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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Two Kingdoms, Two Worldviews and the Waging War – Part 1

~ by A.M. Kisly

"The challenge to humanity is to adopt new ways of thinking, new ways of acting, new ways of organizing itself in society, in short, new ways of living." ~ Our Creative Diversity, UNESCO, p.11

"...we are, of course, refashioning the British constitution and our system of government, decentralizing power, reinventing government, promoting a new and different partnership between public and private sector. It is indeed as Al Gore has just said to us, a Third way, not all left nor new right, but a new centre and centre left governing philosophy for the future." Transcript of a speech given by Tony Blair, the British Prime Minister, at a breakfast with Vice President Gore
Global Transformation, Sustainable Development, Social Justice, Emergent, Forward Thinking…these are just a few of the ever increasing number of new terms being tossed around today, and I’m afraid that most people don’t really understand the nature of their true meaning. For example, a couple of years ago the word ‘Change’ became the popular slogan for the presidential campaign. The struggling Bush Administration’s unpopular war in Iraq and the struggling economy dampened the spirit of America. The bank failures, the bail outs and an uncertain future sealed the fate of the upcoming election resulting in a mass convergence of change. All jumped aboard the promised ‘Change’ train. I suppose most believed that it sounded hopeful, and just what Americans were looking for in a looming crisis. As we all witnessed, change won the election.

The word ‘change’ means to modify in some sense, yet there are different ‘strengths’ if you will, that give new insight into the term. In Webster’s Dictionary, change means to make different in some particular: or alter, to give a different position or course….but it also means to make radically different: TRANSFORM. While most Americans believed that ‘change’ meant equal opportunity and turning around the financial debacle of the banking institutions, I can honestly say that few understood the true nature of the word corresponding to the agenda of this current administration. Before the election, the average voter didn’t seem to question what it meant. Few seemed to wonder about the plans and the policy that would change the future landscape of America. The appropriate questions were not asked, nor given. We certainly had no understanding of just who would define these changes and set the new standard.

Thus, here we are a few years later in the midst of a global transformation so powerful that it’s unlikely that anyone can stop it. Change came in like a tsunami destroying the former way of life and reconstructing a new landscape in which the world has never seen. The United Nations’ master plan for implementing a statist management system is outlined in a manual for social change titled, The Local Agenda 21 Planning Guide.

In the upcoming series of articles, Two Kingdoms, Two Worldviews and The Waging War, we will take a very close look at Agenda 21, The Green Agenda, Sustainable Development and everything in between.

Before we look at the agenda of world globalists, there is a portion of scripture in the first chapter of the book of Psalms that I think is important for us to look at and appropriately applied. It is important to keep our minds stayed upon the word of God, our hearts set like a flint and fortified against every wicked device of Satan. The instruction given in Psalm 1 is important, as it contrasts the opposing worldviews…the Christian Worldview, with that of the ungodly. It describes those who are born of God as being those who delight in the truth of God’s word, rather than the world’s schemes. An old Puritan by the name of Henry Law has written some excellent commentary on this particular Psalm and I have included those excerpts to help us gain a greater depth of truth.

“Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful.”

