invisible.

Q #2: If I remember, you adhered to theistic evolution, which says that you already had a preexistent belief in God. What was it that persuaded you regarding theistic evolution? What was it that changed your mind?

A: I have completed 174 college credits where all I heard was “millions of years” and Darwinism. In my mind, I figured God must have used evolution to make us. That said, I never tried selling anyone on my personal reconciliation between the Bible and what I was being taught. I returned to church in my late 20’s and began growing in my knowledge and understanding of God’s Word. By the age of 40, during 1996, I was a Trustee in my church, yet I accepted that God had used evolution to make us over long ages of time. Then I watched some videos from several creationists, and I quickly realized that I had been misled by false, secular-based teachings.

Q #3: When did you first begin your ministry and what were your primary objectives? How are you achieving them?

A: After studying the creation vs evolution issues intently for 4 years, I gave my business away and went into full-time creation ministry in 2000. Initially, my goal was to speak on college campuses to get some true facts to the 80%+ of Christian-raised kids who were leaving the church by the age of twenty, primarily due to Darwinian teachings.
While my campus talks made a huge impact on those who attended, the attacks I endured from atheist professors and campus pastors
[emphasis mine] revealed there was a huge problem.
I soon learned that 90%+ of Christian seminaries and accredited colleges teach beliefs that compromise God’s Word, including who Jesus Christ is, with the secular teachings of “millions of years,” and often with macro-evolution. This led me to see that it is within today’s Church that the harvest is ripest. Now my main objective is to evangelize the churched, most of whom are honestly seeking but are often being misled to follow man-made versions of Christ who are not found in God’s Word. I do this with my speaking engagements in churches and conferences, Grand Canyon tours, and with our resources.
These include my book, COST, as well as our DVD’s and Thumb drives (which I allow folks to give away [free!] all the copies they wish).
And there is now our online Creation course which even qualifies for public high school credit!

Q #4: I’ve heard pastors and Bible teachers say (not just your average Christian), “The whole thing about [the mythology surrounding] the creation is a peripheral issue in the Bible. We need to focus on the Gospel and not concern ourselves with how it all started!” Your response?

A: With 90%+ of our seminaries and colleges teaching secular-based, old-earth beliefs*, what else should we expect from their graduates? [Note from James: Check out this article refuting old-earth beliefs by ANSWERS in GENESIS]
Ask yourself,
If it is a peripheral, non-essential issue, then why does our enemy focus on it? Due to compromised teachings most Christians today cannot answer the simple, yet vital question, 
How can we have a loving God in this world full of death? Allow me to answer the question and reveal why the response has been largely lost.

The biblical response, which is also the foundation of the Gospel message, is that God did not give us a world full of death. So why is it full of death today? Because Adam’s first sin corrupted God’s ‘very good’ creation, allowing death to enter and separating us from our Creator. This required our redemption with Him.

However, we are sinful so we cannot redeem ourselves with God. So, being a loving God, He sent His only begotten Son to die in our place, redeeming those who believe in Jesus, accepting Him as their Lord and Savior, for eternity with Him in heaven. Wow! That’s a loving God! And that is the foundation of the Gospel message!
However, those who deny God’s version of His creation and Global Flood judgement to accept old-earth beliefs also accept that death existed before Adam, and you cannot believe in death before Adam, and that Adam’s sin brought death into the creation while separating us from God! And knowing that Jesus is the Creator and Judge, denying the Creator and Judge, then making up a different one to believe in, seems extremely risky to me.

We will one day stand before the One true Creator and Judge who told us He is the way, the truth, and the life, and warned us that no one comes to the Father but through Him. This One true Christ is the only One found in the Bible, and He also warned us that false Christ’s would be a sign of the last days. Wow again! And the last time the Gospel is mentioned in the Bible is in:
6 Then I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach to those who dwell on the earth--to every nation, tribe, tongue, and people-- 7 saying with a loud voice, "Fear God and give glory to Him, for the hour of His judgment has come; and worship Him who made heaven and earth, the sea and springs of water." 8 And another angel followed, saying, "Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city, because she has made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication." 9 Then a third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, "If anyone worships the beast and his image, and receives his mark on his forehead or on his hand,
An angel, holding the Gospel, is exhorting people to worship the God of Creation! In fact, Jesus has His angel introduce Him to the last days church of Laodicea as the Creator while Jesus is standing outside of the church asking to be let in, and warning that He will vomit them from His mouth (REV 3:14-20)! Wow yet again! I could go on, but I will end by asking, does this issue still sound like a peripheral matter?

