Our website is UNDER CONSTRUCTION, please be patient. . . . . . "We see, in many a land, the proudest dynasties and tyrannies still crushing, with their mountain weight, every free motion of the Consciences and hearts of men. We see, on the other hand, the truest heroism for the right and the greatest devotion to the Truth in hearts that God has touched. We have a work to do, as great as our forefathers and, perhaps, far greater. The enemies of Truth are more numerous and subtle than ever and the needs of the Church are greater than at any preceding time. If we are not debtors to the present, then men were never debtors to their age and their time. Brethren, we are debtors to the hour in which we live. Oh, that we might stamp it with Truth and that God might help us to impress upon its wings some proof that it has not flown by neglected and unheeded." -- C.H. Spurgeon . . . "If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." John 8:31, 32 . . . . . Our Website is UNDER CONSTRUCTION, please be patient!




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Media Resources


T h e  T r u t h  F r e q u e n c y 


O N  T H E  A I R

The following audio programs are provided by various ministries on important topics of today.  The messages will cover a variety of issues facing the Church, and will provide great insight for the equipping of the believer. 

Today there are many that would undermine the authority and inerrancy of the Bible for a so-called more acceptable form of religion.  Jesus said it would happen and so we see it in every form today.  BUT, Christianity is rooted and grounded upon the Bible, and if the foundations be destroyed what will Christians do?

We are in a spiritual battle, and we who have been born again by the Spirit of the Living God must equip ourselves, and stand fast to Biblical Truth.

A link will be provided for the various audio ministries.  I would encourage you to visit their websites and take advantage of the resources that they provide.

Miscellaneous Topics - James Fire

Liberal Theology

Liberal Theology - Dr. Walter Martin


Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum - Session 1
Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum - Session 2
Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum - Session 3
Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum - Session 4
Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum - Session 5
Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum - Session 6
Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum - Session 7
Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum - Session 8
Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum - Session 9

What is a Biblical Worldview?

Biblical Worldview Pt. 1 - Ken Ham
Biblical Worldview Pt. 2 - Ken Ham
Biblical Worldview Pt. 3 - Ken Ham
Biblical Worldview Pt. 4 - Ken Ham
Biblical Worldview Pt. 5 - Ken Ham



Does Prophecy Prove Out the Bible, or the Koran? - Dave Hunt and T.A. McMahon


The History and Impact of the Creation/Evolution Conflict

The Long War Against God Pt. 1 - Dr. Henry Morris
The Long War Against God Pt. 2 - Dr. Henry Morris
The Long War Against God Pt. 3 - Dr. Henry Morris
The Long War Against God Pt. 4 - Dr. Henry Morris
The Long War Against God Pt. 5 - Dr. Henry Morris
The Long War Against God Pt. 6 - Dr. Henry Morris



The Deception of Chrislam - Eric Barger's Take A Stand Ministries

Today, there is a growing and increasingly widespread movement inside mainline and Evangelical churches which attempts to join Islam and Christianity. Based on the premise that both religions worship the same deity, "Chrislam" is gaining followers and becoming a favorite among the politically correct. But is the basis of this movement correct? Do the Bible and Qur'an harmonize? Is Allah actually Jehovah God? Why are those claiming to be Evangelicals involved with this misguided idea? Join us for Take A Stand! Radio as Eric Barger begins a new series exposing the dangers of Chrislam. Eric's guest in this episode is author Bill Muehlenberg of "Culture Watch."

Join Eric Barger as he concludes an interview with Australian based author Bill Muehlenberg of "Culture Watch." The topic again is the growing popularity of the convoluted mix of Islam and Christianity known as "Chrislam." Muehlenberg recounting debating a Muslim Imam and gives some great advice about discerning how to determine what the truth about Islam and Chrislam really is.

Continuing the series, this week Eric has selected audio clips from his popular DVD, "The Deception of Chrislam." Included, Eric quotes the Qur'an to illustrate the fallacy that the Muslim god, Allah, is actually Jehovah God and further exposes that Chrislam has no foundation in the Bible. Eric also tells of a personal encounter with several Muslim men and a reminder to every Christian to be ready always to give an answer (I Peter 3:15) - no matter how uncomfortable it may be.

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