All praise be to the grace of God that in this world of widespread sin some lovely spots are seen. There are the heirs of life. Born from above, to God they live. Abhorrence of all evil is their grand distinction. The godless have their schemes, their pleas, their plots, their evil counsels. In such vile course the blessed ones never walk. They resolutely shun the hateful path. Sinners have their chosen way. How broad! how thronged! what multitudes move down the sad decline! In this the blessed ones have no part. They hate the filth. They keep their feet unsoiled. Wickedness has its topstone. Scorn and derision proceed to mock God's word, Christ's work, and all the lowly followers of the Lamb. Too many love the sneering seat, and impious jests find sympathizing smiles. Such company is counterpart of hell. The blessed man sits not in such fellowship. We here are taught that in sin there is gradation. Let us flee the first step. The rolling stone descends with quickening speed.
2. "But his delight is in the law of the Lord; and in His law he meditates day and night."
The godly man has his delights. His cup is crowned with joy. His table is spread with richest pleasures. The Scriptures are his soul-refreshing feast. They gladden him with views of God as his own God; Christ as his own Savior; the Spirit as his guide and sanctifying Comforter; heaven as his home forever; and all things ordered for his well-being. The morning light invites him to this sacred page. In the day his thoughts cling closely to it. The evening's shadows and night's wakeful hours call to rejoice in this treasury of truth.
3. "And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that brings forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatever he does shall prosper."
Behold the tree on the brook's verdant bank, whose roots drink constantly the flowing stream! The laden branches bend with plenteous fruit. Unfading freshness decks the leaves. No lovelier object adorns nature's field. It is a picture of the godly man. Deep springs of grace supply his inner life. The fruits of righteousness, which are the Spirit's work, abound. His fertility of holiness is rich, and large, and real. The Lord is truly with him; and where the Lord is, there is every good. Of Joseph it is sweetly said, "The Lord made all that he did to prosper in his hand." Of David we read, "He went on and grew great, and the Lord God of hosts was with him."
4. "The ungodly are not so; but are like the chaff which the wind drives away."
The scene is changed. The ungodly widely differ. Nature shows, also, their picture. The fruitful tree gives place to chaff-light, barren, hollow, worthless-the refuse of the barn-floor. It yields no profit. It is cast out, the sport of winds. Driven away, it leaves no trace behind. Such are the godless. They minister no grace. They benefit no souls. None gain by conversation with them. Unstable, they are tossed by every changing wind. Temptations drive them headlong. Terrible is their final doom. Jesus comes, "Whose fan is in His hand, and He will throughly purge His floor, and gather His wheat into the garner; but He will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire."
5. "Therefore the ungodly shall not stand in the Judgment, nor sinners in the congregation of the righteous."
Judgment is near. The Judge stands at the door. The great white throne will soon be set. The dead shall be judged out of those things which are written in the books according to their works. They cannot flee the dread tribunal. There is no escape. No mask can hide their guilt. Their sins are all recorded. No blood blots out the stains. They plead no Savior's merit. They have no interest in the saving cross. No solid ground sustains their feet. They cannot stand. Undefended, they receive the dreadful sentence, 'Depart! you cursed ones!' Thus they are cast far from the congregation of the righteous. May we live ever with this last scene before us, and never rest until clear evidence is ours that we have happy place in "the general assembly and church of the first-born, who are written in heaven."
6. "For the Lord knows the way of the righteous; but the way of the ungodly shall perish."
Amid all their trials, sorrows, pains, reproaches, let the righteous lift up rejoicing heads. The eye of God rests on their way. He called them to the narrow road. He upholds their feeble steps. He safely leads them to the glorious end. Unfailing watchfulness surrounds them. But the broad road, with its unrighteous throng, goes down assuredly to hell.
Holy Spirit, give us the portion of the blessed man! May we escape the doom of the ungodly!

I have chosen to do this series of articles on the United Nations proposal of Agenda 21, also known as Sustainable Development because it is quickly being adopted as the official policy of the UN, world governments and specifically the U.S. It comes under many titles and catch phrases and has taken the world in a new direction, one under the control of world governance. I believe that this agenda is disguised in such a way that will deceive many while bringing about Satan’s desired plan. The stage has been set; it will be interesting to watch as the world unites together under this delusion which will bring about dire consequences in the present world and throughout eternity.

We’ve been hearing a lot about “Sustainable Development” lately. It’s the latest buzz word being used by world leaders, corporate businesses, public educators, and the news media. This popular catch phrase along with ‘Going Green’, Forward Looking, and many others is being used to catch the attention of all citizens on the planet, and is significant as it carries an agenda for our global future as well as for every living person on earth.

Most of us believe that the purpose of the Green Agenda is becoming educated in the proper care and stewardship of the beautiful planet we call home. I believe it is the indoctrination of the masses with globalist ideas.

Environmentalists, government leaders and other organizations have told us that we humans in general have not been good stewards, but rather are wasteful with our natural resources and have reduced biodiversity, especially those of us living in western cultures, and in particular those living in the U.S. Therefore, appropriate conservation and sustainable development strategies attempt to recognize this as being integral to any public approach.

Most modern cultures have in some way or form recognized the importance if maintaining and protecting nature and its biological diversity. Of course there have been many abusers over the decades whose power, greed and politics have affected the precarious balance. Modern ‘Green’ organizations are calling for a ‘revolution’, a new understanding and new relationship between humanity and nature…who would disagree with that? Not many, unless of course you obtain a better understanding that details the goals, relationship and the future of a worldview that opposes God in every aspect.

Education is the essential tool for achieving this global plan. They believe that people around the world must recognize that current economic development trends are not sustainable. The fear mongering, the guilt complex, and the catch phrases have all had an impact around the world.

As usual, on the surface it all sounds perfectly sound and commendable. Who wouldn’t support such a just cause? But it is what we find under the surface that we begin to see the bigger picture. What is under the hidden surface is a Global Agenda that will unite the entire world economically, politically and spiritually. I realize that most of the world is already deceived into thinking that this is a grand idea; after all, world peace is supposedly the goal, or is it?