Q #5: What would be your one-minute answer that slam dunks the falsehood of the theory of evolution? Would you care to elaborate on your answer?

A: Gene Depletion plus Natural Selection make Darwinian change impossible. Sorry, that was only four seconds!
The fact is that changes within a "kind" (close to the man-made term "family") of plants or animals are caused by the sorting or loss of the parent’s genetic information, that is genetic depletion
Since things get weaker and weaker, eventually they die off. We call such death Natural Selection, however there is no Selector plucking them out of the gene pool. The die off is God’s Quality Assurance program, which prevents the weakened gene pools from corrupting the overall gene pool of any specific kind. Their removal prevents their kind’s eventual extinction.

Q #6: I’ve observed that Soviet take-overs of other nations would begin with indoctrinating the people first, not with Marxism, but with Darwinism! Why do you suppose that was the case? What does this foreshadow for our own nation?

A: Their reason is to rid people’s faith in God. Mao, who’s Communist regime took over China in the mid 1900’s, killed as many as 60 million Chinese. He listed Darwin as his favorite author. The Saul Alinsky led communist playbook (he was the original ‘Community Organizer’) is being followed by the numbers in the USA. One of their primary objectives is to undermine people’s faith in biblical morals and absolutes. They accomplish this by convincing them they evolved on their own, thus God’s Word is a fairy tale.

Q #7: Charles Darwin seems to be credited with this specious theory; was it original with him, or was the origin much earlier?

A: Alfred R. Wallace was well ahead of Darwin, and I think a belief in some form of evolution has been around, possibly since the Garden of Eden. Many eastern religions have some sort of pantheistic evolutionary belief and Darwin’s Grandpa was an evolutionist. Darwin combined macro-evolution, uniformity, and old-earth beliefs in what, on the surface, sounded like a possible hypothesis.

Q #8: There are those who assert that racism (and so many other “isms”) thrived because of evolution – something about the full title of Darwin’s book, Origin of the Species. Comments?

A: Darwin’s first book, ‘Origin of The Species By Means Of Natural Selection; or the Preservation Of Favoured Races In The Struggle For Life,’ was written and published while slavery was rampant worldwide, including in the Unites States. His ideas that all life evolved to varying levels, combined with his second book, The Descent Of Man, certainly provided a scientific-sounding excuse in which racism could thrive.

Q #9: How is it that evolution has completely overtaken our educational system? How did all this begin?

A: The father of lies is good at what he does. By flooding academia and the media with misinterpreted and fraudulent evidence of macro-evolution, combined with an elitist desire to rid the world of God, ‘millions of years leading to Darwinian evolution’ took over our scientific and educational systems.
The successful attack on people’s faith in the authority of God’s Word began with the invention of modern old-earth beliefs about 200 years ago. These old-earth beliefs provided the foundation for Darwinism, and together, these two beliefs have undermined the faith of billions of people.

Q #10: Is there any school curricula students can take which presents the creationist view for which they can receive accreditation, recognized nationally?

A: As of August of 2022, there is, for the first time since 1962, one such course! The online course, which anyone worldwide can take, is titled, Creation Science and Biblical Worldview. This is offered by Northwest Christian School in Phoenix, AZ and the 18-week online course qualifies as an elective credit for public high school students in the United States. This is possible due to NCS having attained Exemplary Accreditation status (one of only 17 Christian schools in the world to do so)! As a result, NCS credits can transfer to public schools as elective credits. The course is based on my book, COST.

Q #11: Supporters of evolution claim that they have science backing up their claims, while Christians only have the Bible and religion to back up theirs. How do you respond?

