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Monday, November 12, 2012

Stand For Life – Defend the Innocent!

by A.M. Kisly

In 1973, in the era before 4-D ultrasounds made their way into the lives of ordinary American couples, the U.S. Supreme Court declined to specify when life began in the historic case known as Roe v. Wade. In fact, when read with its companion case, Doe v. Bolton, Roe allowed for abortion to take place during all nine-months of pregnancy. That's why abortionists were able to get away with the heinous practice of partial-birth abortion.

When President Bush signed the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act (S. 3) into law on November 5, 2003, pro-lifers saw the culmination of an eight-year struggle led by the National Right to Life Committee (NRLC) and congressional pro-life leaders.

The bill represents the first direct national restriction on any method of abortion since the Supreme Court legalized abortion on demand in 1973.

A Gallup-CNN-USA Today poll conducted in late October found that among  "young adults" (age 18-29), the ban is favored 77-19%, while among the older groups, support was 68-25%.  A Gallup poll conducted last January, which specified that the method is "conducted in the last six months of pregnancy," and has a life-of-mother exception, found 70% for a ban.

Despite the fact that the vast majority in the United States support a ban on partial birth abortion, President Barack Obama has pledged to sign the Freedom of Choice Act, lifting ALL federal regulations on abortion.  This would include parental consent, and the ban on partial-birth abortion.  The result of this reckless act would be at the very minimum 125,000 additional abortions each year. And here is the rest of it.

The fact of the matter is, ninety-three percent of the abortions in America are for convenience. The mother's health is an issue only three percent of the time, and the baby's health is an issue only three percent of the time. Rape or incest are issues only one percent of the time. Ninety-three percent of all abortions in America are performed just because someone doesn't want a child!

The horrendous truth of the matter is that Abortion is an act of Murder!

There are four basic types of abortion being performed in America today, while two more types may be added in the near future.

1. First, there's the suction type abortion. This is where the unborn child is literally vacuumed from the mother's womb during the early stages of pregnancy.
2. The currette-type abortion is where the child is cut from the mother's womb with a spoon-like object.
3. A third type is similar to a Caesarean operation. The baby is surgically removed from the mother and allowed to suffocate, because the child's lungs aren't developed.
4. The fourth type of abortion is the Salt Brine technique. With this method, the unborn child is literally "pickled" to death by the injection of a strong salt solution. A few days after the injection the child is still born.

There is currently much debate about partial-birth abortions. This is where a child is partially delivered, then stabbed in the skull to have his or her brains sucked out.

Reading the description of the various procedures in abortion is very difficult, but is necessary that we might be made fully aware of the atrocities being committed in the name of convenience, "choice" or perversion of "rights". 

The unspeakable acts speak for themselves.

The website gotquestions.org has provided us with a biblical answer to the question of abortion.

What does the Bible Say about Abortion? http://www.gotquestions.org/abortion-Bible.html

Jeremiah 1:5 tells us that God knows us before He forms us in the womb.
Psalm 139:13-16
speaks of God’s active role in our creation and formation in the womb.
Exodus 21:22-25
prescribes the same penalty—death—for someone who causes the death of a baby in the womb as for someone who commits murder.

This clearly indicates that God considers a baby in the womb to be as human as a full-grown adult. For the Christian, abortion is not a matter of a woman’s right to choose. It is a matter of the life or death of a human being made in God’s image (
Genesis 1:26-27; 9:6).

The first argument that always arises against the Christian stance on abortion is “What about cases of rape and/or incest?” 
As horrible as it would be to become pregnant as a result of rape and/or incest, is the murder of a baby the answer? Two wrongs do not make a right. The child who is a result of rape/incest could be given in adoption to a loving family unable to have children on their own, or the child could be raised by its mother. Again, the baby is completely innocent and should not be punished for the evil acts of its father.

The second argument that usually arises against the Christian stance on abortion is “What about when the life of the mother is at risk?” 
Honestly, this is the most difficult question to answer on the issue of abortion. 

First, let’s remember that this situation is the reason behind less than one-tenth of one percent of the abortions done in the world today
Far more women have an abortion for convenience than women who have an abortion to save their own lives. 

Second, let’s remember that God is a God of miracles. He can preserve the life of a mother and a child despite all the medical odds being against it. Ultimately, though, this question can only be decided between a husband, wife, and God. Any couple facing this extremely difficult situation should pray to the Lord for wisdom (James 1:5) as to what He would have them to do.

My co-author James Fire was born under such circumstances and he and his mother miraculously survived the delivery (his mother remembers feeling the presence of GOD with her very powerfully) and have been blessed with life for these many decades!

Over 95 percent of the abortions performed today involve women who simply do not want to have a baby. Less than 5 percent of abortions are for the reasons of rape, incest, or the mother's health at risk. Even in the more difficult 5 percent of instances, abortion should never be the first option. The life of a human being in the womb is worth every effort to allow the child to be born.

For those who have had an abortion, remember that the sin of abortion is no less forgivable than any other sin. Through faith in Christ, all sins can be forgiven (
John 3:16; Romans 8:1; Colossians 1:14). A woman who has had an abortion, a man who has encouraged an abortion, or even a doctor who has performed one—can all be forgiven by faith in Jesus Christ.


President Obama says abortion is a fundamental constitutional right so that no one will be "punished with a baby."

We can no longer sit by and condone abortion with our silence. Every day we fail to take action, 3,900 more innocent babies are aborted. The
American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) is campaigning against the Freedom of Choice Act which Barack Obama pledged to sign lifting all federal regulations on abortion.

Folks, I pray the Lord will stir your heart to get involved.  We have volunteered to get the message out and to help raise support in an attempt to prevent the loss of more innocent lives.  We are asking that you prayerfully consider contributing whatever amount you can afford in this legal battle against this mass murder of innocent lives.

Jay Sekulow and The American Center for Law and Justice
have been on the front lines of the pro-life movement for more than twenty years, defending the rights of the unborn and the free speech rights of those who have taken a stand in defense of life.   
They need your support.  As a nonprofit organization, they are dependent upon the time, talent, and tenacity of people like you who share the same strong morals and convictions.  Together, we can give a voice to all the unborn babies whose lives have been devalued by our legal system.  
Our deadline is December 18, 2012.  So please act quickly.

If you would like an idea of the court battles they are involved in, please listen to the the following radio broadcast or visit their website:  

Pro Life - American Center For Law and Justice


You can contact me at Cocoabelle@frontier.com, or on our Facebook page The TRUTH Under Fire.  You can also make your contribution directly to ACLJ  at http://www.aclj.org

For more on this check out the following TTUF article:

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