1 Thessalonians 5:3 – “For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.”

However, in upcoming articles we will compare the contrasting worldviews, Satan’s scheme of things against the established Word of God, and we will determine who shall come up wanting.

To give you some insight into the beliefs of influential leaders using genuine concerns about the environment in order to promote an agenda of fear and control, consider the implications of the opinions they so openly express:

"The common enemy of humanity is man. In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome. The real enemy then, is humanity itself."
- Club of Rome, The First Global Revolution, p. 71, 75 1993, premier environmental think-tank, consultants to the United Nations

"We need to get some broad based support, to capture the public's imagination...So we have to offer up scary scenarios ,make simplified, dramatic statements and make little mention of any doubts...Each of us has to decide what the right balance is between being effective and being honest."
- Prof. Stephen Schneider, Discover Magazine, pp 45-48, October 1989, Stanford Professor of Climatology, lead author of many IPCC reports

"We've got to ride this global warming issue. Even if the theory of global warming is wrong, we will be doing the right thing in terms of economic and environmental policy."
- Timothy Wirth, President of the UN Foundation, National Journal Interview, 1990

"No matter if the science of global warming is all phony...climate change provides the greatest opportunity to bring about justice and equality in the world."
- Christine Stewart, former Canadian Minister of the Environment, Calgary Herald, December 14, 1998

"We are close to a time when all of humankind will envision a global agenda that encompasses a kind of Global Marshall Plan to address the causes of poverty and suffering and environmental destruction all over the earth."
- Al Gore, Earth in the Balance

"Regionalism must precede globalism. We foresee a seamless system of governance from local communities, individual states, regional unions and up through to the United Nations itself."
- UN Commission on Global Governance, Agenda 21

"Effective execution of Agenda 21 will require a profound reorientation of all human society, unlike anything the world has ever experienced a major shift in the priorities of both governments and individuals and an unprecedented redeployment of human and financial resources. This shift will demand that a concern for the environmental consequences of every human action be integrated into individual and collective decision-making at every level."
- UN Agenda 21

"The goal now is a socialist, redistributionist society, which is nature's proper steward and society's only hope."
- David Brower, founder of Friends of the Earth

"Isn't the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn't it our responsibility to bring that about?"
- Maurice Strong, founder of the UN Environment Programme, Rio Earth Summit, 1992

"The only hope for the world is to make sure there is not another United States. We can't let other countries have the same number of cars, the amount of industrialization, we have in the US. We have to stop these Third World countries right where they are."
- Michael Oppenheimer, Environmental Defense Fund

"Global Sustainability requires the deliberate quest of poverty, reduced resource consumption and set levels of mortality control."
- Professor Maurice King, Health is a Sustainable State

"Giving society cheap, abundant energy would be the equivalent of giving an idiot child a machine gun."
- Prof Paul Ehrlich, Stanford University, Population, Resources, Environment” San Francisco, 1970, pp. 323

"My three main goals would be to reduce human population to about 100 million worldwide, destroy the industrial infrastructure and see wilderness, with it’s full complement of species, returning throughout the world."
-Dave Foreman, co-founder of Earth First!

"Current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class - involving high meat intake, use of fossil fuels, appliances, air-conditioning, and suburban housing - are not sustainable."
- Maurice Strong, Rio Earth Summit

"Mankind is the most dangerous, destructive, selfish and unethical animal on the earth."
- Michael Fox, vice-president of The Humane Society, Animal Rights: A New Species of Egalitarianism: The Intellectual Activist: September 14, 1983: p 3

"A cancer is an uncontrolled multiplication of cells; the population explosion is an uncontrolled multiplication of people. We must shift our efforts from the treatment of the symptoms to the cutting out of the cancer. The operation will demand many apparently brutal and heartless decisions.''
- Prof Paul Ehrlich, The Population Bomb

"A total population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal."
- Ted Turner, founder of CNN and major UN donor, Audubon Magazine

"One America burdens the earth much more than twenty Bangladeshes. This is a terrible thing to say. In order to stabilize world population, we must eliminate 350,000 people per day. It is a horrible thing to say, but it's just as bad not to say it."
- Jacques Cousteau, UNESCO Courier, 1991

"If I were reincarnated I would wish to be returned to earth as a killer virus to lower human population levels."
- Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, patron of the World Wildlife Fund, Preface to Down to Earth, 1988, pp. 8

"Childbearing should be a punishable crime against society, unless the parents hold a government license. All potential parents should be required to use contraceptive chemicals, the government issuing antidotes to citizens chosen for childbearing."
- David Brower, first Executive Director of the Sierra Club

"The greatest hope for the Earth lies in religionists and scientists uniting to awaken the world to its near fatal predicament and then leading mankind out of the bewildering maze of international crises into the future Utopia of humanist hope."
- Club of Rome, Goals for Mankind

"The earth is literally our mother, not only because we depend on her for nurture and shelter but even more because the human species has been shaped by her in the womb of evolution....Our salvation depends upon our ability to create a religion of nature."
- Rene Dubos, board member, Planetary Citizens, A God Within: A Positive Approach to Man's Future as Part of the Natural World, (New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1972), 38, 41.