A: Real science is a Believer’s true friend, but these people are victims of the false evolutionary knowledge being taught in the place of real science. Fortunately, by explaining the difference between scientifically observed micro-evolution, which is caused by the sorting or loss of the starting genetic information (Gene Depletion) and never observed Darwinian macro-evolution, which requires the addition of massive amounts of both new and beneficial genetic information, folks will quickly see they have been misled. They will also realize that micro-change is biblically accurate.

Q #12: If Christians want to get a competent grasp on the essentials of evolution and how to refute them, what resources do you have that can help them?

A: My book, COST, as well as my Give A Reason thumb drive. COST is an easy-to-read, yet comprehensive, creation vs evolution resource with study guides and more. The drive has my four top teachings, in the order I would present them to anyone (seeker, skeptic, Believer, anyone). And again, I encourage those who get the drive to give away all the copies they choose.

Q #13: Talk some more about your book, C.O.S.T. – what does this acronym mean, and why did you feel the need to write this book?

A: My book, COST (Creation + Original sin + Separation & ‘T’ – is the cross) covers the Top Ten Old-Earth beliefs; the Top Ten Evil Fruit of Old-earth teachings, the Top Ten Darwinian Teachings (Darwinism is the first major fruit growing from Old-Earth beliefs), and the Top reasons to Believe God’s Word.
I take the evidence used to support the secular view and interpret that evidence through a biblical view to reveal the superiority of God’s Word and the Christian worldview. I also reveal how a Global Flood destroys old-earth beliefs which is why old-earthers adamantly deny the Global Deluge as the Bible foretold would occur in the last days (2 PET 3:3-6).

Q #14: You left behind a very successful business as owner/operator to go full time into this ministry, proving the GOD of creation is responsible for life, and evolution is not. Obviously, you felt the need for this ministry was and is urgent.
What’s the level of urgency today compared to what it was when you first started this ministry?

A: When I first began back in 2000, 80% of Christian raised kids were leaving the church by the age of twenty and the average age of a churchgoer was about 60. Now we are losing 85%+ of Christian kids by age twenty and the average age of those attending church on a regular basis is about 70. The urgency is huge, but my information is usually blocked by old-earth compromisers in leadership positions, due to the possibility of upsetting old-earth believers. That said, when the type of information I share reaches those who are simply misled by these secular-based teachings it has a tremendously positive impact on their faith.

Q #15: You routinely go to university campuses with your presentations; what is the audience’s reaction at the beginning, and what is their reaction at the end of your presentation – with students? – with faculty?

A: The impact of such a visit was always powerful. One biology teacher quit her job, became a Christian, and got a job teaching science in a Christian school. One secular university began an accredited course attacking me and biblical creation. And I was always inundated at the end of such an event by college kids thanking me for providing information that saved their faith. However, unless I’m invited, I rarely speak on campuses today. I stopped due to the adverse reaction of campus pastors and local pastors. One such group of ‘leaders’ told me,
“Coming onto our campus and telling people who don’t believe the Bible that the Bible is true is mean, haughty, arrogant and unloving.” I responded that I was sure they did not have this problem. I feel God showed me that we need to get Christians to trust God’s Word if we expect non-Christians to accept It.
Q #16:
Talk about how evolutionists use the geologic table and the fossil records found in each layer as a method of dating the various ages: is this method problematic?

A: Based on the beliefs in uniform processes and no global flood, as foretold would occur in the last days (2 PET 3:3-6), the Geologic Column (Geologic Timescale) was invented in the early 1800’s. It is where modern old-earth beliefs are derived, and it provided the foundation for Darwinian evolutionism. A drawing consisting of twelve primary layers was made and each layer was assigned an age range and index fossils. The index fossils, which were supposed to have gone extinct while their assigned layer was forming, are a key to this dating method as strata are aged by the index fossils found in them while the fossils are aged by the strata they are found in, A total circular argument. The problems are many, including that the index fossils keep showing up alive today! In fact, so many are being found alive that the classification, Lazarus Taxon, has been established to categorize them as they have seemingly ‘risen from the dead!” But they never were extinct and the fact so many are found alive today undermines the ages provided by the Column.
Even more problematic is the order of the layers, with their corresponding arrangement of index fossils, has never been found, to my knowledge, anywhere in the natural world. Even diehard old-earth enthusiasts admit it is not there in 99.5% of the earth’s surface, and the meager 0.5% of spots where they claim it is found do not have both the correct order of layers with the correct order of fossils in the strata. So, to my knowledge, that makes it to be the Mythical Geologic Column. And to be published, radiometric dates must match the mythical Column which is based on the denial of the Global Flood. It is much better to simply read God’s Word and trust in the Jesus of the Bible.