"Little by little a planetary prayer book is thus being composed by an increasingly united humanity seeking its oneness. Once again, but this time on a universal scale, humankind is seeking no less than its reunion with 'divine,' its transcendence into higher forms of life. Hindus call our earth Brahma, or God, for they rightly see no difference between our earth and the divine. This ancient simple truth is slowly dawning again upon humanity, as we are about to enter our cosmic age and become what we were always meant to be: the planet of god."
- Robert Muller, UN Assistant Secretary General

"The spiritual sense of our place in nature...can be traced to the origins of human civilization....The last vestige of organized goddess worship was eliminated by Christianity."
- Al Gore, Earth in the Balance

"Christianity is our foe. If animal rights are to succeed, we must destroy the Judeo-Christian Religious tradition."
- Peter Singer, founder of Animal Rights, The Deweese Report, November 1998

"The earth is not dead matter. She is alive. Now begin to speak to the earth as you walk. You can speak out loud, or just talk to her in your mind. Send your love into her with your exhalation. Feel your heart touching upon the heart of the planet. Say to her whatever words come to you: Mother Earth, I love you. Mother Earth, I bless you. May you be healed. May all your creatures be happy. Peace to you, Mother Earth. On behalf of the human race, I ask forgiveness for having injured you. Forgive us, Mother Earth"
- US Student Textbook, "Prayer to the Earth"

These examples are only a smidge of the mindset of those orchestrating our global future, and are a clear indicator of things that are to come.

Today I would like to focus our attention on the fact that regardless of all the goings on in the world, there is a war waging, a spiritual war. There are in fact two kingdoms that are waging in war, the Kingdom of God and Satan’s kingdom.

In order to understand what is going on in our world, we must understand that God created and ordained certain institutions according to His purpose and His will, so that society would be able to exist in peace, and that the Church would be able to further the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost and dying world.

I read some articles written by Brannon Howse that articulate the difference between the established institutions set up by God and the institutions set up by man. If you haven’t read the book ‘Grave Influence’, this is a must read for every Christian household. According to the scriptures, God has set up the following institutions. I pray that you will take the time to read the biblical texts and familiarize yourself with them in order to differentiate God’s plan from the world.

• The Family (Genesis 1:26-27, Genesis 2:21-25)
• Church Government (Acts 20:28, Titus 1:5-16, Ephesians 5:22-27, 1 Timothy 3:1-15)
• Civil Government (Exodus 18:20-25, Romans 13:1-7, 1 Peter 22:13-17)

There is of course another plan, one that mimics what God has established, and controlled by Satan himself. He is setting up his own kingdom that will deceive the multitudes and attempt to destroy Christianity. Of course we know that he will ultimately lose in the end, but the question remains of how many lives will be destroyed with him. How many will fall prey to the deception and lies of a worldview that is opposed to God? Time will tell and as true followers of Jesus Christ, we must continue to fight the good fight of faith, exposing Satan’s lies but fulfilling the great commission of proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world.

Today, anti-biblical worldviews have infected every area of life socially, economically, historically, lawfully, scientifically, within the family, in our educational systems and now within the Church walls.

These anti-biblical worldviews and institutions are as follows:

• The government corporate
• Occult and Pagan Spirituality
• The Apostate Church
• Educational Establishment

The human purpose is global control, Satan’s purpose is to enthrone himself and wage war with God. I know that some of you are wondering how I can make such a claim; I assure you there is plenty of evidence…not conspiracy. We need to open our eyes and seek truth. That is why I am presenting a series of articles on the subject. I believe that when we read what has already been documented in the news and by the various institutions organizing and collectively working together under the U.N.’s direction, we will gain a better understanding of what is really going on.

I also believe that when we study the scriptures while observing the transformation of the world, we will begin to recognize that institutions have been established which are contrary to God’s plan, and in knowing this, we will not fall prey to the deception nor turn away from what is biblical truth.

In upcoming articles, I will be documenting and quoting those who are the very instruments bringing about this New Global Order, and what our Christian response should be.
Read more!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Old Testament Examples of SPIRITUAL WARFARE:

Conduct in the Campaign & Implementing the Victory of Christ in our Lives –
~~ by James J. Fire

Paul the Apostle stated in:

ROM 15:4
For whatsoever things were written aforetime were written for our learning, that we through patience and comfort of the scriptures might have hope.

Denotatively speaking this refers to the prophetic scriptures that relate to Christ Jesus; on a more general basis, they can also refer to the various episodes of Old Testament history, and how Israel as a nation obeyed God and were blessed, or contrariwise, disobeyed and were chastened.

We can derive from Old Testament passages the truth of God’s faithfulness, even when Israel herself proved faithless; God would not deny His Word, particularly where the Abrahamic and Davidic Covenants were concerned.
So likewise we as Christians have every reason for the hope granted to us by a faithful and Almighty God!

We as the church can look back in hindsight and learn from their examples, both in the positive and negative sense.

Old Testament examples of warfare were primarily physical in nature with sword and shield (i.e. historical wars conducted by the armies of Israel), whereas the church is admonished to fight their campaigns with spiritual, rather than with carnal (physical) weapons (2 COR 10:3-5; EPH 6:10-18).

*We do not battle to gain ground from our enemies as Israel did with the Canaanites; we battle for and seek to gain lost souls snared by the great enemy, Satan and his kingdom of darkness, and through the gospel of salvation see them translated from the devil’s domain to the “kingdom of [God’s] dear Son (COL 1:13)”.

Israel ventured forth by the command of God and brought His judgment
 (GEN 15:13-16) as well as conquest to Canaan land (GEN 15:18-21), whereas the church has no such national heritage in any plot of land anywhere on this earth; rather we are seeking to bring the glory of God and His influential Presence into our very lives and minds, taking back ‘territories’ lost through the sinful nature which has marred the creation of God in man as our Creator intended us to be.

Also, just as God used Israel as an instrument of judgment upon the various rebellious nations of this world, He will use the church to judge the rebellious angelic realm (1 COR 6:3) with whom we contend in warfare. As well as this we look for a city (not of this world) whose Maker and Builder is God Himself, with “like faith” as Abraham (HEB 11:8-16).

We see then, a parallel between Israel conquering the land of Canaan, and laying claim to its territories and the church with its individual saintly members conquering (via the cross of Jesus Christ and all the spiritual weapons made available to us by God) the old nature. By allowing the Holy Spirit to delve more deeply into these territories, laying claim to our very persons in greater and deeper ways, thus making us more Christ-like in character and therefore achieving practical spiritual victory and all that this entails in regards to the life of the over comer and also in delivering lost souls from their eternal doom and for the kingdom of God.

Before we get into this ‘tour of duty’ through Old Testament terrain (stopping by a couple places before we even get to the nation of Israel), I wanted to share a poem with you from a dear Sister in Christ. She has written about spiritual warfare and how there is genuine, but worthy struggle in this great endeavor and ensuing battle; a battle that will not end for us until we draw our last breath, and the sight of this world dims from our eyes:

I Still Stand
By Diana King
February 2006

I wage war within myself.
A constant lifting of the Holy Sword
breaks the relentless pounding
of my enemy. Yet, I have many dents
in my armor. I bear scars upon
my soul, jagged healings that
recall the fierceness of
the devil’s dagger.
I know the scent of Hell fire
and have singed my tongue
upon its flames, for it captivates
the unguarded saint with light and wicked beauty.
The eyes of my flesh squint in a sideways glance.
They leer at my spirit with a cannibal’s lust
waiting for the chance to feed upon a failure.
This breastplate still gleams beneath the
charred remains of battle and my throat cools
with the sipping of water, resurrected with
the pulse beat of Heaven.
Drenched in grace,
I still stand.
Though the war at times grows fierce, and I anticipate that this warfare we engage in will get far more intense still (in our nation and around the world!), just as the poem says, we must be drenched in the grace of God, for only by this means shall we be enabled to stand, and still stand until that final Day and not fall from our own steadfastness in Christ!

The BATTLE of LIFE – (Outline inspired by Thompson Chain Reference Bible)

The Beginning of Blasphemy –

As has already been mentioned a couple of times, spiritual warfare commenced when Lucifer essentially stated while in heaven, “My will, not Thy will be done!” This sinister seed-plot created a dichotomy, a point of contention, a variance from the holy will of God that has blossomed into a veritable jungle of blasphemy that we see today, and will grow even thicker and eventually more all encompassing as these last days proceed.