Q #17: What about using the half-life of radioactive isotopes; is this an accurate method of dating fossils? If not, what is an acceptable method for dating?

A: There is not a radioisotope dating technique that can date a fossil. Radioactive dating methods are primarily used on igneous rock, with Carbon dating employed on organic material (plant and animal remains). In a fossil, organic material has been replaced by minerals such as silica or calcium carbonate. Fossils are dated by the strata they are found in while the same strata are dated by the fossils they contain, all based on the Geologic Time Scale (Geologic Column). Thus, there is not a reliable secular method to age a fossil.

Q #18:
Evolution has as a primary premise that all life goes from the simplistic to the complex: “macroevolution” – and this is seen in the various transitional fossils found in the earth. What’s your refutation?

A: Darwinian macro-evolution requires nature to add massive amounts of both new and beneficial genetic information to an existing gene pool to change a bacterium into a biology professor. However, real science, a believer’s true friend, only observes biblically correct micro-evolution [known as genetic adaptation] occurring.
Micro (evolution, variation, adaptation) is caused by the sorting or loss of the starting genetic information. This is the exact opposite of Darwinian needs, as kinds only bring forth after their kind (some examples:
GEN 1:21,25; 6:20; 7:14) just as we are told will occur ten times in the book of Genesis.
As to transitional fossils, never has one been found that holds up to honest scientific scrutiny. To cover this massive problem Darwinists invoke ‘Punctuated Equilibrium’ which claims the lack of transitional fossils is due to macro change happening in short bursts of time, not allowing the changes to be captured in the fossil layers. I suggest folks watch my message:

Q #19: Regarding the advancement of complexity from the simplistic to the complex; knowing what we now know about the DNA, is it possible for organisms to advance in complexity on the genetic level?

A: The Second Law of Thermodynamics, commonly known as the Law of Entropy, holds things lose order and energy, and become less organized. Genetic Depletion reveals micro-changes (micro-evolution, adaptation, variation) within a kind of plant or animal result from the sorting or loss of the parents’ gene pool, so things become genetically weaker and less complex, not stronger, or more complex. So, no, things do not become better and more complex on a macro-scale.

Q #20: Darwin observed the finches on the Galapagos Islands and how evolution was in evidence by the various kinds of finches (long beaked, short beaked, curved beaked). Is this evidence for macroevolution?

A: There has never been a single example of Darwinian, macro-evolution found, and this certainly is not such a find. Darwin keenly observed biblically correct micro-evolution (adaptation, variation) within the same kind of birds. He then erroneously jumped to the conclusion of macro-evolutionism. We now know these micro-changes were caused by the sorting or loss of the parents’ genetic data and can never cause a finch to change into a non-finch. Today, science reveals that kinds will only bring forth after their kind, just as we are told would occur ten times in the book of Genesis.

Q #21: Archaeopteryx is a find that claims to be the transitional species that bridges the gap between dinosaurs and today’s birds. There are also many other examples of claimed transitional species, such as hominins like Piltdown man, ‘Lucy’, etc. – are any of these legitimate evidence of transitional species, validating evolution? How have they been disproven?

A: As Darwinian macro-evolution is a scientific impossibility (Gene Depletion + Selection makes it impossible) there will never be a transitional species found. Despite claims of such finds, they never hold up to honest scientific scrutiny.

All supposed ape men have turned out to be either 100% ape, 100% human or 100% frauds. Well, let’s give them the benefit of the doubt and say, ‘misinterpretations of the evidence.’
Fossilized remains of modern birds are found in the strata below Archaeopteryx which means, by old-earth standards, birds were living prior to the claimed transitional link. Archaeopteryx is a bird, much like the Hoatzin that now lives in South America today. Both are 100% birds which, unlike reptiles, are endotherms with feathers and avian lungs. I cover hominids and dinosaur-to-bird claims in my book COST should folks like to learn more.