Yet at our beginnings, when Adam and his wife, Eve walked in the garden in the cool of the day, and God Himself came to fellowship with them, our master adversary observed, plotted and planned his battle strategy – as he anticipated God’s judgment upon his self-exaltation (believing that he could assume a place with God Himself as a co-regent or worse, take God’s place! See 
ISAIAH 14:12-17; EZEK 28:12-19).

At the crucial moment when literally all of future humanity hung in the balance with the single decision of our mother Eve, she succumbed to temptation and ate of the forbidden fruit. Apparently however, it wasn’t until Adam likewise ate that both their eyes were opened and they saw that they were naked (GEN 3:6-7). They then sewed fig leaves together and made aprons of them. This is the first instance of man-made religion.

The Contest of Two Religions –

God’s solution was to clothe them in animal skins; of course to procure these, an animal had to be slain, its blood shed. This was a work of God, apart from any work or effort on man’s own part, and comprises an act of Divine grace in providing covering for those worthy of death (“the wages of sin is death” accordin
g to ROM 6:23a; contrast this with the fig leaf aprons that our parents fashioned for themselves).

Think of the horror of Adam and his wife when they witnessed this bloody sight of suffering and death, unknown to them since the day of their making. Think about the detrimental effects of sin when just as God foretold Adam, he rebelled against his Maker and began “dying, [he] shall die” and this mortifying legacy was passed on to all their children of humanity!

Yet in pronouncing judgment upon Adam and Eve, God also spoke to the serpent regarding judgment and let him know that it would be the “seed of the woman” that would crush his head, thereby destroying him. This was God’s declaration of war upon Satan on Earth, just as God pronounced judgment upon Lucifer in Heaven (GEN 3:14-15; also previously mentioned passages in ISAIAH 14 and EZEK 28).

It’s interesting to note that in this passage from Genesis, it speaks of the enmity between the “seed of the serpent” and the “seed of the woman” (a Messianic title). Here in this verse is the summation of spiritual warfare, for connotatively speaking, the seed of the serpent would be all those who are “children of disobedience” that is to say, children of the devil and darkness 
(EPH 2:2; 5:6; COL 3:6; JOHN 8:44) in opposition to the seed of the woman (PSALM 2). 

Yet these children of the world, who would not hear the words of their Creator, would heed the words of His adversary in the person of the Beast, the specific “seed of the serpent” who will lead the world in a false religion with Satan as the object of worship! (See JOHN 5:43; REV 13:13-14; 2 THESS 2:4)

Understanding that the seed of the woman was prophesied to destroy him, Satan then created a contention between Abel and Cain, provoking behind the scenes and causing jealousy and hatred to well up in Cain because Abel’s sacrifice was accepted by God and his own (according to this second instance of a ‘man-made religious view and preference’) was rejected; so that he eventually murdered his brother which brought a curse upon himself 
(GEN 4:3-11). Yet Satan’s attempt to thwart God’s prophetically pronounced judgment failed as Eve gave birth to Seth, and progeny that led to Noah, Shem, Abram and so on.

When it comes right down to it, one of the primary contentions of spiritual warfare is the war of religion, that is, the true religion of God, established by covenant or testament and the death of the Testator (Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God; 
see HEB 9:14-26and the false religion that began with fig leaves (I think of religion as ‘artificial [man-made] righteousness’) and has grown to incorporate sophisticated, elaborate, often esoteric formulations, rituals and “dead works” but such in the eyes of God are quite indeed, “filthy rags” according to ISAIAH 64:6.

Watch this brief video clip from John MacArthur and learn about these Two Religions
(It’s intriguing to learn of the origins and inspirations of these false religions and the angelic connection in them all).
There are many examples of this contest of two religions in scripture:

The temptation that Adam and Eve faced was the challenge of the serpent in denying God and the true religion of worshiping Him and Him alone, and to exalt self, worship self, magnify self as one’s own ‘god’ much as Lucifer did himself.

Noah was considered a righteous man and believed God’s Word; while there are no verses describing such, no doubt he and his descendants were confronted with the precepts and religious falsehoods promoted by the citizens of Babylon.

Moses faced the Egyptian magicians and their religious craft in Pharaoh’s court; the children of Israel were warned of God about the false religions of Canaan and told her that if she would participate in them, they would know His judgment and wrath. Elijah had his contest with the priests of Baal on Mt. Carmel, and on and on it had gone until the day when the Messiah came and He likewise confronted the religious establishment of His day, the wayward Sanhedrin that exalted their own Law-based religion of traditions and corruption over the pure Word of the LORD.

The apostles had their war with the Gnostics and Judaizers; in today’s world the Christian church is confronting the ecumenism of all world religions as well as the Emergence Movement that is, I believe, the predecessor to the revelation of the Mother of Harlots 
(REV 17 and REV 18; see the TTUF article:
The Mother of Harlots Emerges).

In presenting people with the Gospel, the spiritual warfare we are engaged in revolves around the issue of the “religion of self” as established in the Garden of Eden, and the true religion of God via the LORD Jesus Christ and His blood atonement for our sins.

The religion of self says that there is no sin, that we are not sinners, but gods in spiritual evolution and are pure, good, righteous beings (such are the expressions found in the New Age Movement, a religion that is far from dead, but submerged and re-emerging to the forefront of society; see the recent three articles on TTUF False Teachings, False Peace and False Christ). Pride and the religion of self and self-righteousness stand opposed to humility and repentance toward God with the admitted need of a Savior for our sins, one LORD Jesus Christ!

An acronym for “P.R.ID.E.” is “Personal Rebellion I Desire Evil” or “Personal Rebellion I Desire Emancipation [from God]”

Touring the Old Testament Trail to Triumph –
Before we look specifically at Israel and her forefathers, we need to consider briefly the man Noah and the satanic interference that ensued in those days in the vain attempt to thwart the coming judgment of God upon this fallen cherub, Lucifer:

In the days of Noah in the pre-Flood world, the population was estimated to be somewhere in the neighborhood of about two billion people. Which of these would be the seed that would crush Satan’s head, he had no idea. The only viable solution would be to infest the entire human race to such a degree that none of them would be appropriate as the means by which God would keep His promise of judgment. 

Thus the bizarre events of GEN 6 where the “sons of God” (bene ha eloheim – a term used of angelic beings, holy or evil, and any that are directly created by God, such as Adam (not Abel, Cain or Seth however,, they are sons of Adam) or saints that are born again.
In the spiritual sense we are direct creations of God as ‘the new man’) co-habited with the fair daughters of mankind (
GEN 6:2). Yet Satan’s attempt to thwart God’s plan failed again with the ark of Noah and the preservation of his family which were “perfect in [their] generations” referring to their being untainted by the angelic interbreeding that created the abomination of the nephilim, or the giants (GEN 6:4).

After the Flood, God commanded that the people of the Earth would “go forth and multiply and replenish the earth”, yet the consensus of fallen man, still under the sway of Satanic seduction, was “. . . let us build us a city and a tower whose top may reach unto heaven; and let us make a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth.” (
See GEN 9: 1; 11: 4). This same attitude is evidenced in PSALM 2 – something that will ultimately be fulfilled during the reign of the Beast of Revelation:

PSALM 2:2-3
The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against his anointed, saying,
Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us.

Yet God dispersed this devilish design to create a visible new world order with a one world government and religion by the confusion of languages, and once again Satan’s devices were thwarted.

Now let us begin this tour in which we will observe Israel and her warfare, and what lessons we can glean from them in our own warfare in these last days against Satan and his kingdom of darkness.

We’ll start with a brief overview of Abraham:

Noah had three sons, one of which, Shem, was the father of the Semitic races, including Abram of Ur, who came to be the father of the Hebrew people.

God promised Abram i
n GEN 15 that He would grant this man from the land of Ur a lineage and a land, Isaac and the territory of Canaan respectively.
This covenant was binding in a very serious ritual that God Himself initiated (vs. 9-10but unlike the customary procedure where both parties of this transaction would walk in the midst of the sacrificial animals, reciting the conditions of contract, God alone in the form of that “fiery furnace” walked in the midst, proclaiming that this covenant was predicated on His own Word and faithfulness, apart from that of Abram the man.

Note that the land encompassed all territory from the river Nile to the river Euphrates (In Iraq); this is far more land than what Israel possesses today or ever possessed any time in her history, including the reign of King David (where their borders were expanded beyond any other time before or since)! These borders will be realized and fulfilled during the Millennial Reign of the Son of David, the Son of Abraha
m (MATT 1:1), the Messiah of Israel, Jesus Christ, who is Himself the promised seed of Abraham, through his own son Isaac (see GAL 3:14-18; GEN 21:12; HEB 11:17-18).

During the proceedings when God was conducting this covenant with Abram, fowls of the air (a term later recognized as satanic opposition 
as in LUKE 8:5 and MATT 13:19) “came down upon the carcasses” and Abram had to drive them away, demonstrating Satan’s interference in this ongoing spiritual warfare.

Satan will always oppose the plan of God, whether it pertains to Israel and her prophetic role in the coming kingdom of heaven, or the church and her mission of the Gospel and seeing the kingdom of God increase in population from Satan’s own kingdom.