Q #22: There are various schools of evolutionary theory – do they all use Darwinism as a basis? If so, then disproving Darwinism should dispel all the others; but if not, what are other schools of evolution that separate themselves from Darwinism, and can we use the same basic information to disprove them all?

A: There are many forms of evolutionary thought. The most popular today is Neo-Darwinism which combines Darwin’s Natural Selection with Mutation theory. Other famous evolutionary ideas include Lamarckism (theory of inherited acquired traits) and De Vries’s Mutation theory. None hold up to what we know today of genetics, or to the complexity found in a cell’s molecular motors or RNA/DNA system. Gene Depletion + Selection destroys them all.
Also, a Global Flood erodes old-earth beliefs which provide the foundation for all evolutionary theories.

Q #23: A more fundamental question: Why is evolution bad science? What makes the creationist view more accurate on a purely scientific basis?

A: First, evolution is not science, it is the same thing as creation! They are both beliefs about our origins.
Real science, Operational science, is knowledge derived from the observation, study, and repeatable testing of evidence.
All evidence requires interpretation, and any starting bias can corrupt the integrity of a researcher’s interpretation.
Forcing researchers to accept, adhere to, and make all their interpretations of evidence fit the evolutionary view corrupts science.

Honest science has revealed that Gene Depletion plus Selection makes macro-evolution a scientific impossibility. Meanwhile, biblically correct micro-change is observed in all observations in this arena.

Q #24: You regularly provide tours to the Grand Canyon: What are your objectives you intend to accomplish with these?

A: Based on the beliefs of uniform processes and no Global Flood, Grand Canyon is one of what I refer to as the Top Five Pillars of Old-Earth beliefs.
My primary objective is to employ the Canyon to confound the wise and show folks that God’s Word is true: Word for Word and cover to cover. Besides pointing out original creation rock and where the flood layers sit atop them at the Canyon, I can also reveal proof that layers two miles deep formerly existed on top of the Kaibab Limestone which comprises the rim of the chasm. The removal of these massive strata can only be viably explained by massive flooding that had to be on a global scale. And a Global Flood erodes old-earth, death-before-Adam beliefs.

Q #25: Young Earth vs. Old Earth – does it really matter?

A: Let’s allow folks to make their own determination on whether this issue matters.

First, today’s old-earth beliefs have provided the foundation for Darwinism, Naturalism, Humanism, Atheism, Agnosticism, New Age, Theistic Evolutionism, Progressive Creationism, Gap Theories, and more. And Jesus said we are to tell good from evil by the fruit.
That should end any debate among Christians but sadly it does not.

Second, Old-earth beliefs place death before mankind’s existence, nullifying the COST: that it was Adam’s Original sin that brought in death while separating us from God, requiring our redemption through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Knowing this basic information will allow everyone to make their own, informed decision on whether they believe the age of the earth debate matters.

Q #26: I have found that the New Age/Spirituality Movement relies heavily on evolutionary theory because it’s their belief mankind is evolving into godhood. Are there any other religions and, or spiritual belief systems that refer back to evolution to validate their claims?

A: I’m not an expert on all beliefs but old-earth beliefs provide the foundation for all evolutionary beliefs. And ‘millions of years leading to evolutionism’ provides the foundation for most Eastern religions, Theistic Evolutionism, Progressive Creationism, and the New Age movement.

Q #27: Evolution is said to affect the perspective of sociology, psychology, philosophy, religion, even medicine (I’ve heard progressive church leaders claim that we are more spiritually evolved than those during the times when Jesus walked the Earth, so we now know more than they did – even more than Jesus Himself!?)– essentially our entire society and culture.

Is this why people are OK with aborting human beings (numbering over 8 billion and growing) and striving to save near-extinct species such as seals and eagles? What is the fundamental flaw in this perspective?