Abraham was the father of Isaac, and Isaac was the father of Jacob (both had contentious twin brothers, Ishmael and Esau respectively that were potential puppets of Satan to thwart God’s plan), who himself was the father of the twelve patriarchs of the twelve tribes of Israel, of which the tribe of Judah was prophesied to bring forth the Messiah, the seed of the woman, called “Shiloh” in GEN 49:10.

Throughout these Old Testament times, Satan had time and time again attempted to thwart the coming one, the “seed of the woman” who would crush him, but to no avail. Eventually, just as God told Abram, his descendants found their way into Egypt where they dwelt during the time of a severe drought and famine in that entire Middle East region (GEN 41; 42:1-3).

The narrative focuses on Joseph and his trials, and how God used him as the instrument to bring His people into Egypt, where eventually another Pharaoh arose and persecuted the Hebrew people. It was at that time God raised up Moses to be the Deliverer of His people Israel and the plan of action to bring them into the land promised to Abram by covenant to pass.

No doubt Satan found a golden opportunity in this Egyptian (who many say was actually an Assyrian) Pharaoh who pronounced the edict that all male Hebrew babies were to be killed, thus the means of genocide would be realized, and no “seed” would be able to destroy him. Yet God preserved the infant Moses and later used him to bring deliverance to His people, Israel with the LORD’s presence and power, displaying His almighty hand in the ten plagues of Egypt (which the religionists of Egypt could imitate up to a point, but even they finally conceded that this power was indeed of Go
d (EXOD 8: 19). It’s interesting to note that each of the plagues that God pronounced upon Egypt was upon each of their primary ‘gods’ of their religion, such as the Nile river itself, the scarab beetle, etc.

The very last plague to fall upon Egypt (a type of the world) and upon Pharaoh (a type of Satan) and his own household (the explicit kingdom of darkness) was the angel of death, but this plague was not limited to Egypt alone. Anyone, Hebrew or Egyptian, who ignored the command of God to take a sacrificial lamb and with its blood, cover the doorways of their homes, would become victims of the angel of death.

God’s deliverance by the blood of the lamb brought salvation to the nation of Israel from the death angel and of bondage to Egypt. In like fashion, the blood of the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ has redeemed us from eternal death and bondage to this world of sin.

And just as Israel was led out of Egypt by the hand of God, and brought to the land promised to Abraham and his descendants, we are led out of the world and brought to our own new life in Christ. Israel by virtue of their birth and lineage from Abraham, and by faith in the living God successfully entered into “Canaan rest” that is, receiving the promises of God by faith.

In the same fashion, we the church by virtue of our spiritual lineage and rebirth by the Spirit of God may enter into this rest, Who is Jesus Christ Himself, our Sabbath and appropriate the promises of God by faith all that entails a life of victory.

There are too many Christians who are caught up in “wilderness wanderings” as was Israel for a span of forty years (the journey from Egypt to Canaan needn’t been any longer than two weeks!), but because of unbelief, not only did they not enter into Canaan land, but they perished in that wilderness (all of Israel with the exception of two men from that first (as opposed to the second) generation died!); Christians today are not entering into this promised life of victory in Christ for the same reason.

Those that did enter into Canaan land did not have a life of ease and comfort to the exclusion of any trials, struggles or hardships (that would be considered heaven-like, which some Christians believe Canaan land is a representation of; not so!); there were many pagan tribes to confront, and with God’s ordination to slay them: men, women and children (yes, even their children!), as God had waited four hundred years for them to repent of their wicked idolatry and sin, but to no avail. 

There were also giants in those days as well, such as King Og of Bashan (DEUT 3:11; who was nearly fourteen feet tall! – And you thought Goliath was big!). Such powerful giants proved to be a deterrent by Satan to strike fear into the hearts of the Hebrew spies who were sent in before the nation actually entered into the land (NUM 13:31-33;14:1-10). 

Only two men had faith in God that what He had promised, He was able to perform – Joshua and Caleb, true sons of Abraham (ROM 4:21): the only ones of that original generation to actually enter into Canaan!

May we be accounted among those few who likewise hold fast the form of sound words, express like faith as Abraham and not stagger at the promises contained in God’s Holy Word, and like Joshua and Caleb war valiantly in claiming the victory that is ours in Christ Jesus our LORD!

In the next segment we will examine the conditions and campaigns of Joshua’s battles, and glean from then how we ourselves may conduct victorious spiritual warfare! Until then, remember our battle cry: NIKAEO AIONIOS (ETERNAL VICTORY)!
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