A: The first fundamental flaw is such church misleaders are worshipping and serving the created rather than their Creator. Then, professing to be wise, they have been fooled and have turned the glory of our biblical God into an image made like corruptible man, and birds, and four-footed beasts, and creeping things (ROM 1:18-25).
A second major flaw is that such people may worry about the wolves in the wild yet are not watching out for the wolves among the flock, the tares among the wheat, or the goats among the sheep. Nor are we discerning between Bible-based leaders and the false teachers and false prophets that Jesus warned would be a sign of the last days. And third, seals and eagles are not nearing extinction. 😉

Q #28: I’ve heard you say that the one group of people that’s extremely resistant to your presentation are pastors of churches. When I first heard this, I was very shocked. Why do you suppose, of all people, pastors who supposedly believe the Bible, would resist your sharing this information?
How then can we get this vital information into the hands of Bible-believing Christians?

A: Again, most Christian seminaries and accredited colleges teach various death-before-Adam beliefs. Their grads were also taught that those of us who stand on the Truth of God’s non-compromised Word are divisive and need to be shunned. Now, having filled most churches, they block the type of God-honoring information I share.
Other reasons include the desire not to offend the old-earth believers, the desire to be popular, pride, etc. The bottom line is we are losing 90% of our kids and Darwinism, founded on old-earth beliefs, is the number one reason followed by the church not providing answers to such challenges.

This is the reason I allow those who get my DVDs or Thumb Drives to make all the copies they wish to give away to others.

Q #29: I understand that the falling away from the faith by our Christian youth is getting more desperate. It used to be at the college level; now it’s gone into the high school and even the junior high level. As we all are aware, the future is our youth.
How can parents turn the tide and ensure that their children don’t fall prey to the tirades of godless university professors, even high school teachers that seem to demolish the faith of our youth?

A: The most important thing a parent can do is to pray continually for their children.
Next would be to get their kids out of our public school indoctrination system. Home schooling gives parents the best control over what their children are taught.
Next to that would be to enroll the kids in a GOOD Christian school that has good academics PLUS stands on the non-compromised Word of God. Finding such a Christian school requires interviewing the school’s leadership, starting with what they believe about the age of the earth/when death entered the creation (this is where almost all compromise begins). Finding a good Christian school is worth its weight in gold and such a school deserves our support.

Q #30: Tell us about your website and materials that you offer. How can people contact you with questions and requests for speaking engagements?

A: My website is www.CreationMinistries.Org. My book, COST, various Thumb Drives, DVDs and kids coloring books can be found there. I encourage those who get our DVDs and Drives to give away free copies to others as a simple, yet powerful, way to evangelize.
There are links to the accredited high school creation course, and many videos are linked to my site as well.
We also have a large FAQ section and people can learn of our Grand Canyon and Grand Staircase tours, find my speaking schedule, and find where to contact me to arrange a visit with their church or at their conference on the site too.

Closing thoughts and remarks by Russ:

The Bible gives Christians our marching orders. We are to pray continually, share the Word, and contend for the faith. In this skeptical, misled world, I hope our information will give all believers the knowledge and wisdom to talk with their family, friends, co-workers and others.
And even if a person may not be ready to articulate a meaningful discussion on the creation, evolution, or death-before-Adam issues, my hope is anyone will feel comfortable handing others a copy of our DVDs or Drives and saying, “Here, I’ll watch this with you.” The harvest is ripe for those willing to be such a laborer.

Closing thoughts and remarks by James:

I deeply appreciate Russ’ ministry and his heart to reach those who’ve not been informed on the reality of creation over evolution; he has willingly sacrificed a life of ease and comfort with early retirement for a life of service to the LORD, His church, and misled souls who’ve bought into evolutionary theory.
Where it once was forbidden in school to teach evolution, now its more the norm that it’s not merely taught, but in effect, ramrodded into the minds of our youth.
Even worse, it’s become increasingly unacceptable for the true teaching of Scripture that refutes old-Earth theories to be taught in the church of Jesus Christ, which is supposed to be the pillar of truth (1 TIM 3:15)!!

It’s my sincerest prayer that people reading this article will acquire some of the materials Russ offers on his site www.creationministries.org. Further, that they will prayerfully consider the truth claims and find verification in evidence provided as well as Scripture inspired! Pray for our youth!!

For another awesome presenter of biblical truth and the truth behind intelligent design as by the Creator GOD, check out Kent Hovind's video here:

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